20+Best apps for Smartphone in India

20+ Best apps for smartphone in India. What are the 20 important apps for a smartphone, which should be in every smartphone? Which are the 20 most important apps so that you can easily do all your work?

In today’s time, everyone is buying a smartphone and is also using it, although there are some apps in the smartphone which are available there are some apps that have to be downloaded and installed from the play store, so if you have information about the 20 best apps, then you will be able to easily install them in your mobile.

20 important & Best apps for Smartphones in India

1. Snapchat

The Snapchat app is a very good app that has been created by a company in America so that messages can be sent to anyone very soon, as well as capturing many types of great photos from this app.

If you want to take the best quality photos from your smartphone, then you can use this app for that. By the way, you can also use this app to send instant messages.

Many types of great features have been given in this app so that the background of the photo can be selected in different types, as well as a great video can also be made from it and it also has a lot of amazing features that make photos, videos Can give the best look, etc.

Best apps for Smartphone in India

2. Hinkhoj dictionary

This is an app from which the meaning of any word can be found. If you want to know the meaning of any English word in Hindi, then with this app you can find out.

if you want to know the meaning of any word. Then you can use this app. It is a kind of pocket dictionary from which you can find out the word’s meaning, this is an absolutely free app.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the meaning of a word, at that time you can easily use this app.

3. WPS office

In general, the smartphone is also being used as a mini-computer, so if you want to do some work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Excel or you want to open any word file on your smartphone.

If you want to open an excel file or want to open a PowerPoint file, then it is necessary to have this app on your smartphone for that only then you can open it.

Just like Microsoft Office software is used on a computer, in the same way, in a smartphone, you can use all the features of Microsoft Office through the WPS Office app.

4. Maps

Although this app comes with the smartphone itself, still, if you do not have the Maps app on your smartphone, then you must install it by downloading it from the Play Store.

Because through this app, you get to know complete information about the location. Whenever we go to a place where there is no information about that location, there is easy access to the right location by using this app.

5. YouTube

Youtube is a necessity for people of all ages to learn something new, so if you use YouTube apps on your smartphone, then it will be easy for you to get information about anything because of the videos on YouTube Through this you can see any information, so this is a great app very useful in a smartphone.

6. Where is my train

Everyone has to travel by train, so to get information about the train, you can use this app so that on which platform, which train is coming. Apart from when the train is, you can get more information about the train from this app.

To download this app, you will search where my train is by going to the play store and after that, you can easily install this app on your mobile. This is absolutely free and the best app.

7. Facebook

It is very important to connect with social media platforms. In the digital world only from social media can you get information about what is happening in the country and world.

Facebook is the best social media in the world. If you want to use social media on your smartphone, then it is very important for you to have a Facebook app.

8. Amazon

with Amazon, you can easily shop from home. can do. To download and install this app, go to the Play Store and search for Amazon, after that you can download and install this app on your mobile.

9. Share with me

This is a sharing app by which an app can be shared from any one smartphone to another smartphone if you want to send any app from your smartphone to another smartphone, then for that both sender and receiver should be an app on the phone, only then you can share the app from one mobile to another.

10. IRCTC rail connect

It is one of the best online ticket booking apps of Indian Railways from which you can book tickets in Sleeper, Third AC, Second AC, and First AC on any train of Indian Railways.

Using this app you can book any train ticket from home from your smartphone. Can cancel the ticket. You can find out whether the seat is vacant on any train or not, this is one of the best apps of Indian Railways, which you can easily download and install on your smartphone from the Play Store.

11. Goibibo

Goibibo is a very good app for traveling by plane or for booking hotels in any city, which provides air tickets as well as hotel booking facilities at cheap prices. By installing it on a mobile or smartphone, you can book cheap air travel and cheap hotels.

12. Suvidha app

This is the best app to access the services of the electricity department of Bihar. If you live in Bihar then from this app you can get information related to Bihar electricity bills. You can get information about electricity bills from this app.

For example, if you have to get a new connection for the electricity bill in Bihar or if you have to do any kind of upgrade to the old connection, then you can use this app for such work.

13. Scanner

If you want to make a soft copy of any kind of document and send it anywhere from your smartphone, then you must have a scanner app for that. With this app, you can soft copy any hard copy document and mail it through your smartphone or share it in any group with WhatsApp Telegram.

14. Phonepe

In the digital world, now everyone wants to transfer money to any person sitting at home or wants to deposit electricity bill from their home, wants to deposit gas bill, wants to deposit insurance bill, apart from this many other types There is work which he wants to do from his home.

PhonePe is the very best and most secure app to operate your account from your smartphone, from which you can send money to any person or you can also receive money, you can see the balance of the account, apart from this many other types Can perform work related to digital transactions of

15. Twitter

Twitter is this social media app that is used by the world’s big politicians, businessmen as well as all the influential people who are educated people, they all use it.

If you want to connect with all the politicians of the world, then you have to install the Twitter app on your smartphone and create your account on it. After which you can share your messages with the best people in the world.

16. WhatsApp

Almost everyone will be familiar with this app, but even if you have little knowledge about this app, then you must know that with this app you can send text messages, images, and videos to any person as well.

Now present time with this, you can also do online money transfers. You can use it by installing the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

17. Flipkart

Like Amazon, this is also a shopping app from which you can shop at cheap prices sitting at home. Amazon & Flipkart is the best online shopping app in India and is very popular not only in India but also in many countries of the world. That’s why the world’s best second shopping app is Flipkart.

18. Telegram

Like WhatsApp, Telegram is also a text messaging app. With which you can share text messages, images, videos, etc. with any person, Telegram is a secure app as compared to WhatsApp, so you can chat with any person in a secure way.

19. Weather

This is a great app for keeping information about the weather so that you can get information about the weather in your location.

20. Cleaner

This is a very good app to take out whatever unused material is there in the mobile to keep the smartphone apps safe, which helps in taking out the cache items etc.


Best apps for smartphone in India.

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