14+ Best Content Sharing Platforms for a Blog 2023

Best Content sharing platforms for a blog? How to share blog posts. Writing blog posts is not enough for a blogger. Rather, it is also necessary to share it on different social media platforms. Because until the blog post is not shared, people will not know about your website.

After writing a better post, where to share it? Let us know about some important places below where you can share the post regularly.

By sharing the post, traffic on the website increases a lot. People start reading more and more of the blog post given on the website.

14 Best Content sharing platforms for a blog

1. Facebook Pages

More than 90 percent of the world’s people use Facebook pages. Therefore, if you share your post on the page, then it will increase the traffic to the website. Facebook is making its presence felt among the best social media in the world.

This great social media was invented by Mark Zuckerberg. It was not very popular in the early days. But at present time is progressing day by day. It is a very good platform to maximize traffic. Because there are many people who use the time to visit Facebook.

Best Content sharing platforms for a blog

2. Facebook Groups

You can either create a Facebook group according to your blog post or you can go to Facebook and search for the group according to your category. After that, you can request to join that group. This way when you join a large Facebook group community, you can share your posts regularly in that group.

3. Medium

This is a very good website. There is traffic in lakhs here. On this website, you can share some important information related to your content through a blog post. In this blog, you can also put a link to the blog post on your website.

In this way, you can create backlinks for your blog post and also share your blog post. Due to this, the authority of your blog website will also increase.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform like Facebook. On which you can share your content. But before sharing your content on it, it is also important to know about it.

Because whatever content is shared on Reddit, Reddit forwards only the posts shared on the regular basis. Because it wants to provide better value for its readers. You can regularly share your blog posts and better information.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best websites in the world. You can create different categories of Pins on it, if you have a blog website, then you can create a business account on Pinterest. After that, you can create pins for your website blog post. From here traffic in millions can come to your website through pins.

6. Twitter

From politicians, businessmen, and artists to all the VIP people of the world, they are active on Twitter. If the content of your blog website has better quality content, then you can share it on Twitter. Sharing on Twitter is also likely to bring traffic to your blog.


LinkedIn is a professional community platform. Where educated people of the world use their account for education business. Most people create accounts on LinkedIn that need a job. Or those who need employees or have a full-fledged professional community group. Here also you can share your blog post.

8. Instapaper

Instapaper is also a blog website. Where blog posts are shared by most of the blog websites of the world. On this website also you can create your account and share your blog post.

Instapaper is a website providing a social bookmarking service. Where you can save articles, videos, etc. You can also read on the smartphone through the app in offline mode.

If you like the post and content, then you can save that post. So that you can read it again whenever you want. For example, if you like a lot of articles, then by saving all those articles, you can create a group, and whenever you feel like it, you can read all those articles together through that group.

9. Quora

Quora is a famous question-answer website. Where people get the answer to their questions. In the world, many types of questions are asked by people of different languages ​​on the Quora website. You can also share your blog posts in response to those questions. Or you can share better quality content on this website.

11. Email

You can create a list of emails to share your blog posts with most people in the world. who like to read blog posts should be included. When you publish a blog on your blog post, after that you can share your blog post via email to most people at once.

12.WhatsApp Group

A blogger can create a WhatsApp group for his blog. Group in which a maximum number of people can be added. After that when a new blog post is published, that post can be shared in the WhatsApp group.

By which more traffic can be received on that blog post. You can share a link in the blog post to add more people to your WhatsApp group. Through this, more and more people can join WhatsApp groups.

13. Telegram Groups

Telegram is an instant messaging app just like WhatsApp. in which a group can be created. Like WhatsApp, you can also share a link to Telegram on your blog post.

The link through which more and more people can join your Telegram group. You can also get more traffic by sharing your blog post in the Telegram group.

14. Instagram

Instagram is an image-sharing social media platform. Where most of the images, videos, etc. are shared. But you can also share your blog post on Instagram. For that, you have to copy the link of your blog post and then create an image and share your blog link on Instagram.


(14+ Best Content sharing platforms for a blog) A new blog website does not get traffic in the initial days, so traffic can be found by sharing more and more blog posts on social media. In this article, many such platforms have been told where you can bring traffic by sharing your blog posts.

this post, there are discusses very usefully fourteen platforms where you can easily share your own blog post.

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