CITA Computer Course: Full Form, Syllabus, Fee and Duration

In this article, we know about the CITA computer course. CITA course is a computer course in which computer-related information is obtained. The full form of CITA is Certificate in Information Technology Application.

There are many certification courses in the field of computers that have different duration and names. But in all these courses only information about computers is given. At present, information in the field of IT is very important. Because in today’s life, a better career can be built by getting information about IT.

If you want to make a career in any field, then it is important for everyone to keep in mind one thing, which is computers. If you do not have knowledge about IT computers, then you cannot work easily in any field in today’s time.

That’s why a fundamental course in computers, CITA is a good course. In which the fundamentals of computers are taught. CITA is a new exciting course in the field of computers which is known as YCTC, CITA Certificate at the world level.

What is the CITA Computer course?

CITA is a computer course in which information about the fundamentals of computers is obtained. After taking this course, you will get a better understanding of the fundamentals of computers. Due to this, your computer skills will be very strong. After doing this course, you can build a better career in any field, be it IT or any other field.

CITA Computer Course

Eligibility for this course

Any student who has passed 12th can do this course, there are no specific eligibility criteria for this course. Any person who is 12th pass and wants to learn computer can do this course. Students who are in 10th pass and studying for 12th can do this course.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is of 6 months. You can do this course from any computer institute, in which you will have to study for 6 months. If this course is learned regularly, 6 days a week, then it can be completed in 3 months as well.

But in some computer institutes, there is a class of only 3 days, in which every day 2 hours are taught about this course. In this way, you can do this course in 6 months. It is a very basic computer course. After doing this you will get a certificate in Computer Fundamentals.

CITA Course Syllabus

In this course, the information about what things you are taught about computers is given below, which are mainly learned in the course.

  • Fundamental of computer
  • Windows operating system, an overview of operating system
  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Basic of Internet
  • Database management system
  • Visual FoxPro

CITA Course Fee

The fee for this course is very normal, any student can easily do it because it costs around Rupees 2000, although it may be slightly more or less in a different institute, the average fee is rupee 2000.

CITA Computer Course 2

Job Opportunities

In this course, information about basic computers is given, after learning which you can do computer-related work in any office. You can work on Microsoft Word, you can do data entry work on Microsoft Excel, you can do basic computer-related work.

You can do the work of email etc. through the internet, you can easily do the basic work of a computer in any office. Can provide services such as data entry, computer operation, etc. in any organization.

For which you can get at least 10 to rupee 15000 in the beginning. When you work for a few days, gradually your experience will increase, then you can earn better money in this field.

CITA Full Form

The full form of CITA is Certificate in Information Technology Application. Which means certification of a computer course in the field of computer information technology, which is known as CITA.


There is a new course in the field of computers called CITA, it will cost you very little money to do this course and you can get information related to the fundamentals of computers.

After which you can also get a job in the field of computers, you must do a better computer course for less money, so that you can work easily in any field.

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