The Basics of Customer Service Point (CSP)

Various schemes have been started in the country under the Digital India program. Similarly, a scheme like CSP has been started by the Prime Minister of India. The distance between town and village is very long in India.

A banking facility is not available there. By the way, the CSP scheme has been started in rural areas to take the facility of banking to the doorstep. so that the people of every village to all kinds of functions and facilities related to the bank should be easily available.

CSP is also a kind of mini bank. In which all kinds of work related to banking are done. CSP is called Customer Service Point. People can be given banking facilities here. Also, you can earn money through CSP.

To open CSP one should have basic knowledge of computers. There is no need for much education or any special degree to open it. What is CSP you will get all the information related to it below in this article. Make Money Online.

What is CSP

it’s a kind of mini bank only It happens. Because all kinds of facilities related to banking are provided to the people of the village at the Customer Service Point. CSP can be opened by any bank.

But in the village in which the customer service point of the bank you want to open, there should not be a customer service point of that bank. To open the CSP of any bank one has to contact the bank.

Then Application to do a username and password are given from that bank. By opening a customer service point in your village with the same username and password, you can provide banking facilities to the people of the village.

CSP Full Form

Even today, there are many rural areas in India where people To do banking work one has to go to a distant city. By the way, for the convenience of the villagers, the Digital India program has been started by the Central Government.

Away from the city, rural mini-banks can be opened in the areas. There you can do banking-related and many other types of digital work. The full form of CSP is Customer Service Point.

CSP Full Form

Whatever facilities are available to the customer in a bank. All those facilities are easily available at any customer service point. Here anybody can open their own account. We can transfer money from an account through an Aadhar card, PAN card, etc.

can be linked to the bank account. Apart from this, the customer can get many other facilities. Those who do not have any special degree can also open a customer service point in their village.

To open CSP, one should have better knowledge of computers. Because bank-related work or any kind of digital It is done through computers and the Internet only. If you also want to work in the banking sector.

If you want to earn money by doing some business while staying in your village, then provide service to the people by opening a customer service point. Can Are. From this Money to can earn.

Facilities at the Customer service point

CSP All kinds of facilities related to the bank are available in CSP. There are many types of facilities available on CSP for people in villages.

So that the people of the village do not have to go far away from the village to the city for banking facilities. Everyone can easily do whatever the work of the bank is by staying in his village.

CSP Services

  • The account can be opened in a bank that has CSP.
  • This is very easy to withdraw & deposit money in your own account.
  • If you want to transfer money from any other person’s account you can easily transfer money with the help of the CSP center.
  • Aadhaar card can get every facility of inbuilt payment service.
  • If you want to link your PAN card, or Aadhaar card with your bank account, then you can easily do it.
  • any kind of insurance You can get information about and get insurance done.
  • you can get a passport
  • The facility of Atal Pension Yojana is available.
  • In the CSP center, you can find the services of Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Insurance scheme and Suraksha Bima Yojana scheme.
  • Farmers can take credit cards.
  • You can also do any kind of recharge at the customer service point. Such as data card recharge, DTH recharge, mobile recharge, postpaid and landline phone bill payment, etc.
  • If you want to travel anywhere by train or air then we can book a ticket by CSP Center.
  • You can get the ATM card of the bank in which your account is open.
  • You can inquire about the balance of your bank account.
  • RD&FD Account can be opened.
  • If you want to take a loan from the bank for any work, then the facility is available at the customer service point.
  • mutual Fund facility can be available.
  • Apart from this, whatever facilities are available to the customers in the bank, are available under CSP.
  • With the help of an Aadhar card, we can withdraw money from the CSP Center.
  • The passbook can be updated.
  • You can update your mobile number in your bank account.

How to open a customer service point

If your village is far away from the city. Banking facilities are not easily available there, then you can open a CSP in your village. Through this, banking facilities can be easily made available to the people of the village.

1. Open CSP through Bank

To open the CSP center you can contact a particular Bank branch. In the bank, you can discuss with the branch manager about opening the CSP center in the village. Whatever qualification and investment will be required to open CSP, that information can be obtained from the bank manager.

If you have the qualifications and investment available to open a CSP, then you can open a customer service point in your village. But in the village where you want to open a CSP, there should not already be a CSP of the same bank.

If you have the right qualifications and the right budget available, then you can get permission from the bank to open CSP. A username and password are given by the bank.

Customer Service Point through the same username and password that Can provide banking facilities to the people by taking it. By the way, if you want to open it, then from the bank 100000 come on 150000 You can also get a loan up to Rs.

2. CSP can also be opened by any company

At present, there are many such companies that help people to open customer service points. By the way, you can open CSP in your village by contacting the company. But in today’s time, there are many such fraud companies, which take money from people by lying.

Therefore, if you contact a company to open a CSP, then first do a thorough investigation about that company and get its information. That company is correct, only then you can do your work by contacting it.

CSP opening company

  • Sanjivini
  • Oxygen online
  • Vyam Tech
  • FIA Global
  • Bank Mitra

3. Online registration

An online facility is also available for opening customer service points. For this online registration has to be done. This online registration is done through the website of Digital India.

After visiting that website, you will get information about the bank for which you want to open CSP. Whatever option is there for online registration on the website of Digital India, you can submit it by looking at it.

Whatever qualification, whatever certificate and qualification is needed on it, you can register online by submitting it.

Eligibility for opening CSP

  • To open a customer service point, any person should have better computer knowledge.
  • Should have knowledge of the internet.
  • The knowledge of doing all kinds of work digitally should be better.
  • To open a CSP center the minimum age of applicants is 21 years old.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have the educational qualification of 12th.
  • It is necessary to have a certificate from any kind of computer course.
  • Any person who wants to apply for opening CSP should be a citizen of that village.
  • There should not be any criminal case registered against the applicant.
  • Any unemployed citizen is eligible to open CSP.
  • If someone is a retired employee or retired army person, then they are given priority to open CSP.

Items needed to open CSP

Some accessories are also required to open a customer service point. Because banking and digital services are made available to the people through CSP. For this, along with computer knowledge, some electronic devices are required.

  • 1 or 2 computers or laptops
  • printer
  • scanner
  • Web cameras or digital camera
  • A computer or laptop should have more storage. There should be a hard disk of around 4GB to 5GB or more.
  • RAM is necessary to store more data in the computer.
  • It is necessary to have a battery backup of 4 to 5 hours in a computer or laptop.
  • fingerprint scanner
  • in CSP There should be a room for all the goods to be arranged and for the customers to sit.
  • That room should be so big, that whatever customer comes in it and whatever is the necessary stuff, work can be done easily.

How to Earn From CSP

By opening a customer service point, any person can earn a good income by staying in his village. any banking operations through coming to the work are done digitally, and commission is received on it.

On opening any customer’s bank account, on linking the Aadhaar card with the bank account, on depositing the customer’s money A certain commission is given by the bank on withdrawing or transferring funds.

Also, the person who csP Open, they are provided with some incentive amount every month by the bank for about 6 months.

The facility provided by the bank to the CSP provider

  • When a person opens a customer service point from any bank in his village, he is provided with some necessary facilities to do better work on behalf of the bank. Software, branch code, portal ID, and password are provided by the bank.
  • The electronic biometric reader which is required to capture the thumb impression for linking to the Aadhaar card is also obtained.
  • A Bank correspondent’s certificate is available, which is recognized.
  • Wherever a customer service point is opened, templates, banners, stickers, etc. are available to decorate that CSP.
  • The training facility is also available to know completely about all types of works of CSP. Along with this, if any technical problem arises, then support is also received by the company at that time.


Full form of CSP?

The full form of CSP is Customer Service Point.

What is CSP?

It is a mini bank, which is opened to provide banking facilities to the village.

Investment in opening a customer service point

To open it, You have to invest almost 100000 to 150000. If you have more money available then you can easily open it or you can also get a loan facility from the bank.

In how many days CSP opens after online registration?

The CSP application is accepted after about 15 to 20 working days after online registration.


Customer service points can be opened in any rural area under the Digital India scheme by the central government. Where a banking facility is not available nearby. All kinds of facilities related to the bank are available through the Customer Service Point.

This is better earning by living in a village to do are the source of by which the village In Respect also increases. from CSP Computer And Internet Did Information also increases. Through this, the people of the village have easy access to banking facilities and digital facilities. CSP Full Form in detail.

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