Power of D-Pharma: Everything You Need to Know

D Pharma is a Diploma course in Pharmacy. After doing this course, many options are available to make a career in the medical line. After doing D Pharma, better information about medicines is obtained in every way.

In this, information is available from the preparation of medicine to its quality, manufacturing, storage, distribution, etc. Many youths want to make a career in the medical field. However, it is not necessary that an MBBS course should be done to get a job in the medical line or to make a career.

rather than any government in private health care if you want to get information to open your own medical store, then the D Pharma course is very good. This course can be done at a minimum cost. After doing D Pharma, you can easily get a job in many fields. Complete details about the D Pharma course are given in this article. Cheapest Private Medical College In India

What is D Pharma

D Pharma is a diploma pharmacy course in the medical line. This Course duration is 1-2 Years. This short-term Course is very useful in pharmaceuticals. Did Complete Information is given Are. There are 4 semesters in this.

If someone wants to open their own medical store, then the D Pharma course is better for them. Because every kind of information related to medicines is given in it. Along with this, every year many types of jobs come out for health care in the government sector.

Students who have done the D Pharma course can apply. In the Pharmaceutical sector, fewer Fees and Less Time also make a good course.

Meaning of D Pharma

This is a paramedical course. After doing this, you can do business related to the trade of medicines in the medical line. You can get a job in any medical field. The full form of D Pharma is a Diploma in Pharmacy.

It is a diploma course of 2 years. Which can be done after the 12th. But to do this course it is necessary to have a science subject in 12th. In which subjects like Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. are necessary.

D Pharma Full Form

In this course, information is given especially about medicines. How the medicine is made. How can it be stored and kept? What is the quality of which medicine?

What are the ingredients needed to make medicine? Every kind of information related to the pharmacy is given to the students in the D Pharma course.

Eligibility for D Pharma

  • First, 12 to do D Pharmath It is necessary to pass.
  • Must have a 12th-class certificate from any recognized college.
  • The main subjects name Science, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. are compulsory in class 12th.
  • Must have minimum 50% marks in 12th.
  • Minimum age 17 years.
  • OBC/SC/ST category candidates get Some Relaxation

How To Do D Pharma

There are many colleges in India in which pharmacy courses are offered. To do a Diploma in Pharmacy course, first of all, complete information should be obtained in any college.

In some best colleges, admission is done on the basis of entrance exam rank. After the entrance exam, the merit list is prepared. Students can be admitted to a good college on the basis of the entrance exam merit list.

But there are many colleges where direct admission can be done on the basis of merit number on the basis of 12th marks. If you do D Pharma from a private college, There fees are higher as compared to a government college.

So if you want to do a D Pharma course, then first get better information about any college. What kind of admission process is there, and what is the admission fee?

  • GPAT
  • AT
  • MH CET

D Pharma Guide

To open your own medical store or to do a job at any medical store, first of all, it is necessary to have knowledge of medicines.

  • Complete information about medicines is also given in the D Pharma course.
  • What are the products needed to make medicine?
  • How is a medicine made?
  • How to stop him by making medicine can be done.
  • How can the medicine be packed and kept?
  • To sell medicines in the market, how can you sell more and more medicines by marketing?
  • Which medicine can be given to which disease and how much dose?
  • Compounding Technique Of About In Information Gave caste Are.

College for Pharma course

  • College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Manipal
  • Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai
  • Jamia Hamdard New Delhi
  • Oxford College of Pharmacy Bengaluru
  • Sharda University Greater Noida
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology Noida
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow
  • LM College of Pharmacy Ahmedabad
  • Government College of Pharmacy Bangalore
  • Integral University Lucknow
  • Galgotias University Greater Noida
  • Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University
  • Bihar College of Pharmacy Patna
  • NIMS University Jaipur

Pharma course syllabus

This course is completed in 2 years which consists of 4 semesters.

1st Year2nd Year
Pharmaceutics 1Pharmaceutics 2
Biochemistry and clinical pathologyDrug store and business management
PharmacologyPharmacology Toxicology
Pharmaceutical chemistry 1Hospital and clinical pharmacy
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyPharmaceutical jurisprudence
Health education and community pharmacyPharmaceuticals chemistry 2

Career Option After This Course

You can continue your further studies even after doing this course. After D Pharma, you can do pharmacy course B Pharma i.e. Bachelor of Pharmacy. After doing D Pharma, career options can be found in various types of pharmaceutical sectors in the government or government sector.

Vacancy for many types of jobs in health services also comes out from time to time by the Government of India. You can apply for the form by getting its information. After which one can get a job in the government sector as well. One can get jobs in many health services in the government sector or even in private.

  • Government Hospital
  • Educational Institute
  • clinics
  • Community Health Center
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • research agency
  • Sales & Marketing
  • private hospital
  • Research Labs
  • private drum storage
  • medical store
  • pharmaceuticals firms


  • This course After doing this, my knowledge of all types of medicine becomes better. That’s why you can also open your own medical store.
  • Can do a job at any medical store.
  • Can work in any research agency or in labs.
  • You can work at a medical store in a government or private hospital.
  • You can also get a job in the companies of pharmacy sector in which medicines are made.
  • You can do medicine business.
  • Self Of pharmacy Of agency shell Can Are.
  • can work in any clinical.
  • You can also earn money by working in a pharmacist company.

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Career option in the medical line is very much available by doing a Diploma in Pharmacy course. After doing this you can make your career in any field.

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