Difference between excel and access, 11 amazing diffrences

Difference between excel and access. The difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel as Microsoft Access is a one-to-one data management program. Whereas Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program.

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Difference between excel and access

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a data management software in the Microsoft Office suite. in which the data is managed. Like a database is connected with any programming language, and all the data is stored in the database. It is a simple database management application program.

Data is stored in Microsoft Access, data is managed well Microsoft Access is a simple excellent database management software.

Microsoft Excel

It is an application program in which data entry work is done. Microsoft Excel is defined in the form of rows and columns in which there are many different cells. Data can be created in Microsoft Excel, and one’s salary sheet can be prepared. Many types of best formulas can also be used in this.

Difference between excel and access

Access VS Excel

MS AccessMS Excel
Microsoft access is also an application that is used to store or manage database programs. Microsoft access easily collects and sorts the data.Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that is used to create data.
Microsoft access extension is dot .mdbMicrosoft Excel extension is.xls
Microsoft access is used for manipulating large amounts of data and storing data in developer format.MS Excel is used to create financial calculation.
MS access is quite hard to learn in comparison to Microsoft Excel.Microsoft Excel is very easy to learn in comparison with MS access.
MS access has more capacity to store and manipulate databases.Microsoft Excel has limited capacity is storing data.
MS access is a relational database program.Microsoft Excel is a run non-relational database software program.
In Microsoft access data is recorded in a database that is not easily viewable.In Microsoft Excel we can easily look and watch entire spreadsheet
Microsoft access is better for long term project and database management.Microsoft Excel is best for a small database project creation.
Microsoft access is also a part of Microsoft office.MS Excel is a part of Microsoft office.
But in comparison with other databases Microsoft access is not a fully secure database software program.Excel file easily lock by password.


Difference between excel and access

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