Difference Between MS word and MS PowerPoint

Difference between MS word and MS PowerPoint. There is a lot of difference between MS Word and MS PowerPoint as the work of both is completely different. Microsoft Word is documentation software whereas Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software. 

Difference Between MS Word and MS PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

It is an application program in which documents, applications, envelopes, labels, cards, visiting cards, handbills, etc. Mail merge is used. It is also a basic documentation text editor program.

In Microsoft Word, many types of basic tasks are done on a computer in the office or at home.  

Microsoft Word has seven menu bars. Such as Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailing, Review, View, etc. The work of all the menu bars given in it is different. Whenever any type of document is created. Then all these menu bars are used to access different types of features in it.

Difference between MS word and MS PowerPoint

It was first launched in the year 1983, this software can be run on the Windows operating system, Android devices in smartphones, and other major devices apart from Apple.

So far 6 versions of it have been invented. There can be a minimum number of rows and columns inside a table and a maximum number of columns is 63.

The maximum number of rows in Microsoft Word can be 32767.

Whenever MS Word is opened at that time by default font face is Calibre. Whose by default font size is 11, its font size by default is a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 72.

Its page can be zoomed up to a maximum of five hundred percent and can be reduced to a minimum of 10 percent.

In this, many people cannot work online at the same time.
It does not require the internet to work
It can be written in Hindi and in English easily.
After writing anything in English, if any word is wrong, then it is shown in different colors in M ​​word, which can be easily corrected by clicking. Wordart in MS word in details

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

In today’s time, presentation is being used to explain to people in any seminar or conference, through which any one group can be explained well about any topic.

Powerpoint is used and many types of great features have been given such as animation, transition, and inside slides in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. A better presentation is created by using many other great features. How to Learn MS Word in details 2022.


Difference between MS word and MS PowerPoint.

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