Difference Between Smartphone and Tablet

What is the Difference between Smartphone and tablet? In this post, I am going to discuss the difference between smartphones and tablets. What is a tablet, and what is a smartphone? In this post, we will also know about brief information about tablets and smartphones.

As we know that smartphones and tablets are very popular gadgets. Therefore, it is very important to know about the actual difference between both devices.

Tablets and smartphones are very similar gadgets because the size of the smartphone and tablets are not more differentiable. But the work of smartphones and tablets is similar. However, both have their own benefits.

Difference between Smartphone and tablet

The main difference between a tablet and a smartphone, the tablet screen size is big in comparison with a smartphone. There are so many differences between both devices. So first of all, we know some brief descriptions of a smartphone and tablets first.

difference between smartphone and tablet

Difference between smartphone and tablet

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What is tablet?

The tablet is a small PC. It means that a tablet is a small personal computer, or a tablet is a notebook. That is an easily portable device from one place to another place.

Tablet is an electronic machine that is mostly used for internet browsing and a small level of data management work.

Tablets are also small computers because we can easily work just like a computer, but a tablet is not perfect for a big level of computer programming and data management work.

What is smartphone?

The smartphone is a device that is mostly used for telephonic work. A smartphone is also a portable device that can easily be kept in a pocket.

A smartphone means a mobile that can work for multiple purposes that are called a smartphone. 

For example, with the help of a smartphone, we can talk with one another, and we can video call with one and more people at a time. We can browse the internet with a smartphone. We can share audio messages from one person to many people. We can easily access internet facilities on a smartphone.

difference between smartphone and tablet

  • Tablet is a small personal computer device.
  • The smartphone is a cell phone device.
  • The size of the tablet screen is big.
  • The size of a smartphone screen is a small
  • Tablet can be used as a computer.
  • A smartphone cannot be used as a computer.
  • We can easily read the text on a tablet.
  • But with a smartphone, we cannot easily read the text on a smartphone as compared the tablet.
  • Most tablets are used for internet surfing and browsing.
  • Smartphones are used for audio call video calls and general-purpose telephonic work.
  • To replace the location of the tablet we have to need a carry bag.
  • But we can easily keep smartphones in our pockets.
  • On a tablet, a good operating system is installed.
  • Whenever a smartphone a normal operating system is installed.
  • We can very easily play a game on a tablet.
  • We cannot easily play games on a smartphone as compared to the tablet
  • The size of the tablet screen is more than 6 inches.
  • But in comparison to tablets the size of the smartphone screen is between 3 to 6 inches.
  • To use multimedia on a tablet, Tablet is a good device.
  • We cannot easily use multimedia on a smartphone.

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