Drop Cap in MS word?

Drop cap in MS word? How to use drop cap in MS word?  A cap is a feature to create a large capital letter at the beginning of the character. we look in any newspaper on the first page. A word’s first character is too big in the whole paragraph.

What is the drop cap in MS word?

Drop Cap is an option that makes the first letter of any word more capitalized. Although this option is used in most print media, this important feature is used to make the first letter of any word very big on the first page of the newspaper. 

Along with this, the place where this major feature is also used in news, book, letter, article, documents,s or any type of web page put on the Internet. Due to this, the attention of the readers will be more on that word. 

For example, below is shown how the first letter of a paragraph or word, also called a character, can be seen as a capital letter.

 There are many such magazines or different types of newspapers in which the word is often shown in an enlarged form with a drop cap.


This is a great tool to enlarge the first character of any word of any course inside any type of book with these features given inside Microsoft Word.

Drop cap in MS word

How to use 

  • Open Microsoft word
  • Now type a paragraph
  • select a character
How to use drop cap in MS word1

  • After that click the insert tab
  • Go to text block
  • Click on the drop cap
  • Here you find the option 
  • choose any style
  • see the picture below
  • The first paragraph’s character is 2 large.

How to remove drop cap 

  • select the paragraph where you remove the cap
  • Then go to the insert tab
  • Go to text block
How to use drop cap in MS word2

  • Click on the drop cap
  • none.

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Drop cap in MS word.

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