How To Earn 500 Rs Per Day Online Best 5+ Ideas 2024

How to Earn 500 Rs Per Day Online. Earning ₹500 every day is not a big deal. But to earn ₹500 you will have to work hard. For that, you must know. Well, nowadays there are many online platforms. Where you can earn ₹500 by hard work every day. To make money from online platforms, one must know digital platforms. Which one has to know about smartphones, the internet, computers, laptops etc?

After this, you will earn ₹ 500 income very easily. There are many online platforms like blogging, YouTube, data entry, freelancing, and others. Where if you work hard. If you work patiently, you can earn more and more money. To earn from any online platform, you will have to be patient.

Because you will not start earning within three days after starting the work. You will have to hard work on that first. But one day your hard work will bear fruit. From that day you will start earning. After this, you will be able to not only earn Rs 500 but even Rs 1000, Rs 2000 in a day.

How To Earn Online 500 Rs Per Day

It is easy to earn 500 daily online income on digital platforms. But if you work on it with honesty and hard work, you will earn real money. All the ways to make money are being told in this article. He will earn a hundred percent money on all platforms.

How to Earn Money 500

Nowadays, internet facilities ranging from 4G to 5G are available. Due to this a new revolution has come on the digital platform. Many people in India or other countries are earning ₹500 every day on online platforms. Who earn lakhs of rupees per month by working on online portals.

1. Youtube

YouTube is a digital platform. This is a search engine site. Where even less educated people earn more than Rs 500 money. You can achieve success very soon on this digital platform. Less educated people. He is also earning more and more money online by creating a channel on YouTube.

You can do this work from your laptop or your mobile. you have to first create an email ID. You will create a channel on your YouTube with this email. Then make a unique video and upload it every day. Make whatever video you want. It should not be copied content. It must be of your own making. Gradually people will watch your video. 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers will be completed on it.

After that apply to get approval of Google AdSense on your YouTube channel. Once you get AdSense approval, you can start generating online income. But even on YouTube, you will not earn money in a day or two. Make videos on this with patience, hard work, and better knowledge. After that, you will start earning money on it.

2. Create a blog website

To create a blog website, you will have to acquire technical knowledge. Because to set up a website one must know of it. First, buy a domain and hosting. Purchase the theme. Then create your blog website. After doing all the setup, write one quality content every day. it Publish on your website.

Creating a blog website can cost around Rs 5000 to Rs 10000. But when you write quality content regularly. Will write and publish 30 pieces of quality content in 30 days. After that get approval from Google Adsense, approval will be received from Google Adsense in 1 to 2 days. After this, you will earn ₹500 by showing ads on your blog website. you will also make money from sponsored content from Google AdSense Apart from this, there will be an earning of ₹ 500 every day from guest posts, promotions, advertisements, etc.

3. Freelancing

If you have technical knowledge. You can use it to earn Rs 500 every day. Which freelancing platforms are the best option? There are many freelancing sites on online platforms. such as freelancer, On which you will get online work including data entry, content writing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and graphic designing. First, you have to register yourself on the freelancer website. You have to give complete details about yourself on it.

In which your skill, education, knowledge, background, experience, etc. have to be mentioned. After this, you will get work there as per your skill. Then keep visiting the freelancing website every day. Where you will get work related to your skills. Which has to be completed within a given limit. According to the work you do, you will earn money 500 every day from freelancing. To make a payment you also have to share your account details there.

4. Data entry

You can earn Rs 500 money every day by doing data entry work. To do data entry work, one should know MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and typing. Many companies provide data entry work to people online. Be aware of that. Then get data entry work for yourself from there. Which can be done every day from your home.

Due to this ₹ 500 will be earned every day. However, freelancers can visit the platform to do data entry work. Where you will have to give detailed information about yourself. Create your account there for that. Register yourself on it. Then get data entry work as per your knowledge and skills. Due to this, you will generate more and more income every day.

5. Content writing

Content writing is the best way to earn ₹500. If you have the skill of writing unique content. You can write better content on any topic. Then do the work of content writing. One content will earn between Rs 300 to Rs 500. However, you can also get content writing work from freelancing websites. Another way is to do guest posting for someone else’s blog website. But write English posts to earn Rs 500 online every day. Because less money is paid for Hindi posts.

But people pay more and more money for English content. To do content writing, search different blog websites on Google. The blog’s Contact Us Email ID is given. Contact through that email ID. Then write better unique high-quality content for that blog website and sell it. In return, you will be making Rs 500 money every day.


Information about Earn 500 Rs Per Day Online is given in this article. In which many online platformsLifeKari It has been told. On which you can work by having technical knowledge. After that, you will earn Rs 500 to Rs 1000 every day.


Q1. How to earn money ₹1000 daily?

Years. The best work to earn Rs 1000 daily is YouTube and content writing. If you write two or three high-quality content every day, So There will be Rs 1000 income from it.

Q2. How to earn money 500 online in India?

so many ways to make ₹500 online in India. Information about this is given above. AsThatBlog website, YouTube, content writing, data entry, etc.

Q3. How to earn money 500 from home?

Years. You can do content writing and data entry work to earn ₹500 from home. By doing this from any online site you will get income from your home.

Q4. How to earn Rs 500 per day without investment for students?

Ans. A student can generate ₹500 every day without any investment. For which he can make videos on YouTube. Whatever they know about. He can share it with people through YouTube videos. 1000 subscribers can complete 4000 hours of watching time on YouTube videos. After that, you can earn ₹500 every day without any expense. Make Money Fast

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