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Education versus culture. There should be coordination of both education and culture. Both complement each other. If any one of the two is not there in any being, then he cannot be said to be fully knowledgeable.

Because education makes it easier to understand the culture. When a man has rites, he becomes entitled to receive an education. Because culture is the power to understand the principles of education.

In childhood, children receive rituals at home. But it also depends on the manner in which each parent imparts the values ​​to their children.

Because a small child’s mind is empty, they learn whatever their parents or family members put into it. That’s why the most important place to learn the culture is the child’s own home.

Children are not sent to any special school to learn the sacrament. Because in any school more importance is given to education and discipline is taught along with it. But education is completely different from discipline.

Sanskar is such a thing, which our religious books inform about the ideas of civilization and culture of human life.

What is (Sanskar) sacrament

Culture is a very important word. It is important for all of us to understand the meaning of which. Sanskar is such a word, from which we learn about the ways of living a human life.

How should we behave with the people in our lives, how should we respect our elders, how should we live in the society, how should we behave in manners with our adorable and guru parents, all these things Sanskar does an important work of learning.

Education versus Culture

At present, we give education to our children. But they don’t give sanskaras. Often there are children who live outside the village, whose parents and families all live outside, and who live in cities. Their children have little understanding of culture. Because culture is our culture. Culture is our mother. Culture is an important part of our society.


Due to this, the children of today are deprived. In today’s time, due to the lack of parents or elders in the house, children are not able to get the rituals. Most of the parents of children living in the city work or become so busy in one or the other business that they are unable to give time to their children. Due to this, there is a lack of culture in their children. They have very little general knowledge.

It is not necessary for children to study only in big schools. Giving information about every little thing to children is also a very high-quality education, which is available at home only. Home is a very good school. Where children get every little information.

Today’s children don’t understand how to have manners and behavior along with religious scriptures, Puranas, etc. The children do not make many mistakes in this because they only learn what they are taught. Today we are taking our children toward English culture. Because of this, the children are going away from the values ​​of our Indian culture.

Our Indian culture is one of the best cultures in the world. If we Indians don’t learn it, then who will learn it? In our Indian culture parents, and grandparents are considered as God. This is our culture. In our culture, Guru is also considered God. Guru is like God for us.

How to get Sanskar

In our Indian culture, religious texts like Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagwat, and many Puranas are considered to be the form of God. From this, we get to learn the best knowledge of living a human life. Our culture is from our religion. Our culture is from our deeds. Our culture is from our religious scriptures. Our culture is from our Lord Shri Ram.

Our culture is from our Lord Shri Krishna. Our culture is from our God. Our culture is from the truth. The first aim of education is to understand someone. Which is not taught in any school.

That’s why we should tell our children about all these things in our homes. So that our children can protect the coming generations by learning about the culture in a better way.

What is education

All of us are familiar with the word education and all of us have received education in one or the other school and our children also receive education in school. Education in general we all understand and learn it. But the main purpose of education is to learn about the culture.

Which is not taught in any book or in any school. Education is necessary for all of us, but along with it, it is also necessary to have culture. When there are no rituals with education, then we do not understand wrong, right, or unrighteousness. Then education becomes a burden for us.

Because the true purpose of education is to lead us humans toward a better path in society. If we cannot give better guidance to our society, our culture, and our family, then this education has no value.

Education does not just book knowledge. What we read in a book is not education. Education is also what we should do and what we should not do. Even thinking about it is one of the most important lessons. We cannot get culture from education. But through culture, we can get an education.

Education vs Culture

  • With education, we can lead better lives.
  • With culture, we can provide better life as well as better life to society.
  • Culture is always more paramount than education.
  • Even after getting an education, we can also go on the wrong path.
  • When we have better culture then we can live a better life even without education.
  • Education is important.
  • Culture is very important.
  • Through education, we get information about different things in the world.
  • Whereas Sanskar teaches us how we should live in our life, in our home, in our family, and in our society.
  • We always try to create a better life and a better society through our culture.
  • Only education is like a house without land for us.
  • It is necessary to learn both education and culture.
  • As long as these two are not there in any human being, he cannot be fully known.


Education versus culture? Information about Shiksha vs Sanskar is given in this article. In which the better objectives of culture and education have been told. By which human life can be improved. If you have any questions related to education vs culture, then you must ask in the comment box.

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