How Many Subjects in CEC? Learn in Details

How many subjects are in CEC? There are three subjects in CEC. That is civics economics and commerce. CEC stands for civics economics and commerce these are the subjects of a different pattern.

After completing the 10th class a student can choose a different subject in intermediate. Many people study economics in the 12th class. Some students doing 12 with commerce subject. That’s why these three subjects are very important in class 12th.

Civics tell me the power of the citizen in any country. This is telling about the different types of law rules in a particular country.

CEC Subject Details

Here will discuss briefly about civics economics and commerce. We highlight the nature of this subject and its impact on our daily routines.

How many subjects in CEC


Civics Tells about our duty, principles, participation, and responsibility rule of government. There is a very important role in our society. What is our fundamental concept?

This is a practical book that the information about citizen rules. That can play an essential role in making decisions on any social concern.

A Key Concept in Civics

Democracy – very easily understands the mechanism of democracy. That shows the duty and power of collective voice.

Citizenship – IT awards the people to understand the rights and active commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the community for the nation.

Governance – Ward is the smallest body of the government. The biggest governance body is the parliament. The prime minister and parliament make the rules and laws for the development of the country. Civics is the key subject in CEC.


Economics is the key to economic management, how to control our budget expenses etc. It provides tips to manage and maintain the growth of the house, state & country.

This is the dynamic field that explores the basic principles of resources in our society.

The economic impact is very critical. Because many countries face economic crises due to not maintaining their economic condition well.

Economics provides about business, government development, and individual resources management and certifies their needs & wants in a good manner. Economics has two types. That is microeconomics and macroeconomics. This main economic subject in CEC.


Manage account finance very well with the help of commercial knowledge. When we complete 10th after that we are admitted to 12th standard. Where there is a choice of commerce subjects in intermediate. We Will learn about accounting systems that can help to understand and manage financial institutions like banks etc.

This is the heartbeat of global business encompasses the exchange of services and goods among individuals. When anybody starts a business, they can have good knowledge and education about commerce. Because this is essential to understand the selling and buying process clearly.

We understand also the benefits losses values of product margin in our business. Commerce is the engine that can play a tremendous role in economic activities and growth innovation.

These 3 CEC patterns are very important in class 12. A student can decide better on behalf of this post. Because here we have discussed civics economics and commerce in detail.

Final points

I hope we learned and enjoyed this article very positively. Because we provide deep knowledge education about the CEC subject.

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