How Many Subjects in CEC (Complete Guide 2023)

How many subjects in CEC? CEC course in intermediate subjects. In this post, I am going to discuss the subject name of CEC. If you want to know about the name of the subject in CEC then this post is very important for you.

There are so many people searching for the CEC course details. CEC means civics economics and commerce. CEC stands for civics economics and commerce. The course duration of CEC is 2 years.

How many subjects in CEC

There are three main subjects in CEC, that is civics economics, and commerce. After completing the 10th you can join the CEC course. The CEC course is an intermediate course.

A student who chooses this course, that student has to read civics economics, and commerce subjects. After completing the 10th standard you have to take admitted to the CEC course. In CEC you have to read about Civics, economics, and commerce.

How many subjects in CEC

Why choose the CEC course after 10th

 If you choose this course in intermediate, you have more opportunities to choose different types of bachelor’s degree courses. After completion of the CEC course in intermediate. Students can take admitted to 3-year bachelor’s degree courses. that is bachelor of commerce, bachelor of arts, bachelor of business management, and bachelor of business administration.

After completing this course, there are so many varieties of job opportunities and career options available in all fields of finance and all alternative fields.

When you choose this course in intermediate, we have more options for a master’s degree also. You can take admitted in the master of business administration, Master of Arts, and other master’s degree courses.

Highlight about goals and interests of a student

A student can get knowledge about civics economics, and commerce subjects. This subject is very important for your future education. that’s why most students can do these courses.


In the area of the financial system and financial education, the CEC course is very important. Because of the demand for financial education and financial system. There are so many job opportunities available for the student.


There are so many benefits of this course. After completion, of this course, students can take admitted to CS, ICWA, and CA. After completion, students can join a 3-year bachelor’s degree also.

Future scope 

This course is one of the best-demanded courses in the industry of finance. Every company needs a person who has good knowledge about financial education and economics education etc. There are a lot of scopes, for a person who has completed their CEC course in the government financial system.

How to take admission

If you want to take admitted to the CEC course. First, you have to complete your 10th standard examination after that you have to take admitted to an intermediate-level course.

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