how to add comments in word Amazing 6 pro methods

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How to add comment in word document. Sometimes when we are preparing a word document, and in that document, we want to add a comment to a particular word to define the word.  

What is comment

A comment is a process to describe any advice or issue on any particular word or document. MS Word provides comment facilities to give any suggestions. 5 important Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

how to add comments in word

how to add a comment

  • First, open the Microsoft word document
  • Now prepare a document first
  • Click on the review tab
  • A single click on the comments block
  • After that click or select a particular word where you want to insert your own message.
  • Tap on a new comment
  • Now write a thought.

Know about some options in the comment section

New comments:- This option is used to insert or add a new idea on that point.

Delete:- After inserting a message if you want to remove or delete then you use this option to remove or delete.

Previous:- In a document, if there are so many comment sections available then you want to go to a different previous section. 

Next:-  There is more than one view, and if you want to go to the next comment section. Then you can use this option.


  • open the document
  • Visit a particular word or line
  • select the particular words
  • Review tab Menu Tab
  • In comment block
  • click delete.

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I hope you enjoyed and learned so many things from here. (How to add comment in word)

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