How to Become a Blogger in India? 2023

How to become a blogger in India? Becoming a blogger is an easy task for a knowledgeable person in India. People who have better knowledge in the field of education. If they have experience in a particular field, then such people can easily become bloggers in India.

It is most important to have better knowledge about a particular subject. If you have better knowledge of a particular subject. You can get good results in the blogging field.

Just writing posts is not enough. Rather, it is necessary to learn search engine optimization and SEO techniques along with it. Only then you can become a successful blogger in India.

How to Become a Blogger In India

Here We will discuss 11 important points to becoming a blogger in India.

How to Become a Blogger in India

1. Select a Niche To Become a Blogger in India

In which subject you can work the most? The very first step is to select it. You should do planning by selecting a particular Niche and on that. you can choose a subject, related to a better experience. you can do better as a blogger in India.

Select a Niche

There are many successful bloggers in the world who have chosen a particular Niche and worked on it regularly. Which are still at the peak of success.

2. Write 100 blog posts

Now you should write at least 30 posts. For which you can work on different keywords. There are many such topics related to the same topic on which you can write a better blog post. Do keyword research for writing posts.

Write blog

After that prepare a better eco-friendly post on it. To become a blogger, initially, you should write at least 30 posts well. After which work on the next process should be started.

3. Audience analysis

To make any post or blog website successful, it is necessary to have an audience on it. That is why analysis should also be done about the audience. What age group do you want to connect your site with?

Audience analysis

What kind of people do you want to invest more and more on your website, women, men, students, and youth? Accordingly, you start working on your site. It is necessary for a blogger to work according to the target audience to become a professional blogger in India.

4. Set up a blog

When you create 100 sites. After that, a site should be set up. For which a better domain name should be selected. A better selection of hosting platforms should also be made. Domain and hosting are the two most important things to create a site.

That is why you should choose a better domain according to the Niche of your site. Also, select a better hosting provider company.

Set up blog

After that set up your website. You can create a free site on WordPress. If you have knowledge about design and development then you can make a site easily.

5. Publish high-quality content regularly

After creating a site, You have to publish posts regularly. According to a fixed rule. You will publish new high-quality content every day by writing it. Keep working on this blog like this. To write more and more blog posts related to the same Niche on the blog website.

write high-quality content for becoming good blogger

High-quality content means that you have written a blog post. You do not have to create a post from anywhere with the help of copy-paste or any machine generator tool. Nor is it to be published.

6. Learn Technical SEO To Become a Blogger in India

Search engine optimization is most important for success in any website. That is why a blogger should learn complete information about Technical Search Engine Optimization. Only then can he easily rank his website in the search engine.


Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Backlinks, Internal Linking, and External Linking. There are many important techniques as well. Start working on that after learning it well.

Backlinks are very important for the website. Because any new website is promoted according to the search engine backlinks and domain. That’s why high-quality do-follow backlinks should be created from high-quality websites. Whatever different websites work in the same field, do follow the link that should be made from that website.

The more similar backlinks are created, the more the site will give good performance in the search engine. Quality content and do-follow high-quality backlinks are the two most important things. Due to this, a site can be taken forward soon.

8. Schedule a blog post to publish

When do you publish a new site post in 1 day? For this, you should fix a fixed time. This is good for both search engines and incoming visitors. Because when you publish a post according to a fixed time, Google’s crawlers crawl your website very quickly.

Publish blog post

The visitor of the website is also aware that we will get to read new content on this website from time to time. That is why the site post should be published according to a fixed time.

9. Promote the blog To the Become Successful Blogger in India

Promotion is necessary to move any type of business online very quickly. Whether it is a website or any other type of business. To make it reach the people very soon, it should be promoted on the online platform.

Google AdWords can be used to promote a website. You can also promote your website on the online platform through Facebook ads.

10. Increase engagement with the audience

Whatever visitors visit the website. If any kind of question is asked by them, then try to answer them very soon. Give an instant reply to the questions visitors ask in the comment box.

This will strengthen the mutual harmony between both the blogger and the visitor. Due to this, the trust of the visitors coming to the website will increase.

11. Monetize blog

Earning money from a successful site is the goal of every blogger. That is why you must monetize your website. Which Google Adsense is the best platform? You can earn money online by monetizing the website.

Monetize your blog

Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, and Selling Online Products on Online Platforms. There are many such methods. With which you can monetize the site.

12. Keep working smartly to Become a Blogger in India

No one can become a blogger in one day. You have to give it some time. After working hard for many years, one becomes recognized as a blogger. That’s why all the people working in this field should keep working with patience.

Dedication is also necessary in this field. In the initial days, you do not earn from your site. Still, you have to work hard continuously. Only then you will be successful in this field. That’s why take a pledge to keep moving forward with positive thinking.


It is also necessary to have technical knowledge to become a blogger in India. Because you cannot become a good blogger until you understand technical things. People who have received education in the field of computer technology.

It is best for them to work in the field of blogging. People who can only write posts can also share them on any other website. But you have to learn technical SEO.

Setting up themes, plugins, hosting, WordPress, domains, etc. And there are many more technical things like JavaScript HTML CSS also you have to have basic knowledge. Only then you can move forward to become a blogger in India.

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