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How to become a CEO after 10th. It is not easy to become a CEO after the 10th. So if you want to become a CEO, you have to pursue more degrees. Because CEO is the biggest post in any company. To reach that post, along with better education, a better experience is also needed. 

So if you are 10th pass and want to become CEO then complete 12th. After that get a bachelor’s degree. Must have a master’s degree education. After getting a better education, you have to follow some other process. Only after that, you can become the CEO of a company.

In any company, the CEO is the all-in-all of the company. The CEO is fully authorized for any kind of work in the company. The full form of CEO is Chief Executive Officer. To become a CEO, apart from the eligibility, skill experience, whatever is necessary, let us learn below. How to Become an Income Tax Officer

How to become a CEO after 10th

CEO is one of the most important posts in the company and holds full responsibility for the company. The decision can be taken for any type of work in the company. It is a top-level executive officer who is capable of taking any kind of managerial decision, presidential decision. 

Any kind of change has to be done in the company, improvement has to be done, something better for the development of the company, any kind of employee has to be hired in the company, the decision of all these things is taken by the CEO.

How to become a CEO after 10th
CEO Full FormChief Executive Officer
DegreeBusiness Adminstatation
ExperienceMinimum 3 & more
Annual Salary average$2,426.65
Job Growth2 to 4%


What are the responsibilities of the chief executive officer

The Chief executive officer is fully responsible for the development of the organization and any changes in the organization. Management of everything in the organization. He has taken any type of decision for the growth of the company.

  • He is responsible for communicating with company shareholders, the board of directors, and public relation
  • Plan to develop and lead long-term strategy and short-term strategy
  • Implementing new implementations to the vision and mission of the company.
  • Developing plans for the company’s growth with the company’s executive leader.
  • Organizing a better culture for the company.
  • Targeting high-level growth for the growth of the company.

What are the benefits of being a CEO

  • The CEO is the boss himself.
  • He is capable of taking any kind of big decision.
  • Any kind of decision can be implemented in the company
  • The CEO is the main face of the company.
  • In the company, profit, sharing, expenses, account management, business property, everything is looked after there.
  • The CEO sets a new dimension in the development of the company.

How to become a CEO after 10th

To become a CEO in any company a person has to follow the different types of education procedures eligibility experience and more. CEO is a very high-ranking executive post.

He has the power to take any type of decision in the company. The responsibility of the CEO is very high and tuff. To become a CEO after the 10th you have to follow the given instruction below to become CEO in the company organization. How to Become a Cricketer in India

How to become a CEO after 10th 3

1. Education for CEO in India

Chief Executive Officer is a responsible position. Therefore, the person who takes full responsibility for any company should have very deep knowledge. That’s why if you want to become a CEO, then below is the information about education for that.

  • After passing 10th, complete intermediate studies.
  • Complete Bachelor Degree after Intermediate.
  • Complete master’s degree. If you choose an MBA course, it will be helpful to become CEO.

2. Get an MBA degree from a better institute

Once you have completed your graduation, then choose a better institute to pursue your MBA. If you complete your MBA from one of the most famous IIMs of India, then you can be eligible to become the CEO of any company very soon. 

IIM is one of the best and most famous institutes in India. Due to this, a big post can be achieved in any company after doing an MBA. So to do an MBA qualify CAT exam. After that, you can take admitted to IIM. You can become a CEO by getting an MBA degree of 2 years.

3. Enhance your skills with a degree

One cannot become a CEO in any company by getting a degree. Earning a degree paves your way to a better place. But unless you walk on that path, you cannot achieve your destination. 

That’s why when you get a degree, you must also have better skills. Because after the degree, the biggest role is of your skills. That’s why developing better skills inside yourself with a degree. This will go a long way in helping you become a CEO.

4. Enhance Experience

It is very difficult for any person to become a Direct Chief Executive Officer. Because unless you have experience, becoming the CEO of any company is a bit difficult task. Because it is very important for a CEO to have a better experience. 

That is why after getting an education, you start working in any company and increase your experience. As you enhance your experience working in a company, you will learn all about how you work in any company, and what you can do to develop it. Due to this becoming a CEO in an organization can prove to be a very important role.

5. Study abroad

If you want to become a direct CEO, then you should study MBA from the best university in the world. If you complete the MBA course from the best university in the world, then you can directly become the CEO of the biggest company. 

Apart from the famous Oxford University, California University is among the world’s largest universities, there are many other top universities in the world. So that if you study MBA, then you can become the CEO of any company in India. How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th

6. Select the right subject

It is very important for those students who want to become direct CEO after the 10th class, it is very important for them to choose the right subject. To become a CEO, it is very important to have better knowledge of finance, economics, and computer engineering. Only then can you become the CEO of a company.

Unless you have knowledge of economics, financial knowledge, computer, the internet, or technology, until then it is very difficult to become a CEO in any company. That’s why get an in-depth knowledge of these topics.

7. Some qualities and skills of a CEO


CEO leads the company completely. Therefore, the personality of a CEO is the future of that company. So if you want to be a CEO, you must develop your personality completely and provide a better look.

How to become a CEO after 10th 2

8. Communication skills

Communication skills are the most important things to do in any company organization. If you want to become a CEO, then communication skills are very important for you. So develop your communication skills to high-level communication skills.

9. Leadership and management

The CEO is the leader of a company, who leads the entire company. So you must have leadership qualities. Must have management skills. When leading a company, you must have good leadership skills. So that people follow your leadership. While managing the company with it, you take the company forward towards quadruple growth day after day.

10. Additional quality to become a CEO

Along with education and experience, there should be some extra qualities to becoming a CEO. Because in the company in which you will become the Chief Executive Officer, you may face many types of problems. To handle it properly, it is very important for a person to become a CEO to have some extra skills and quality scores.

For example, in a company, sometimes there is a strike by the employee or some kind of demand strike. At that time, it is the full responsibility of the CEO to eliminate all kinds of tension in that company and establish better coordination among all the employees. The development of the company is the first role of the CEO to continue the growth of the company along with better relationships.

11. Managerial Skills

It is very important for a CEO to have leadership skills as well as managerial skills. There is a big difference between a leader and a manager. Leadership means to lead and manager means to manage. Both are two types of work. A leader can be a manager and can also be a leader. Therefore both managerial skills and leadership skills are very important to become a CEO. That’s why it is necessary to have both of you become the CEO of the company.

12. Clarity and mentally strong

A CEO should not have any hiccups while taking any decision. He should be a decision-maker in a completely bold manner. Unless you make a clear decision on any subject, you may not be eligible for a CEO. So a person to become a CEO should be mentally strong as well as clear-minded.

13. Public relation

Whether you become a CEO in any company, better coordination between the public and the company is necessary. Only then can a company move forward. Therefore, the relationship between the public with the CEO of the company should be better.

Because it is necessary for a CEO to improve public relations to handle any situation in any company better. The CEO should be public relations friendly.

14. Human resource management

CEO is the all-in-all of the company. But he should have better knowledge of Human Resource Management. Because the human resource department is an important part of any company. By which the employee is hired in the company.

Along with the salary, the HR department is an important part of the company. Due to this, the whole company is run in a better way. Therefore a CEO should have knowledge of Human Resource Management.

15. Financial management

The complete accounting of the company should be financially strong. Only then can a company move forward. Therefore, to become the CEO of a company, one should have better knowledge of financial management. Because of the growing loss of the company, everything depends on the financial situation. 

Unless you have financial information, you will not be able to notice the profit and loss of the company. To improve your financial knowledge to become a CEO.

How to become a CEO: Top MBA College in the world

Harvard University USA
Stanford University USA
University of Pennsylvania Wharton
University of Chicago Chicago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan
Columbia University New Work
University of California, Berkeley California
University of California–Los Angeles California
University of Florida Warrington
Washington University in St. Louis Washington


CEO salary in India

The salary of the CEO of any company in India starts from at least 25 lakhs annually. If you are in the post of CEO even in a small company, then at least your salary can be 25 lakhs annually. If we talk about the CEO of a big company, then the annual salary of the CEO of any big company can also be one crore two crores.

Final thoughts

There is no shortcut way to becoming a CEO in any company. It is completely practical. The more you are practically educated & experienceable is better. Soon you can become CEO of any company. Becoming a CEO is completely practical work. Which you can get on the basis of your better education and experience.

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