10 Tips How to Become a Content Writer in India

How to become a content writer in India? At present time there is a huge demand for content writers in India. Because everyone searches for anything on the internet. That’s why the career of a content writer is bright in the future.

In today’s modern era, everyone is using the internet. Due to this millions of things are being searched daily on the Internet. Due to this, the role of a content writer is very important to make available all kinds of information on the internet. In today’s era, if you have a better art of writing, then you can earn millions in a month by becoming a content writer.

After the advent of the new Internet revolution in the world, there has been a lot of activity in the field of blogging. Therefore the demand for content writers has increased equally.

How to Become a content writer in India

First of all, it is very important to understand who is a content writer. When we understand the meaning of content writing, then we will be able to understand easily the ways to become a content writer.

subject on which an article is prepared by a person who has better knowledge in any subject.

How to become a content writer in India

What is the content writing

Content writing is an art and skill for writing content on any topic. First, you have to understand the meaning of content writer and content writing. Because both are complementary to each other.

For those people who like to write, to read, and who have deep knowledge of a particular subject, it is very easy for such people to become content writers. Because the people working in this field are better knowledgeable in some subjects, they start this work.

If any person wants to write content in this field, then it is most important for him that it is very important for him to understand What do you want to write in the content, why do you want to write the content, do you have better knowledge on any subject, can you work in this field for a long time. 

Because content writing is not a one-day job. In this, content has to be written continuously on new topics. Therefore, when we will consider all these aspects, after that, we will be able to decide for ourselves whether we can become content writers. 

By the way, there are some special methods for this, which will help you a lot in becoming a content writer. Let us also know about all those things below.

1. Select the Niche

First of all, it is very important to choose a niche. Once you have selected a topic, then you can start working on it. The best part is to constantly increase the information about him. When a topic is selected, then the content has to be prepared continuously on new topics in the same area.

Select Niche-How to Become a content writer in India

Therefore, it is most important to choose a particular area to get success in this field. Keep creating content continuously in the same area. Which will also create a better identity on the Internet and earn a lot of money from it.

2. Build up a portfolio

No one will believe you very soon when you start in this field. Because there is no experience in this field, no one will believe your written content very soon in the initial days. Therefore, make a portfolio in which you can prepare an e-book. 

Try to give something different in whatever you are writing. So that people have confidence in your writing. When you start your career in this way, then you will be able to move forward in this field. In the initial days, it will not earn at all, so do not worry about it and continuously create better content. Due to this, your identity will be a build-up.

3. Build an identity in social media

Social media is a very good platform to identify a new creator. Where you can inform people about your career. So first of all prepare a better profile of yourself on all social platforms. 

In which also share information about your creativity. In this way, you can attract people from your social media profile. By which you can get better recognition of your creativity.

4. Create a Pitch

Make yourself such that people will be attracted to you, attracted to your content because your content is the only way of identification in this area. So try to make it better. 

Create content that has some such initial words that people will be attracted to you after reading it. Was forced to read that content in its entirety. When we create imaging content like this, we will move forward in this area very soon.

5. Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a platform for professional people. Professional people from all walks of life are connected here. Therefore, when you are moving forward in the field of becoming a content writer, then for that make your profile on LinkedIn as a better content writer. 

Create LinkedIn Profile-How to Become a content writer in India

After which add connections to as many people as possible. Tell us about yourself and write some great content and publish it on LinkedIn. Which will increase the attraction of people towards you. Start interacting with people actively on LinkedIn like this on a regular basis.

6. Quora

Quora is a popular platform for asking a question. Where people come to know about their problems. Therefore, when you want to go into the field of content writing, then it is very important for you to use this platform. Create a better profile of yourself on quora.com.

Quora-How to Become a content writer in India

Make a list of the topics you know about. Start answering people’s questions. Gradually, when you are able to answer people’s questions in a better way, then your fame will start increasing gradually. In this way, in the field of content writing, you will also grow as a well-known personality.

7. Join a Facebook Group and Community

Group Community where people from all walks of life are connected. By the way, there are groups and communities, where you can give some information to people about your topic. Connect with the community and group in the field in which you are moving forward.

Join Facebook Group-How to Become a content writer in India

Facebook is a very good platform, where there are many types of groups. You can join the group according to your niche, which will prove to be very helpful in the field of content writing.

8. Join the Freelancing Platform

In the initial days, you can submit some of the best posts of your article by visiting many freelancing platforms. When you are new, then you have to use Fiver.com or whatever other platform where content can be published for free.

Join Freelancing Platform-Join Facebook Group-How to Become a content writer in India

From there you can also get money in exchange for some content, you can publish your content by visiting platforms like medium.com quora.com, etc.

9. Apply to companies

when you have done all this. After that, you can apply to any company for a full-time content writer. Where working will give you both experience and recognition.

Therefore naukri.com, searched for such a company through where are openings for content writers. There you submit your resume and try that you can get a job as a content writer somewhere.

10. Follow the Blog Website

Whatever website content is published on the Internet. By the way, you can follow the website regularly. You will also get information about the website and you can request to publish your content there as well.

Because in today’s time, there are many such blog websites that hire content writers even part-time. Therefore, in the initial days, you can also provide your content for many blogs as a part-time content writer.

What is the average salary for a content writer in India

Content writing work is an art quality. This is not a job. Because in this you have to write some new things. Therefore, on the basis of the content of the people who work in this field, their money is decided. 

If you have mastery in any subject, then the price of your blog will be very high. The price of blog content is also decided on the basis of its language. For a writer writing a blog in Hindi, English, or other languages, the price of his blog may be different.

By the way, in general, the starting salary of a blogger in India can be from 15000 to 25000 or even more. Gradually, when you become experienced in this field, your salary can be from 40 to 50 thousand or even more.

Money is not the scale for people working in this field, the better you work, the more you will earn. In general, one article can also charge ₹ 1000. But it is important to have a specialty in those articles, in this way, you can decide your salary according to your art.

What is the qualification necessary for becoming a content writer

However, no qualification framework has been set to work in this field. However, if you do not have any qualifications then what information will you be able to provide? Therefore, it is most important for you to have better knowledge in this field.

If you have good knowledge of any subject then you can be successful in it. Whether you have a degree or not. Well, a degree improves your credibility. Your content reveals your qualities. So for equality, any one content writer should have at least a graduation. 

So that your readers do not have any kind of questions about your education. By the way, the more and more educated you are in this field, the better it is for you.

How to Become a Content Writer Export

The more you create content, the more experience you will have. Man learns from experience. Therefore, to become an expert in this field, experience is the most important thing, as much as you create content in this field, gradually your experience will increase.

As the experience increases, the quality of your content art will improve. Due to this, you can also make a different identity as an expert in this field. 

The biggest identity in this field is your content, so whenever you create content, try to make it better and better, this is the most basic mantra.


(How to become a content writer in India) Learn as much as you want to learn. Never stop learning. When a man stops learning, the doors of his progress are also closed. That’s why one should never stop learning in life.

No matter what stage a man is at, as long as he is alive, he has to learn. When a man fixes this thing in his mind. Then he continues on.

By the way, to move forward in the field of blogging, constantly reading newspapers, listening to the news, and staying updated with every new thing is its identity and this is also the identity of a content writer.

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