Become a Journalist in India: What you Need to Know

How to Become a Journalist in India? Employment opportunities in the field of media in the world are increasing at a very fast pace. Because in today’s time, due to the increasing uses of the internet, many people are working as journalists on a digital platform as well and also want to work.

By the way, many opportunities are being created in the field of media in India. Because in today’s time, people want to know every small news. Due to this more and more people can get the opportunity to work as a journalist in the field of media.

That’s why it is most important to get complete information about becoming a journalist in India. Because when you prepare on the basis of whatever necessary information about a journalist, then you can easily become a journalist.

Journalism is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. Out of the four pillars of democracy, one of the most important pillars is journalism. In which the role of the journalist is very important.

It is most important to have a better journalist in order to prominently publish every single news of the country and the world. That’s why all the media platforms that are there today, look for better knowledgeable people. Through which the news can be shown or published in the best way.

That’s why today if you want to make a career as a better journalist, then there are many media courses and other important information for that. You have to get it and build yourself accordingly. Make Money Online.

Process To Become a Journalist in India

Journalism is the most important field in the present times. The work is slightly different in both print media and digital media. That is why first of all decide whether you want to become a journalist in print media or want to become a journalist in digital media. In print media, you have to write news prominently.

For which you have to work in the newspaper. Whereas in digital media a journalist has to speak on TV. Therefore, first of all, decide on your goal and accordingly follow the important points mentioned below.

How to Become a Journalist

To become a journalist, one should prepare for the field of his choice. Because there are many parts in the field of journalism. Therefore, to become a journalist, first of all, it is necessary to choose the sector, in which your interest is better, and which work can be done in a good way.

There are many media courses to become a journalist in India. If you want, you can also do a Bachelor’s course or there is also a Diploma course.

If you want to make a career in media, then first of all you have to complete a media course. But to do a media course, it is necessary to do 12th or graduation. Because there are many graduate courses in media, diploma courses, and post-graduation courses. To do all those courses, it is necessary to have a better education.

Pass 12th

If you want to do a Bachelor’s degree course in media, then first pass 12th. You can take any subject in 12th. It is necessary to have at least 50% marks in 12th, only then you can get admission to the Bachelor of Media degree course.

Pass Graduation

There are also many post-graduation courses in media course. If you want to do post-graduation, then you can pass graduation in science commerce or any stream. It is necessary to have at least 50% marks in graduation. Only then you can get admission to a post-graduation course.

Do Media Courses

There are many media courses to become a news reporter. Which can be done at any college or university. To do a diploma course, graduation course, or post-graduation course, first of all, get better information in whatever college you are admitted to. In many colleges, admission is done on the basis of an entrance exam only. Direct admission is also available in many colleges.

Language Knowledge

There are many types of news reporters. If one of them becomes a reporter in any field, it is necessary to have better knowledge about it. A correspondent should have a good command of the language. One must know Hindi, English, or the common language wherever reporting is done. Only then you will be able to do better reporting there.

Take Basic Knowledge

They should be informed about all kinds of general knowledge and basic knowledge related to the country and the world. It is necessary to stay updated with the news of any country in the world. Sometimes reporting has to be done about the historical and geography related of the country and the world.

Get Knowledge About Computer 

In today’s time, it is necessary to have computer knowledge in every field. It is also necessary for a news media professional to have all kinds of basic computer knowledge. The computer should have knowledge of typing skills editing writing etc.

Technical Knowledge 

Technical knowledge is essential for a correspondent. Like audio-video editing, publishing, fast typing in Hindi and English, etc.

Eligibility to Become a Journalist in India

One has to do a media course to pursue a career as a news reporter. Media course has Bachelor’s degree, diploma course, post-graduation course, etc., so it is necessary to have a qualification, only then you can do this course.

  • If you want to do a media course at the graduation level, then first of all pass 12th from any recognized board.
  • It is necessary to have at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • If want to get post graduation degree then first pass graduation from a recognized college or university.
  • Graduation can be done from any stream of commerce arts science.
  • It is necessary to have at least 50% marks in graduation.
  • It is necessary to have knowledge of English and Hindi as well as other languages.
  • General Knowledge, It is necessary to have information about the news of the country and the world.
  • Communication skills should be better.
  • Along with culture, religion, politics, and social sectors, it is necessary to have good knowledge about every field.
  • Must have good command over your language. One should have the quality to speak anything fearlessly and fearlessly.
  • Must have basic knowledge of computer and computer typing.
  • Must have knowledge of editing and writing.

Journalist Qualities 

No one can become a better reporter just by doing a journalism course. Rather, becoming a news correspondent requires better skills. To speak in front of any media, it is necessary to have sensitive information and good quality.

Only then you can advance your career by becoming a better news reporter on TV. Whatever news will be reported by you, if media people will understand and like it, then only your career can progress further.

1. Writing Skills

A reporter should have good writing skills. Because the news has to prepare its data before reporting in front of the media. If you have better writing ability, then you can also do reporting in a good way. Any news has to be written well and presented in front of the media.

2. News Editing

Whenever a correspondent shows news on a news channel, he first presents it in front of the media after editing it properly. So to become a media professional, it is necessary to have quality news editing.

3. Patience and Confidence 

It is necessary to have patience and confidence as a journalist in India. Because reporting has to be done at any time. Sometimes reporting has to be done in the rain in the sun or sometimes in snow-covered areas.

Sometimes news reporters do report even in the middle of a media. At that time many people can ask many types of questions to a correspondent as well, or have to ask all kinds of questions to the media.

At that time, when there is patience and confidence inside a reporter, then he can do reporting in a good way.

4. Communication Skills

journalism, ministers, legislators, actors, and actresses can interview anyone. At that time it is necessary to have communication skills inside you. Because it is important to know which person to ask what kind of question. Sometimes reporting has to be done by going among the audience.

Courses For Journalist

are Bachelor’s degree post-graduation and many diploma courses for news reporters. By doing this, you can make your career in the field of journalism.

Journalism courses after 12thPost-graduation course in journalism
Bachelor of JournalismMA in multimedia
Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication Master in photojournalism
Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication Master in communication
Bachelor in Sports Journalism Masters/ AM in journalism
Bachelor in Mass Media  
BA General in Mass Communication PG diploma in radio and TV production
BA in convergent journalismDiploma course in journalism
BA Hon Culture studies and media with journalismDiploma in photojournalism
Be Honors journalism and publishingDiploma in creative media production broadcast journalism
BA journalism film and television studiesDiploma in documentary photography
BA  Honors photojournalismDiploma in journalism
BA honors magazine journalism 

Prepare To Become a Journalist 

To become a journalist in India, first of all, it is necessary to decide about your interest. There are many career scopes in the field of journalism. Prepare for that area in which you have better knowledge.

1. Knowing About the Language

a news reporter has to report news in many languages. If you go to some place for reporting, then there will be knowledge of the common language, only then it will be easy to talk to people. That’s why first practice understanding and speaking every language.

2. Speak Boldly

A news reporter should be fearless, fearless, and fearless. Because don’t be afraid to report anywhere. Talk to people boldly. There should be no hesitation in anything, whatever news you are reporting, keep it in front of the people in an accurate and better way.

3. Information About the Subject

Keep better information about the media course you want to do. If you prepare according to the kind of subject it is, then it will be done easily.

4. Knowledge of General Knowledge

Knowledge of general knowledge is very important for news reporting. Because when there is knowledge of general knowledge then only all kinds of news can be reported easily.

5. Information about Current Affairs

If any kind of incident or accident happens in the country and abroad, then we get its report on the news channel at the same time. So a reporter needs to be aware of current affairs. So that whatever the current news, keeping it updated at the same time, it can be reported very soon.

Type of Journalist 

There are many sectors in the field of journalism. Often news channels have news reporters related to entertainment, politics, sports, business, etc. Therefore, to become a news correspondent, first of all, it is necessary to know about the type of news media professional.

So if you want to go in any sector, then prepare better accordingly. Do the course according to your interest and make your career.

1. Sports Journalist 

The work of a sports journalist is to report about the field related to sports. If any kind of sport happens in India or in the world, only a sports reporter does the reporting. For reporting scores about cricket kabaddi football badminton tennis Olympics etc can report about ranking team leader.

2. Entertainment Journalists 

who become entertainment journalists only report news related to the world of entertainment. For example, which film is being released, there is information related to an actor or actress, or if there is any news related to any kind of entertainment, then they can work on the same.

3. Investigative Journalism

Whenever there is any kind of murder accident or any investigation news, investigative journalists report in India. Their job is to search for evidence about the related news and prepare complete data by doing a thorough investigation about it. They also help the administration in finding pieces of evidence.

4. Political Reporter

Only a political media professional does report related to politics. It is the work of a political correspondent to report the news related to which political parties are rallying in the country, which press conferences are being held, what kind of activity is there in the Legislative Assembly, etc. Political media professionals keep an eye on all kinds of political activities and report them in a good way.

5. Crime Reporters

in the country, every day watch some or the other crime-related news on TV. It is the job of a crime correspondent to collect information related to that crime. Crime reporter investigates all kinds of information related to that crime and also helps the administration in this.

6. Health Reporter

It is the job of a health media professional to give information related to the health of people on news channels. If you have better information related to health now, then by becoming a health correspondent, you can advise people for better health.

7. Business Reporter

People get information about the country’s economic activities or business only through a business media professional. How the Sensex has come down or gone up, and how is the economic situation in the country, only a business reporter reports it.

Work of Journalist in India 

We get any kind of news about the country and the world immediately through the news channel at the same time. Most of the credit goes to the news correspondent for keeping that news in front of us.

News reporters inform the media by reporting the news by going to any place at any time, day or night, in summer, rain or cold. A reporter should report honestly, intelligently, and fearlessly.

Whatever the news, it should be kept correct and accurate in front of the media. The country should always be updated with every single news of the world. So at the same time, it can inform people immediately through its news channel.

Whatever news is reported on the channel, it should be done fearlessly and in a loud voice. So that people can hear and understand well.

India’s Famous News Channel

  • Aaj Tak
  • zee
  • news
  • news ABP
  • India Today Group
  • BBC
  • India tv
  • News 24

A famous News Reporter in India

  • Rajdeep Sardesai
  • Anjana om Kashyap
  • Ravish Kumar
  • Chitra Tripathi 
  • Abhishek katyyan
  • Rajat Sharma 
  • Barkha Dutt
  • Sudhir Chaudhary

Career Scope in the Field of Journalism 

Journalism is not just the career of a news reporter. Rather, there are many other types of career scopes in it. In which there is a better possibility of moving forward in the future.

  • Editor
  • Sub Editor
  • Feature Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Reporter
  • Photojournalist in India
  • Public Relation Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Social Media Specialist

Job Field After a Journalism Course

Journalism course after doing a journalism course you can work in a news channel as well as in many other fields.

  • Radio Channel
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Portal Website of Publications
  • News Paper
  • Educational Institute
  • Publishing House
  • Magazine

College for Journalism Course

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media Bengaluru
  • Parul University Vadodara Lovely Professional University Jalandhar
  • Amity School of Communication Noida
  • Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh
  • Jaipur National University
  • Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal
  • Banaras Hindu University Varanasi
  • Punjab University Chandigarh
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi
  • Patna University
  • CU HP Central University of South Bihar Patna

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Whatever the process is to become a journalist in India, complete information has been given above. Like how to become a journalist, college for journalists, job profiles, work, etc.

If you also want to become a journalist, then definitely follow the information given in this article. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the given information then please comment below.

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