How To Become A Loco Pilot – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Become A Loco Pilot? Indian Railways always has recruitment for Train Driver or Loco Pilot. Many young candidates from India apply to become a Loco Pilot. Many people pass the loco pilot’s exam, but many people fail.

How To Become A Loco Pilot If you want to know about it, then definitely read this article till the end. In this article, whatever process is done to become a train driver, which exam is there to become a train driver, complete information has been given about it.

At present, the competition in every government job has increased a lot. Similarly, the competition has become tough to get a job in the Indian Railway Department as well.

In this, 2 or 3 times the number of candidates apply for this post than the requirement for recruitment. So it becomes difficult for many candidates to pass.

That’s why one has to qualify for this exam by giving the best performance in this exam. How to prepare for a loco pilot. What is the syllabus and pattern to get this post? By keeping better knowledge of this, you can pass the exam for the train driver.

How To Become A Loco Pilot

Every year recruitment comes out for many posts in the Indian Railway Department. There is also a post about the loco pilot. A Loco pilot is also called a train driver. After the 10th, it is necessary to do ITI or any diploma course to get a job as a driver in railways. Know in detail what are the methods to become a loco pilot.

How To Become A Loco Pilot

1. Pass 10th

To take any kind of exam, only after passing the 10th are considered eligible. By the way, to qualify for any government test, it is necessary to pass twelfth or graduation. But to get into a government job, the first step of education is tenth. So first of all complete 10th from any recognized board.

2. Do the ITI Course

For the recruitment of any post railway recruitment, it is necessary for the candidate to have any kind of technical course. Therefore, after passing the 10th exam for a loco pilot with a good number, complete this course by taking admission to ITI. ITI course is for 2 years.

3. Polytechnic Diploma Course

It is necessary for a railway driver to have any technical course. In this, ITI or any polytechnic diploma course can be done. After doing the Diploma course, whatever requirement comes out for Railway Driver, they are eligible to apply for it.

4. Get Information on Recruitment of Railway

The requirement comes out every year for many posts in the Railways in India. If you also want to apply for Group C Loco Pilot in Railway, then first of all keep information about Railway Recruitment.

Whatever requirement comes out for the posts in the Railways, it often comes out every day through advertisements in the employment newspaper. By the way, in today’s time, the internet is the best medium for everyone.

Mobile computers can help to get any kind of information through the Internet. You can get information about Railway Loco Pilot Requirements on your mobile laptop computer.

5. Apply for Railway Driver Recruitment

Apply after getting information about whatever requirement comes out for Loco Pilot. To apply to Railways, you can apply both online and offline. After applying, the date for the exam is fixed and removed. On that fixed date, the test is taken by the Railways in several phases.

6. Pass the Exam

After applying, the test is taken in several stages. Such as Written Exams, Physical Tests, Medical Tests, and Training. In which the candidate’s educational qualification, mind, and body test are taken.

A medical test of the eyes is taken. If all these processes are completed, then after that they are recruited as assistant loco pilots. Training is given for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot for a few days. When fully experienced in driving a train is gained. After that gets an appointment as a railway driver.

7. Qualification For Loco Pilot

It is mandatory for every candidate to have some qualifications to get a job in the railway department. Such as Educational Qualification, Physical Eligibility, Age Limit, etc. Only after all these qualifications are there in the candidate can apply for this post.

  • Must have passed 10th from any recognized board.
  • Must have ITI or any Diploma course from a recognized institute.
  • By the way, even if you have passed graduation, you can apply for railway driver.
  • Anyone who has done Bachelor Engineering courses from any stream like Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical, etc can also apply.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The minimum age limit is 18 years and the maximum age is 30 years.
  • Some relaxation is given for SC ST OBC category candidates.
  • The candidate should be completely healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Eyesight should be completely better.

Process For Loco Pilot

Many processes have to be completed for the post of Loco Pilot in Railways. Only after that, the candidate is appointed for this post. If you are not able to qualify for even a single test in all these exams, then you are disqualified for this post. So every candidate has to clear all these exams by working hard and studying well.

1. Written exam

The first test for railway drivers is the written test. This test is organized by Indian Railways. 120 questions are asked, and every candidate gets a limited time for this question. At the same time, the question has to be solved within the time limit.

In the written test, questions are asked from the subjects of General Science, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Reasoning, etc. There is also a negative mark in this exam.

2. Physical Test

The second stage exam in the loco pilot’s exam is the physical test. This is also called a toxic test. Candidates can take this test only after passing the first stage written test. In this exam, the test of the mind of the candidate is taken.

It is a kind of interview test. In which questions are asked to the candidate so that his mental condition can be known to be completely healthy. They are pressed to answer questions quickly.

That’s why a lot of hard work has to be done for this test. If you practice beforehand, you can very soon pass this test by answering each and every question.

3. Medical Test

Only after passing the written test and physical test, the candidates are qualified for the medical test. In the medical test, the eyesight of the candidate is examined. Because it is necessary for a train driver to have healthy eyes.

If there is any kind of defect in vision, then you are not able to pass this exam. Along with the eyes, medical tests of each and every part of the body are done. If you remain completely healthy, you pass this exam.

After that, the verification of each of their documents is done. If all the documents are correct, then training is given for a few days by appointing for Assistant Railway Driver.

4. Training

After passing all the exams, the candidate is appointed to the post of Assistant Loco Pilot and given training. But till the time they do the training, they are kept on the post of Assistant Loco Pilot.

After getting the information about each and every function of the train, they get trained, and only then they are appointed to their respective posts. Even after training, a loco pilot is first appointed to drive a goods train. When he starts driving better, then he is allowed to run a passenger train or after that any express train.

How To Prepare For Railway Driver

To pass any exam one has to work hard first. After passing the 10th, if you do your studies with a better timetable and keep information about all kinds of subjects, then you can easily pass the test.

Whatever the exam is for the railway driver, it is necessary for all to pass it. Only after that, you can get an appointment for this post. Therefore, first of all, you should prepare for this test in a better way than yourself.

1. Know About the Syllabus And Pattern

To crack any exam, first of all, it is necessary to have knowledge of its syllabus and pattern. If you want to give a test for a train driver, then first of all keep this information that which subject-related questions are asked in this exam. Only then you can prepare better for each and every subject.

2. Prepare Well For All the Subjects

In this exam, questions are asked from the subjects of General Knowledge, Maths, General Science, Current Affairs, Reasoning, Logical, etc. Keep a good knowledge of all these subjects, only then you will be able to solve each and every question easily.

The easiest way to get a better knowledge of general knowledge and current affairs is to read newspapers daily or watch the news on TV. All kinds of current news or general knowledge information are received from the news.

3. Refer Previous Year’s Question Paper

Every year there is a test for the Railway Loco Pilot. That’s why whenever you take the exam, do see the question paper from one or two years before that. From this, you can prepare for each and every question coming by guessing it. You can also solve that question in a better way.

4. Join Coaching or Institute

If you are unable to study well on your own, then you can prepare well for the exam by taking admission to any coaching or institute. Many institutes or coaching are run in every city for better preparation for each and every railway post-test. In this, better preparation for the test is done by experienced teachers.

5. Read the Railway Exam Book

Whatever requirement emerges for the Railways, a book is also published for it. You can also buy books from the market to prepare for the Railway Loco Pilot exam. Better information is given about each and every question in that book.

By solving that question, you can guess what kind of question can come in the test. According to that, you can also prepare easily.

6. Prepare Online

In today’s time, the internet has become a better medium to get information about anything. Similarly, you can take the help of the internet to pass the railway loco pilot exam.

There is a better search engine platform on the internet like YouTube or Google. From where you can easily get all kinds of information. You can easily get answers to all kinds of questions related to each subject.

Preparation for each exam is also done by many experienced teachers through videos on YouTube. You can prepare well by watching that video.

Loco Pilot Salary

Loco pilots also get better salaries in all the requisitions that are taken out every year in the railways. It is also increased every year. By the way, on doing the job of the loco pilot, along with salary, many types of facilities are available.

For example, you don’t have to take a train ticket to go somewhere. There is also a chance of promotion very soon. By the way, so much salary is definitely available in this job, so that any person can take care of himself as well as his family in a better way.


How To Become A Loco Pilot If you want to do a job as a Train driver, then you need to have better qualifications as well as knowledge.

If you prepare well for every subject, then you will definitely be able to become a driver in the railways by passing this exam. We hope that with the information given in this article, you can prepare better for this job.

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