How to Become a Police Officer in India after 12th?

How to Become a Police Officer in India after 12th. The young generation of the country is interested in joining the police department.

Graduation is important for becoming a constable in India after the 12th. Not only to pass the graduation but also you have to prepare well to clear the exam.

You have to work hard to get any post in the force. It is necessary to have physical fitness along with studies. Recruitment for the post of constable comes out from time to time in the police department. In this article, you will get all the information related to what qualification is required to become a home guard in India after the twelfth.

After the 12th you can apply for the post of constable. You can get the post of constable in both the State Force Department and Central Armed Force. A minimum, 12th pass is necessary for the constable.

Police Officer in India After 12th

It is necessary to graduate after the 12th. You have to take the state-level exam. 

But if you want to become an IPS & IAS officer, then you have to pass the UPSC exam. The state-level exam is conducted for the post of officer also. After passing they are selected for the posts of Police Officer or SI Inspector in state.

How to Become a Police Officer in India after 12th

Every year the exam is conducted by UPSC at the national level, after passing which one gets the post of a senior officer in the police department.

You can apply for the post of a police constable. You can apply for the state-level exam organized by the state every year, after passing the exam, you can get the post of constable.

After staying for a few years in the post of constable, you can get the post of an officer through promotion. Along with qualifications, physical fitness is also necessary to become an officer in this department.

State Level

You can apply for most of the posts in the police department only after graduation but for the post of constable, you can apply after the 12th.

Constable is the smallest post in the police department, but while on this post, one can go further to the post of Inspector through promotion.

The post of constable is better for the youth who want to wear a khaki uniform only after the 12th. Every year lacs of candidates apply for the post of constable. Every year recruitment for this post comes out in every state.

This post also has a better salary and many facilities are also available. By the way, recruitment for the post of constable comes out from time to time in both the State Police and the Central Armed Constable Forces.

Pass 12th

you want to go to the police force only after the 12th, then first pass the 12th. Complete 12th from any recognized college or board. For constable can do in 12th from any subject. In this, no fixed determination has been made for the percentage in 12th.

Only a passing mark in 12th is necessary. For the constable in the police department, the minimum age should be 18 years only after that you can give the exam for the constable.

Pass graduation

To apply for an officer post in the police department, graduation is the qualifying qualification. If you want to become a police officer in India after the 12th, then first pass graduation from any recognized college or university. You can pass graduation from any stream.

State level exam

To become a state-level officer. The state government has issued a notification for the post of Police officer or Sub Inspector every year. The exam is conducted and organized by the state government. Getting the information of that notification can apply forms for Police Officers.

After applying for the form, you will have to qualify written exam, document verification, physical test, medical test, and interview. completion of all the processes, training is given to those candidates who pass. After that, they get an appointment at any police station in the state on their respective post.

Pass the UPSC exam

UPSC is the top-level exam to become a constable at the national level in India. Every year lacs of candidates take the UPSC exam, in which only candidates with better marks and talent pass, after passing the UPSC exam, IPS and IS officers are made.

Candidates who clear the UPSC exam are appointed to higher positions in the police department. Those who serve the country while occupying the biggest position in every region of India.

After taking the UPSC exam, you can get a chance to get a job in the prestigious government institutions of India. The UPSC exam is passed in 3 stages, UPSC can be completed only after passing the exam, mains exam, and interview exam. After passing all three stages of the exam, the glory of the prestigious police officer of India is obtained after the 12th.


  • First of all, pass the 12th exam from any recognized college.
  • You can do 12th from any subject.
  • Complete graduation from any recognized college/university after the 12th.
  • Commerce Arts or Science can choose any stream in graduation.
  • Candidates applying for Police officers must be physically fit.
  • Be mentally fit.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • There should not be any criminal case against the candidate.
  • The candidate should not be suffering from any serious illness.
  • Eyesight should be sharp.

Keep Information About Recruitment

Notification for the post of constable is issued from time to time in every state. If you want to become a constable then be aware of this recruitment. Apply the form whenever it comes out for the post of constable. After applying the form, a fixed date for the exam comes out.

Types of a police officer

Many officers in the police department have different posts. Who has different powers and different posts? Many police officers are of state level who are made after passing the state level exam, there are many such police officers who are made after passing the exam of UPSC.

  • SP
  • IG
  • DGP
  • SI
  • Sub-Inspector
  • Inspector
  • DSP
  • DCP

Job Responsibility

  • Maintain law and order in the state & country.
  • Maintain peace and order in the country.
  • Investigate the crime properly.
  • Arresting the person who is a criminal and punishing him.
  • Take action on bad people
  • To make every effort to reduce all kinds of crime in the country.
  • A police officer should give proper direction to all the police officers below him.
  • Supervising everyone in the police department.
  • Control the riots & crime properly.
  • Strict punishment for the accused of any crime.
  • To help and protect the general public.
  • To fulfill the responsibility of proper maintenance of whatever public order is there in the country.
  • Always be responsible for controlling and preventing crime.
  • To make efforts to maintain harmony in every society in the country.
  • The life and property of the general public are protected only by a police officer.
  • No police officer should ever misuse his power and position.
  • Enforcing laws to protect the general public.
  • The administration is the main of democracy.
  • By which peace and order can be made right in the society in the country.


There are many posts in the police department in India, in which many officers have different salaries for each post. Every constable gets many types of power according to his post, as well as many types of facilities are also available to the constable by the government.

  • Travel allowance
  • Medical Facility
  • Dearness allowance
  • Free Government Quarters
  • Free electricity bill
  • Free telephone bill
  • Official vehicle
  • Medical facility for family

Preparation Guide

To become an officer in the police department. You have to work hard from the beginning, for a constable to take the state-level exam or national level, knowledge of all the subjects should be known, Math Reasoning, General Knowledge, English, Hindi, and history.

It is necessary to have better knowledge of all the subjects. Only after that, they pass the state level or UPSC exam, but to pass this exam, it is necessary to prepare with full hard work from the beginning.

  • You can prepare for becoming a constable in any coaching or institute only after the 12th.
  • Whatever exam you give, revise by looking at last year’s question paper.
  • To know about current affairs and GK, read the newspaper daily, and watch the news on TV every day.
  • You can also prepare online from your home.
  • You can prepare by watching videos from YouTube.
  • Many experienced people on YouTube make better preparations for Constable through their videos.
  • By searching on Google also, you can get information about syllabi and patterns for becoming a Constable.
  • Information is shared on the website by many experienced bloggers.
  • Prepare for the police officer exam by buying a book.
  • Every type of question answer related to the exam remains in the book.
  • Make better preparation for Math, Reasoning, Current Affairs, GK, etc.
  • Mental and physical fitness is also important for a police officer.
  • For physical exams height, race, chest, etc. all should be physically fit.
  • If there is any kind of medical problem, get it treated better.
  • Because there should not be any kind of serious illness to become a police officer.


In maintaining law and order in the country, the main thing goes to the police officer only, peace can be maintained in the society only by a police officer in India after the 12th.

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