How to Become a Politician in India – A Guide for New Politicians

How to become a politician in India? Becoming a politician is not an easy task in India. If you are born in the house of any politician, then you can easily become a politician. You can become a leader even if you have a lot of money. Apart from this, there are many other ways to become a leader. And for the methods, some time will have to be given and hard work will also have to be done.

In the present time in India, every young man wants to become a politician. That’s why today’s youth search on the internet for Become a Politician fast in India. Being a leader in India is very easy as well as difficult. This is because in every house of India today people present themselves as leaders. 

But if you really want to become a politician so that you can serve the country. At the same time, if you can live a luxurious life like a leader, then for that you have to become MLA, MP, and Minister, only then you will become a real leader.

In clear words, if we talk about the process of becoming a leader, then there is no shortcut way to becoming a leader. Make Money Online.

Process To Become a Politician in India

To become a leader in India, there should be some special qualities like making relations with any big leader. The first quality of becoming a leader is if you make a better relationship than any big leader, then you can become a leader overnight. But it is not an easy way.

By the way, if we talk about other ways to become a leader, there are many ways in which one can become a leader. But it takes hard work and will have to work for many years, even then there is no guarantee of becoming a hundred percent leader.

how to become a politician in india

1. General Social Work

If any ordinary person in India wants to become a leader, then some important things should be kept in mind for him. Those people who do not have much money, who are not born in the house of a politician in India, who are not related to any big politician, or officer, who come from a normal poor family, if they want to become a leader, then the most important thing for them is that He should first start helping the people of the village around him. 

Gradually, when you start serving the people, you will create a better image in your village panchayat.

After which the Mukhiya, Sarpanch, in his Panchayat, can contest the election of Panchayat Samiti members. If the people of the panchayat give you a chance to work as head sarpanch and panchayat Samiti by voting, after that you can earn some money by giving better service and can also open the door to move forward in your politics.

Similarly, gradually when you start moving ahead from the Panchayat, then you will build your image at the block level, and after that gradually you can make your identity as a better leader at your district level. Moving forward in this way, one can become a leader by joining any better political party at the state level.

2. Law

Earn a law degree before entering politics. After that started serving as a better lawyer in the High Court or Supreme Court of India. Gradually, when successful as a lawyer, one can actively pursue a career in politics.

A good lawyer is seen with great respect in society. If you become a better lawyer, then you will also meet many such best politicians in India associated with the field of politics. Which can inspire you to move forward in the field of politics.

3. Journalism

today is a different status of the digital revolution. In today’s time if you become a journalist. So in society, he is seen as a good person. By starting a career as a journalist, one can make a mark among the people. By creating a better image as a journalist, one can also become a leader in politics.

Print media or electronic media can do journalism work in any of these areas. After doing journalism for a few days, you can also join politics.

4. Huge Money

People who have money reserves can become leaders immediately. People with money have a lot of demand in politics. Every political party wants to include Dhankuber in their party.

Due to this a lot of money is also deposited in his party fund. If you have a lot of money, you can easily become a leader. In today’s time, politics has become money people. Today, if a poor person wants to join politics, then he will have to struggle a lot.

5. Civil Services

If you have received a better education, and are very knowledgeable in the field of education, then first of all you can join civil services in India through UPSC. After serving civil services for a few days in India, when serving the people in the form of civil service, you will display your image to the people as a better leader.

After that gradually when both the money and popularity will increase more in the society and country, then leaving the civil services, one can also start serving as a politician in India.

6. Economics

To strengthen the economic condition of the country, there is a great need for better knowledgeable people in economics. So that the economic condition of the country can be strengthened.

Their best service in the field of economics can be given to those who have done a BA, or MA in Economics By the way, people are also taken forward in politics by any political party.

If there is a better economist, then one can definitely move ahead in politics and can also be successful in it.


There is little bit place for honest, educated, hardworking people in politics today. In politics today such people are moving forward who tell a lot of lies. Politics has become a lie today for some bad leaders. Still, some people in politics are honest, educated, and dedicated to the country but this number is very low.

There are many people in politics who consider it the main way to earn money. They pretend in the name of service to the country. Confuse the public with politics. They work to create unrest in the country. Religions work to divide people in the name of caste. He considers politics as his fiefdom.

They want to come to power by promising lies to the people. In today’s time, those people who can tell as many lies, as those people have a place in politics. They take votes from the public by lying and then fool the public. 

This has become a tradition of today’s politicians in India. Honest educated people have little bit of respect in politics. Such people are being promoted who are Bahubali, have money, can scare people, and can do politics in the name of caste religion.

If you have all these qualities to move ahead in politics, then you too can become a leader. But an honest man is always respectful in politics and society.

But if an educated person wants to come into politics too, then it is very difficult for him to do politics today. Still, if you want to do politics honestly and want to become a leader, then there are many ways by which you can become a leader.

If you want to start politics in India from zero, then for that you have to make a career in some other field. Can’t succeed in direct politics.

By the way, if a miracle happens, then overnight and overnight, one can become a leader even in a day. But if you want to become a regular grassroots leader then for that first make a career in any other field. After that, you can pursue your career in politics. 

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