How to Become a Sanyasi and Brahmachari

How to become a sanyasi? First of all, it is necessary to know who is sanyasi? What are sannyasi, and why do you want to become a sannyasi? When you understand these things, then you will also be able to understand the whole process of becoming a sannyasi. Before becoming a sannyasi, one should know about their rules and austerity. 

Do you really want to become a sannyasi? Want to earn money by becoming a sannyasi or want to make a name? Want to get fame in the world or want to live a life of renunciation by becoming a sannyasi? Service surrenders want to be absorbed in God. Unless we understand the meaning of sannyasi, we cannot become sannyasis.

A common man who lives in a family, if suddenly the feeling of becoming a sannyasi comes into his mind, then he may want to become a sannyasi for some time. But then after a few days, his mind may change, and he may think of leaving sannyasa and living again in the householder’s ashram.

How to become a sanyasi

Sannyas means to eliminate illusion from this world, a person who is not at all fascinated by the material behavior of this world, does not have any feeling of any kind of evil. Such a person is called a human being.

There is some condition for the person who takes sannyas for the whole life after leaving home. Like that person cannot marry. One cannot have any kind of relationship with any woman. The house cannot maintain any kind of relationship with the family. 

One has to stay away from the dazzling illusion of the world. Theft dishonest abuse violence has to be abandoned. Diet behavior has to be changed in food. Apart from the normal routine, there is a different routine for the sannyasi.

How to Become a Sanyasi

A sannyasi can never enter any house. One should not enter the village, house, etc. for the sake of a sannyasi. Sanyas means giving up Maya and dedicating your whole life to God, believing God to be your everything. 

Giving better guidance to society by reciting bhajan kirtan worship of God. Money has nothing to do with paddy. Treat all living beings as equals. Do not discriminate against anyone. Doing everything by the grace of God.

Serving the feet of Lord Vishnu. Thinking about the welfare of society. To work against the evils and misconceptions of society. To explain the knowledge related to God to the people.

Why sannyas

Sannyasis Before becoming a sannyasi, we should think about why we want to become a sannyasi. Becoming a sannyasi is not an easy task. Today many people leave home and say that we have become sannyasi.

But there is no importance of renunciation in his life. They become sannyasi for showing off, but they do exactly the opposite of work as a sannyasi.

That is why you should first think about whether you really want to become a sannyasi. When you will understand why we want to become a sannyasi, and what message we want to give by this, then you will definitely understand how to become a sannyasi.

How to become a sannyasi & brahmachari

The biggest religion in the world is Sanatan Dharma. There are sannyasi only in Sanatan Dharma. Several thousand years ago there was only one religion in the world that was Sanatan Dharma. After that many different religions were created. Sanatan Dharma is the best religion in the world. People who follow Sanatan Dharma take sannyas.

The welfare of society is done through penance, worship, and worship. He is constantly absorbed in God. Keep on worshiping God. By the way, a sannyasi is always considered to be revered. Some important things about becoming a sannyasi are mentioned below.

Devote the mind to God

This human body is the cause of the greatest happiness and also the cause of sorrow. Because from where does our mind ever reach. Whose speed is not known? It travels faster than the wind.

That is why only those persons who can control the mind can become sannyasi. Our mind is also the reason for liberation and bondage from the world. That is why it is said that if the mind is healed, then the Ganges in Kathoti.

Follow the rule of Sannyas

A person who wants to become a sannyasi has to follow the rule of sannyasa. To become a sannyasi, one must first become a sannyasi. When you receive initiation from a true sannyasi, then God’s grace is also on you. When God’s grace will be on you, then only you will be able to follow the rule of a sannyasi throughout your life. Therefore, it is most important to get an education and initiation from a good Guru.

Abandon Maya

In order to become a sannyasi, it is very important to renounce Maya. The question may also be what is Maya? Maya means home, family, love for the people of the world, attachment to paddy, and love of money, all this is Maya. the way, this world is only an illusion. 

because whatever is there in this world is not permanent. Today there is happiness, tomorrow there is sorrow, then tomorrow there is happiness, in this way the world keeps moving forward. People come and go in this world, but they are never deprived of Maya. The most important thing for a sannyasi is to renounce Maya.

God is Everything

To the person who thinks or does the thought of taking sannyasa, for him everything is God. In his life, happiness, sorrow, money, respect, everything is from God and is in God. Those who believe in this are able to perform all the difficult austerities of a sannyasi.

Leaving home

Once you have taken sanyas, after that you should not have any kind of attachment to your village home. The whole world is your home, the people of the world are like your family. This belief is essential for a person to become a sanyasi. 

By the way, there are no criteria of any kind to become a sannyasi. No degree is required for this, no money is needed, and only the mind has to be controlled. The main rule of becoming a sannyasi is.

Food guideline

The food for a sannyasi is completely different from that of a person leading a normal life. A sannyasi does not eat anything except milk and fruits. His diet is only milk and fruits throughout his life. Only the person who does this is a sannyasi, becoming a sannyasi is a very difficult task of penance.


Whatever the main information about becoming a sannyasi has been given. Still, if you think any type of question has this suggestion then please comment in the comment box.

Those people who want to become sannyasis do not consider marriage and family happiness and sorrow as their own in life. Only such people can become sannyasi or can think of becoming sannyasi.

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