Become an ACP: Your Guide to the IPS Exam

How to Become ACP If everyone’s dream is to get the post of ACP in the police department, then for that one has to become an IPS officer first. To become an IPS officer one has to clear the UPSC exam.

There is no direct recruitment to become an ACP. This is a promotional post. When one becomes an IPS officer by taking the UPSC exam, then after a few days after promotion, he gets the post of ACP.

The full form of ACP Assistant Commissioner of Police. ACP is a high-ranking officer in the police department. An ACP officer gets more power in the police department. Many types of facilities are also available from the government. But getting the post of ACP is not easy.

A lot of hard work has to be done for this. This exam is very difficult. That’s why this exam can be cleared only after studying properly. What are the ways to become an ACP, what is the qualification required to become an Assistant Commissioner of Police, and what is the work of an ACP, known in detail? Make Money Online

Process To Become an ACP Officer

An ACP officer is a senior officer of the police department. ACP officers have 3 stars on their uniform. ACP is a promotional post.

There is no direct exam to become an ACP. Before clearing any exam, it is necessary to pass graduation. ACP can be formed in two ways.

How to Become ACP

1. First Option

The first option is to take the UPSC civil service test after graduation to become an ACP. If you pass this exam, you become an IPS officer. The UPSC test is done in phases. Pre Exam, Mains Exam, and Interview.

After clearing all these three stages one gets the post of an IPS officer. After becoming an IPS officer, the post of ACP officer is obtained through promotion. 

2. Second Option

To become an Assistant Commissioner of Police, the second option is to pass the state-level PCS test organized by the State Public Service Commission.

After clearing the PCS exam one gets the post of DSP in the police department. Seeing your better work in the police department while holding the post of DSP, after 10 or 15 years you get a promotion to the post of ACP officer.

If you clear the UPSC test and get a good rank, then very soon you will become ACP after promotion. But if you pass the PCS exam at the state level, it takes 10 to 15 years to become an ACP.

Qualification for ACP

If you take an exam for any government job, then it is necessary to have a qualification for graduation. Similarly, to get the post of an ACP officer, a UPSC or PCS exam is given, then some qualification is necessary for that.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Exam Candidates must be mentally and physically fit.

1. Education Qualification:

  • Graduation from any recognized college or university is necessary.
  • If you clear graduation from any subject, then you can take this exam.
  • After passing Arts, Science, and Commerce in graduation from any stream, you can apply for the test.

2. Age Limit

  • To take the UPSC exam, it is mandatory for the candidate to be at least 21 years old and not more than 32 years old.
  • Some relaxation in the age limit is given for the candidates belonging to the reserved category.
  • Candidates of the OBC category get a relaxation of about 3 years in the age limit.
  • SC ST candidates get an age relaxation of 5 years.

3. Height

  • Male candidates should have a height of 165 cm to pass the exam.
  • It is mandatory for the candidate’s chest to be at least 80 cm.
  • If a female candidate appears in the UPSC exam, then their height should be at least 150 cm.

The Selection Process To Become ACP

1. UPSC Exam

If you pass the UPSC test with good marks, then there is not much problem in becoming an ACP officer. The full form of the UPSC Union Public Service Commission is If a general category candidate is not able to clear the exam in one go, then he is exempted from appearing for the exam 4 times. 

The same person who belongs to the OBC category can take the UPSC test 7 times. No time limit has been kept for giving the UPSC test to SC ST category candidates. He can apply for the UPSC exam as many times as he wants. The UPSC exam is conducted in 3 phases.

1.1 Preliminary Exam

The first stage of the UPSC exam is the preliminary test. There are two papers in this exam. Which are 200-200 marks.

In the preliminary test, questions related to general knowledge are asked. The time duration for each paper is approximately 2 hours.

1.2 Mains Exam

Only those candidates can appear in the mains exam, who have qualified in the preliminary exam. Candidates have to solve 6 question papers in the Mains Exam.

There are 4 papers on General Studies. Each paper is of 200 marks. One paper is in General Hindi, which is 150 marks. The 6th paper is of essay, which is worth 150 marks.

1.3 Interview

If a candidate clears the preliminary exam and main test, then only they can appear for the interview test. The interview exam is organized by the commission.

In this, questions are asked to the candidate sitting in front. The eligibility of each candidate is assessed. This exam is for 250 marks.

Any candidate who clears the interview exam gets the post of an IPS officer. After becoming an IPS officer, if he does his duty responsibly, then very soon he will be promoted to ACP.

2. PCS Exam

PCS is a state-level exam-conducting body. To take the PCS exam, it is also necessary to obtain a graduate degree. The full form of PCS Provincial Civil Services is after passing the PCS exam, If you get good marks, then you get the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

After becoming a DSP, if you keep doing good work for about 10 or 15 years, then you get promoted. Post of ACP is available after promotion.

Prepare For the Exam

To pass the UPSC exam or PCS exam one has to study hard level from tenth to twelfth. A better way to study should be done by making a timetable.

Due to this every subject syllabus will be prepared well. Understand and study the syllabus pattern of each and every subject that comes in this exam.

  • Make a timetable to study every day. Revise each and every subject according to that timetable.
  • By making a timetable and studying each and every subject, you can make it better by giving extra time to the subject in which you are weak.
  • Those preparing for government exams can prepare better by taking admission to any coaching.
  • Solve each and every question by looking at the previous year’s question paper from the year in which you are taking the exam.
  • Check your study results by taking mock tests on a computer or laptop. By giving mock tests, the time limit for each question is also known.
  • You can also prepare online from YouTube or Google platform from a laptop or mobile.
  • Revise subjects like maths, general knowledge, reasoning, current affairs, etc.
  • Pay more attention to current news as well. For this, do watch newspaper or TV news daily. With this, every single piece of news happening in the country and abroad becomes known immediately.

Work of the Assistant Commissioner of Police

As many officers or small-label police in the police department, their first duty is to control the criminal and crime. Similarly, the main task of an ACP officer is to control crime and maintain law and order in a better way.

Along with this, many other main tasks are done by ACP. Because the post of ACP is of a senior officer in the police department.

  • Protecting government properties or public properties.
  • To control crime in the area where ACP is posted.
  • Catching the culprit through better investigation in case of any kind of crime.
  • If citizens come with a complaint of any crime, then listen to that complaint carefully.
  • Redress any kind of complaint of the citizen by listening to it.
  • Maintaining records of important data of each crime or complaint made by citizens.
  • Keep an eye on all kinds of extremist activities and terrorist activities in your area.
  • The command of an Assistant Commissioner of Police is on the entire police department of the district in which he is posted.
  • Maintaining peace in your area.

Salary of Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP gets a salary on the basis of grade pay by the Seventh Pay Scale Commission. Along with the salary, the ACP also receives various other facilities from the government. Like

  • Accommodation
  • Free Telephone
  • Free Electricity Bill
  • Cook
  • Other Staff
  • Travel Reliance
  • Government Vehicle
  • Servant

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The post of Assistant Commissioner of Police Officer is a high-rank post in the police department. To get this rank, one has to study hard and do a lot of hard work. There is no direct recruitment for ACP.

To get this post one has to become an IPS officer first, then after promotion, one gets the post of ACP. After becoming an ACP, a person gets a lot of respect in society as well.

In this article, whatever the way to become an ACP, those ways have been explained in detail.

Nevertheless, if you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this information, then please do tell by commenting in the comment box.

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