6 Amazing Tips How to Become an IITian

How to become an IITian? It is the dream of every student to become an IITian. But becoming an IITian is not easy. By the way, for the students who want to become an IITian, ​​it is most important, to what should be the qualification to become an IITian and what other necessary information should be obtained.

Students work very hard to become IITian in India. Students from many other states also come to study in Kota city of India. Better preparation is done for IIT in Kota. But there are many such students who even after preparing in Kota are not able to become ITIians.

There is no such short trick to becoming an IITian by which one can become an IITian. The only better way to become an IITian is to study smartly. If a student works diligently in their studies since childhood, then he can become an IITian.

How to become an IITian

JEE Mains exam is conducted every year in India. Students who want to become IITian can apply for this exam. After that when this exam is conducted then you can get a good rank by performing better in it.

After which you can get admission to the best IIT college in India. A student becomes an IITian after qualifying for the JEE Mains exam.

How to become an IITian

For those students who study well from childhood to class 12th, becoming an IITian is not a big task for those students. Still, there are some students who are not able to qualify for the exam even after doing better studies.

Because JEE Mains exam is a high-level exam. Very tough questions are asked in this. Those students who do smart work, who have mastered studying smartly, only those students are able to crack the IIT exam.

1. Science Stream in 12Th

Those students who want to become an IITian ​​should pass 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in class 12th. Only those students are included in JEE Mains exam who have qualified 12th with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc. To become an IITians, ​​the subjects in the 12th should be carefully selected. Then the way forward becomes easy.

2. Apply For Jee Mains

To become an IITian, ​​one has to qualify JEE Mains exam. For this, when the JEE Mains form is filled, then apply this form. After that whenever this exam is taken, you can become an IITian by giving a better performance in the exam.

3. Select Better Institutions

Education is the most important part to achieve anything in life. So, to become an IITian in life also one needs to get a better education. After passing 10th, prepare regularly to become an IITian in any better institute. The institute in which the preparation of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, etc. is done. By the way, prepare for IITian by working hard regularly at a high-quality institute.

4. Get a better ranking

The student whose rank is within 1000, the student gets admission to the best IIT college in India. So to get admission to any IIT college in India one has to get a better ranking. So, prepare well for JEE Mains exam and qualify for that exam in a better way.

Prepare for Math’s To become an IITian, ​​you must have mastery in the subject of Mathematics. Mathematics is the most important subject one should study. Mathematics also plays a very important role in qualifying for the entrance exam for IIT.

After that even after you take admitted to IIT, math’s is used a lot in the whole engineering. So, work very hard on math’s and make it strong.

5. Science

Physics and Chemistry subjects also have to be prepared well. Because questions from Chemistry and Physics are also asked in JEE Mains exam. Therefore, along with mathematics, the knowledge of chemistry and physics should also be better. For this, regular practice and the help of a better institute can be taken.

6. Learn Special Tricks for Maths

Many types of best tricks are also taught in math’s. By using any big math’s problem can be solved in a very short time. For this, the super tricks of mathematics should be learned. Due to this performance in JEE Main exam can be given in better ways along with saving time.


Those students who have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with 75% marks are eligible for the entrance exam of IIT. In this, some relaxation is also given to those students who come from the reservation category.

At present, the requirement of minimum or maximum marks in the 12th has been removed. Now students whose marks are less than 75% can also appear for JEE Mains exam of IITs. What is a Smartphone, History Uses Features, and Advantages


way, in this exam, most questions are asked in Physics, Chemistry, and Math’s.

The total number of questions is 75. For which 3 hours are allotted. The maximum mark in this is 300. The exam has to be given in online mode on the computer.

IIT College Fee

IIT College B Tech Engineering course is of 4 years duration. For which a fee of 200000 to a maximum of four lakhs is taken every year. Well, there are many IIT colleges in India. Whose fee may be different? Some concession in fees is also given by the government for the students coming from the reservation category. 


How to become an IITians.

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