How to Become Bank Manager after 12th?

How to Become Bank Manager after the 12th? The banking sector in India is a very good sector at present. In which the youth of India prepares to become bank managers. A better life can be imagined for the people working in the banking sector. That’s why all young people want to do a bank manager or a job in a bank.

People from the youth who have knowledge related to Account, Finance Department, and Mathematical definitely want to become bank managers. Because they are interested in managing the information related to money transactions.

The banking job in India is also seen as a royal job. That’s why the youth of India has a special interest in becoming bank managers. Because once they get a job in it, their whole life is set up in a better way.

If you also want to become a bank manager, then below is the complete information about all the ways to become a bank manager.

How to become bank manager after 12th

Students youth who are interested in financial transactions, who want to become a bank manager, and whatever information is important for them so that they can easily know about all those things to become a manager are mentioned below.

To get a job in any bank, it is necessary to have basic knowledge i.e. graduation as well as many other types of information. The knowledge of customer service skills, financial strategy development, etc. It will be a better way, To get a job in a bank, one has to pass the IBPS exam. 

It takes a lot of hard work to get a job in a bank. Because to pass the exam, which is to become a bank manager, one should have the knowledge of the best way to pass it. If one studies with the right guidance, dedication, and diligence, then anyone can easily clear the exam for a bank manager.

How to Become Bank Manager

To become a bank manager, it is necessary to have good knowledge in all subjects.

1. Complete the Graduation

It is necessary to pass graduation first. By the way, if you graduate from any stream of Science, Arts, or Commerce, then you can prepare for bank jobs.

But if you have done graduation in commerce, then you will be able to clear the exam for a bank job easily. Because accounts, finance, etc. are taught in commerce. These qualities and skills should be in a bank manager.

2. Get a masters degree 

After graduation, if you have a master’s degree, then it becomes easy to get the post of a bank manager. Such as M.Com, MBA, PGDM, etc. In this course, the best information about finance, and business administration is given.

3. Gain Banking Experience

If you want to become a bank manager, it is necessary to get banking experience after obtaining graduation and a master’s degree. For this, you can get information about all kinds of banking-related work by doing a job in any government or private bank for a few days.

This banking experience will go a long way in passing the banking exam.

4. Take a banking course

If you want to pass the exam to become a bank manager, then there are many banking courses for that Through this course, you will be able to prepare well for bank exams.

The banking course provides excellent information about Home loans, Risk Management, Finance, Banking Management, Banking Taxation, etc. There are many banking courses like

  • B.Com Banking Management
  • BBA in Banking
  • Ph.D. in Banking and Finance
  • Master of Law in International Banking
  • BSE Banking and Finance
  • MBA Banking and Finance

5. Knowledge of Computers

To pass the bank exam, it is necessary to have good knowledge of computers, the internet, etc. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of the computer.

Because whether it is a government bank or a private bank, all kinds of work are done on the computer itself.

If someone wants to open an account, deposit money, withdraw money, or check the status of the account, then all this information is obtained on the computer itself.

6. Knowledge of Maths Reasoning 

should have good knowledge of Maths Reasoning to pass the Bank Manager’s exam. Because most of the questions in this exam come from Maths and Reasoning. Accounts related to the customer’s account in the bank, and interest calculation will be required to pass the loan, all these tasks can be done only after the knowledge of maths.

To give the exam for a bank manager one should have knowledge of maths. It is necessary to know each and every trick of maths, so that if there is any question related to maths in the exam, then it can be solved in a pinch.

7. Knowledge of Accounting

To get a job in the banking sector, knowledge of accounting is most important. If there is knowledge of accounting tally etc. along with math reasoning then it becomes even easier to pass the exam.

Eligibility to become a bank manager

If a student wants to become a bank manager after passing 10th, then he has to become qualified first.

  • First of all, after the tenth, pass 12th from a recognized college.
  • After 12th graduation from any recognized college or university, then only one can apply for a banking exam.
  • If you have done BCA, BCom, BTech, BA, etc. in graduation, you can also apply for the exam. But if you have graduated from commerce, then it is easy to pass the banking exam.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Should have better knowledge of accounting.
  • Must have good knowledge of computers. If you have taken any computer course then it is even better.
  • Must have knowledge of tally.
  • Tricky math information.
  • Minimum age of 20 years and a maximum of 30 years is required for the banking exam.
Bank Manager

The process to become a bank manager 

It takes at least 3 to 4 years to become a bank manager after passing 10th. Because after graduation, you can apply for bank jobs. 

After graduation, if you pass the IBPS exam, then you are appointed as a bank PO.

Promotion to the post of Bank Manager is done after 2 to 3 years in the post of Bank PO. If you get a master’s degree after graduation, you can also apply for the post of Bank Manager directly.

1. Apply for IBPS Exam

After graduation, if you want to get a job in a bank, and want to become a bank manager, then you have to clear the IBPS exam. After passing this exam one gets the post of Probationary Officer (PO).

While in this post, promotion is done to Assistant Manager after 2 years to 3 years. After a few days, the post of a bank manager is obtained. IBPS exam is conducted in 3 stages.

2. Pre Exam

The first stage of the IBPS exam is the pre-exam. In this, questions related to Maths, General Knowledge, Reasoning, Current Affairs, English, etc. are asked. If you pass this exam, then only you can take the second stage exam.

3. Mains exam

Mains exam can be given only if you clear the pre-exam. More hard work has to be done in the main exam than in pre exam. Because this exam is more difficult than that.

4. Interview

In the interview, the answer to the question is asked sitting in front of the candidate. In this, questions are asked about the Reserve Bank, Market, Economy, Agriculture, Society, Business, Media, Politics, Constitution of India, Bank-related questions, and Finance awards.

5. Group Discussion

Interview After passing the exam, a group discussion is conducted among all the passed candidates. All the candidates who are passed all three stages of this exam sit together and do group discussions on any question.

The questions for group discussion are given by the bank officials. All the candidates give the answer to that question according to their ability.

If you pass in Group Discussion, you are appointed as a Bank PO. Before that training is done for a few days. In that training, every small and big work of the bank is learned about it.

How to prepare for bank manager 

There are many processes to becoming a bank manager, which we have mentioned above. After completing all these processes, one has to prepare well for the exam. The candidate has many options to clear the exam.

Bank Manager - 1

1. Join the Coaching Institute

In every small or big city, preparation for banking jobs is done in coaching or institute. First of all start preparation by taking admission to any coaching institute.

In this, preparation is made for each and every subject related to Bank Exams, Current Affairs, Maths, Reasoning, and General Knowledge.

2. Solve Old Question Papers

When you have to give an exam for Bank Manager, then the best option is to solve by looking at the old question paper. If you see the question paper of last year’s banking exam, then you will be able to prepare well for each question and answer.

3. knowledge of English

If you become a bank manager, then every work of the bank has to be written, read, and spoken in English. So first get a good knowledge of English. Strengthen your grip on English.

4. Understand the syllabus 

Be the first to be aware of the pattern and syllabus in the banking exam. Unless the information about the syllabus is not there, then the preparation also cannot be done well.

So first understand the syllabus. After that, when you give the banking exam, its result will also be very good.

5. Keep the focus on each subject

whatever the questions come from in the banking exam, read about each subject thoroughly. If you are weak in any subject then prepare for it separately. Because even if one is weak in one subject, it will be difficult to pass the exam.

6. Make a timetable and read

To pass any competitive exam, you have to work very hard. Similarly, if you want to pass the exam for a bank manager, then study by making a timetable. Because when you study by making a timetable, you will be able to study well about each subject.

7. View Model Papers

To prepare for Bank Manager, you can also prepare by looking at the model papers. Solve the answer to each question from the model paper.

8. Prepare from home

If you are not able to study by going to any coaching or institute, then you can prepare for the bank exam by staying at your home. For this, you can buy a book for all types of banking exams.

In which there is a question-answer about General Knowledge, Reasoning, Current Affairs, etc. Studying from home requires a lot of hard work. You have to study diligently.

9. Prepare online 

You can also prepare online from home without spending any money. There are many such platforms on the Internet, where the preparation for bank exams is done for free.

YouTube is a great platform for online preparation. Which you can read for free by experienced teachers. Many people create their own channels and make videos for the preparation of banking exams. You can also prepare well by watching the video.

Type of bank manager

There is a different type of managers in different banks. The functions and powers of each manager are different.

The development and security of the bank, marketing, customer problem solving, strategy making, etc. are all the work of different managers.

Bank Manager - 2
  • Branch Manager
  • Senior Bank Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Junior Bank Manager
  • Financial Planner Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment Bank Manager
  • Wealth Manager
  • Loan Advisor

Skills Required in Bank Manager 

A bank manager must have certain duties and essential skills. Because the development of the bank through a manager is the progress of the bank by treating the customers in a good manner etc.

1. Customer Service

A bank manager must have customer service skills. Because when customers go to the bank for their work, they ask for each and every requirement from the manager.

Therefore, it is the job of a bank manager to provide a good banking experience to the customer, to serve the customer, and to understand and fulfill each and every requirement of the customer.

If the manager’s behavior with the customer is good, then in the future those customers will again come to the bank for their work.

2. Leadership Skills

All the small-level employees in the bank are headed by a manager. A manager should have leadership qualities.

So that he can operate and supervise each employee well. The bank manager should have all the information about how many customers come to the bank every day.

3. Problem-Solving

A manager has to oversee the operation of each and every employee and branch of the bank. Solving your customer’s problem A bank manager should have the skills to resolve the concerns of the employees firmly.

4. Business Management Skills

what kind of rules and regulations will be beneficial in the bank, how to work so that more customers come to the bank, the customer is influenced by the bank, this kind of work is done by a manager only.

Therefore, it is necessary for a bank manager to have business management skills. New facilities in the bank all the time, the skill of impressing the customers by taking out new schemes, a manager must have this knowledge.

5. Negotiation skills

When customers go to the bank for any kind of loan or for any kind of work, the bank Just talks to the manager. Negotiation skills should be strong in a bank manager. So that he can explain each and every service of the bank to his customers about the products.

6. Mathematics Skills

A bank manager should have knowledge of every single trick in mathematics. Because most customers come to the bank for loans, to open an account, to deposit money, or to withdraw money, if their knowledge of mathematics is better, then he can tell about each and every loan procedure to them. 

Bank Manager Salary

There are many types of managers in the bank. There for, the salary of each bank manager is different. By the way, the salary of a bank manager can range from 45,000 to 86,000. If they are transferred from one bank to another, then their salary also increases based on their experience.

Facilities available to a bank manager 

A number of facilities are also given to a bank manager. Whenever they work in a bank, they get many types of facilities.

  • Petrol Alliance 
  • New Pension Scheme 
  • Travel Discount 
  • Free Telephone Service 
  • Free Medical Service 
  • Entertainment Expenses 
  • Clinic Materials Expense 
  • Special Reliance 
  • Free Electricity Bill 
  • Credit Card 
  • Health Insurance

Work of Bank Manager 

A Bank Manager is the head of a branch of any bank. Therefore, their responsiveness is also more than other employees. The overall control of a bank is in the hands of the manager. A bank manager has many responsibilities.

  • Leading employees.
  • To guide each and every employee of the bank.
  • Maintaining every single statement and record of the bank every day.
  • Develop a strategy for the growth of the bank.
  • Accounting of transactions done throughout the day.
  • Develop a variety of attractive services and facilities for our customers. So that the customers get influenced by that bank and come again for their work.
  • To prepare a new scheme for the success of the bank.
  • Establish a good relationship with all the customers who come to the bank. Get each and every task done correctly by other employees.
  • Build good relationships with other financial institutions.
  • Preparation of annual operating and expenditure budget for the success of the Bank.
  • Making every single level perfect for customer satisfaction.
  • Teach employees every single thing related to financial activities in a good way.


How to Become Bank Manager after 12th. If you have any questions regarding this please comment in the comment box.

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