How to Become CBI Officer After 12th?

How to Become CBI Officer After 12th. CBI is the investigating agency of the biggest criminal case in India. In India, any kind of serious crime such as corruption, murder, scam, bribery, and all kinds of cases related to India is investigated by the CBI agency. CBI is a very prominent and popular Investigation Agency in India.

But many youths work very hard to become CBI officers. Every year some people are successful and some fail. To become a CBI officer after the twelfth, the first one has to complete graduation. CBI officers work under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government. There are two processes to join this investigative agency.

By giving the first exam, you can directly get the post of Sub Inspector in CBI. One can join CBI after working for a few days by becoming another IPS officer. Complete information about what is the selection process to become a CBI officer, what is the main qualification for a CBI officer will be found in this article.

How to Become CBI Officer After 12th

There are many security investigation agencies in India, in which the most important and popular investigation agency is CBI. CBI works under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government.

A CBI officer does not get any special uniform like the police department. He always remains in civil dress. The CBI officer has an I card for identification. It is certified through the same I card that he is a CBI officer.

For conducting an investigation in any state, the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs has to be obtained. If there is any kind of criminal case in a state, then the High Court can conduct the investigation there even without the consent of the state to be investigated by the CBI.

The headquarter of the CBI is located in New Delhi. To become a CBI officer one has to do graduation after the 12th. Only after that, you can give the exam. There are two options to get recruited by the CBI investigation agency.

How to Become CBI Officer After 12th

First option

is to give SSC CGL exam to join CBI. After passing the SSC CGL exam, the post of Sub Inspector in CBI is directly obtained. SSC full form:- staff selection commission.

Second option

is in the police department, then later on you can join CBI. One can become an IPS officer by giving the civil services exam conducted by UPSC. As an IPS officer, one can join the CBI investigation agency after working in the police department for 6 or 7 years.

CBI full form

Full form of CBI Central Bureau of Investigation. It has been formed by the Government of India to investigate the most difficult crimes. Whenever there is any kind of major criminal case in India, the police are not able to investigate it, then the central government hands over the investigation to the CBI.

The Supreme Court and the Government of India can order the CBI to investigate. The Central Bureau of Investigation is such an investigative agency, which can investigate India as well as at the international level. High-profile criminal cases in India are investigated by the CBI.

But if a common man wants to get a case investigated by CBI, then he cannot get it done. For that, the common man has to request the Governor. After that investigation can be done by CBI.

Selection Process for CBI Officer

It takes years of hard work to join the Central Bureau of Investigation investigation agency. To join CBI one has to give SSC CGL exam. This exam is of a very difficult level. Every year many youths give the SSC CGL exam.

But very few people get successful. Because there is a lot of competition in this exam. In the SSC CGL exam, the first written test is conducted. There is an exam in both online and offline modes. There are 4 stages in this exam. Which interview is taken in the last?

First Stage

The first stage of the SSC CGL exam is of 2 hours. In this exam, 100 questions related to subjects like Reasoning, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, etc. are asked. In which it is mandatory to get at least 200 marks. This exam is a computer-based online exam.

Phase II

There are two papers in this exam. Each paper is of 200 marks. One paper is about English and quantitative aptitude. The time allotted for each paper is 2 hours. This exam is also given online computer only.

Third phase

This exam is offline. Essay-related questions are asked in this paper. This question paper is of 100 marks. It is given a time of 60 minutes.

Fourth stage

After qualifying all these stages, the interview exam of the candidate is taken. The intelligence and discretion of each and every candidate is tested in the interview. There is an interview test to assess the mental ability and personality of the candidate.

If successful in the interview exam, then the merit list of the candidate is prepared. According to the same score, each candidate gets a different rank. After this selection is done for the post of Sub Inspector in CBI.

After selection, they are sent for training. Only after completing the training, they are made to join the prescribed post according to their rank.

If a person wants to join CBI at a post higher than a sub-inspector, then there is no direct recruitment for him. After joining the post of Sub Inspector, one can get the post of Inspector or above only after promotion.

Formation of CBI 

CBI was established in India to investigate difficult crimes. The CBI was formed on 1 April 1963. By the way, CBI was formed by the Government of India in 1941 under the name of Special Police Establishment. During World War II, there were cases of corruption and bribery by many central government employees.

To investigate this, the government needed a special investigation agency. That is why after World War II, the Special Police Establishment was formed in India to investigate cases related to corruption bribery transactions in the War and Supply Department.

Later this investigation agency was brought under the Home Department. The functioning of the CBI was expanded to investigate all the departments of India.

But after India became independent, on 1 April 1963, the name of this investigative agency was changed to Central Bureau of Investigation. Which is called the Central Bureau of Investigation or Central Investigation Agency in Hindi.

In 1969, the jurisdiction of the CBI was further increased. Earlier, the CBI had to function only by the orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the High Court. But after 1969, the CBI can also conduct its own investigation on the orders of the government.

Eligibility for CBI Officer

There are many investigation agencies in India like CID, and NIA RAW investigation agency but the top crime investigation agency is CBI.

It takes a lot of hard work to join CBI. To become a CBI officer one has to clear a tough level exam like SSC CGL. For that, it is necessary to have some qualifications in the candidate.

Educational Qualification

  • : First, pass twelfth.
  • After the twelfth get a graduation degree from any recognized college or university.
  • It is necessary to pass the graduation course in any subject.
  • If you are in the final year of graduation also, then you can fill out the exam form for SSC CGL.
  • It is necessary to have about 55% marks in graduation.

Physical Qualification

  • If you want to take the exam to become a CBI officer, then it is necessary for the candidate to be physically and mentally strong. 
  • It is necessary to have the qualities of tolerance and fearlessness inside that candidate. 
  • A CBI officer’s vision should be sharp. 
  • Must be physically strong and courageous.

Age Limit

  • A General Category candidate must be at least 20 years old and not more than 30 years old to appear in the CBI Officer exam.
  • For OBC Candidate Age Maximum of 33 Years is Required.
  • The maximum age limit for SC ST candidates has been fixed at 35 years.


To become a CBI officer, different height has been prescribed for each category of the candidate.

  • For a male candidate, the height should be around 165 cm.
  • If any woman wants to become a CBI officer, then her height is 150 cm.
  • For the candidates who come from the reservation category, a relaxation of 5 cm is given.
  • 76 cm chest is required for males.

Work of CBI

All national and international criminal cases in India are investigated by the CBI investigation agency. Earlier this investigation agency used to investigate only economic matters. But later its branches were increased even more. In which the branch of Anti-Corruption, Economic Offense, and Special Crime was formed.

All the officers or employees under these branches have different areas of investigation. By the way, there are many different posts in CBI. Which also have different functions. Cases related to each and every work done by CBI are heard in the special court of the CBI itself.

Anti-Corruption Division

All the employees in the Anti-Corruption Department of CBI, work is to do the economic crime, any kind of scam, and criminal investigations related to government institutions, PACU.

Economic Offenses Division

Economic Offenses, their work is related to this. example 

  • narcotics 
  • foreign exchange 
  • To investigate those who commit the crime of selling body parts of wild animals for
  • If there is a case of any kind of import-export, then they are investigated by the employees of the Economic Offenses Division.

Special Crime Division

this, mostly investigation related to murder, kidnapping, international crimes, bomb blasts, terrorism, etc. is done.

Essential qualities to become a CBI officer

CBI is given the responsibility of investigation in India as well as at the international level. To become a CBI officer, any candidate should have special and main qualities. Because CBI has to investigate many different situations as well.

For this one has to be alert and fearless always ready. To become a CBI officer, every candidate should have some essential qualities.

  • Must be mentally healthy.
  • The mind should be sharp and the mind concentrated.
  • CBI officers often have to do many types of criminal investigations. That’s why they sometimes go on long journeys, so one should be prepared to travel long distances all the time.
  • A CBI officer should have fearless endurance and courage.
  • It is important to be brave and honest.

Ranking of posts in CBI

Just as there are many rankings in the police department, in the same way, there are ranks in CBI from constable to director.

  • Constable 
  • Head Constable 
  • Sub Inspector 
  • Assistant Sub Inspector 
  • Inspector 
  • Additional Superintendent of Police 
  • Superintendent of Police 
  • Senior Superintendent of Police 
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police 
  • Additional Director 
  • Joint Director 
  • Special Director 
  • Director.

Establishment of CBI Academy 

The Central Bureau of Investigation agency remains free to investigate any criminal case. If an investigation of criminal cases has to be done in any state also, then the CBI can investigate even without the consent of the state after the order of the High Court.

The CBI Academy was first established in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in 1966 to provide training to the officers joining it. Where the candidates joining CBI are given training. Apart from this, there are three more regional training centers of CBI.

Such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. The headquarter of CBI is located in New Delhi. When the CBI was formed, its chairman was Justice Shri Ranganath Mishra. At present, the chairman of CBI is Subodh Kumar Jaiswal.

Salary of CBI

There are many ranks in the Central Bureau of Investigation investigation agency. In which there is a post from constable to director. The salary of each post is different.

The salary of each officer is received by the government according to their rank. But along with this, the CBI officer also gets many types of facilities such as

  • dearness allowance
  • insurance facility,
  • accommodation
  • after retirement, pension,
  • vehicle
  • travel


How to Become CBI Officer After 12th If you want to join the Central Bureau of Investigation investigation agency, then you have to work hard for that.

History, Economics, Geography, General Knowledge, Polity, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Current Affairs, etc. all subjects have to be prepared well. Only after that, you can clear the SSC CGL exam.

In this article, complete information has been given about how to become a CBI officer after the 12th, and what should be the main qualification to become a CBI officer.

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