4 Tips How to Become Customs Officer?

How To Become a Customs Officer? If any kind of goods is imported and exported in India, then a customs department has been responsible for them. The import and export of any kind of goods are supervised by the Customs Department.

If any kind of illegal prohibited goods is imported or exported, then it is banned by the Customs Department. The officer who is appointed to work in the Customs Department is called a customs officer.

To become a Customs Officer in the Customs Department, one has to pass the Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC. This post is full of responsibility. Salary is also better in this. Therefore, if you want to get the post of Customs officer in the Customs Department, then you will get better information about it in this article.

Which subjects are required to be studied in order to clear the civil services exam in the customs department? What should be the qualification for this post, you will know all this information in this article. Best WordPress Hosting in India

How To Become a Customs Officer

A Customs Officer is a government post in the Customs Department. This position is a position of responsibility. In the country, if any kind of goods is imported and exported in the country or outside the country, it is supervised by the customs officers only.

If any kind of good is illegal, or restricted and its import is exported, then it is the duty of the customs officer to ban it. Whatever goods are imported or exported in the country?

How To Become Customs Officer

That’s why the customs officer is also called Boundry Customs Officer. To get an officer post in the Customs Department, it is necessary to first pass 12th and pass graduation. Only then you are eligible to apply for this exam. Know below in detail what is the process to get this government post.

1. Pass 12th

For the post of Officer in the Customs Department, first of all, it is necessary to pass the 12th from any stream after the 10th. Science, commerce, and arts can take any subject in 12th.

2. Pass graduation

The minimum qualification required for any type of government job is graduation. Similarly, if you want to apply for a customs officer, then you must pass graduation after the 12th. You can graduate in any stream from any recognized university with good marks in any subject. You can apply for this post only after graduation.

3. Apply for the UPSC exam

The exam for the post of Custom Officer is conducted by UPSC. You can apply for the Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC every year. You can get information about this exam through the employment newspaper. If you apply for the Civil Service Exam Application Form issued by the Union Public Service Commission, then only you can take the exam.

4. Clear the UPSC exam

After applying for the placement form for the civil service exam conducted by UPC, its exam date comes out. After this, the exam has to be cleared in three stages.

The appointment is done only after passing the written test, civil service eligibility test, personality test, and physical exam. After passing all these exams, the candidate is given training for a few days.

Qualification for Custom Officer

  • Pass Graduation from any recognized college or university.
  • There should be 55% marks in graduation, only then you can apply for this exam.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • For Custom Officers the age should be 21 years to 30 years.
  • There is some relaxation in the age limit for SC, ST, and OBC category candidates.
  • Must be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Candidate must have own driving license.
  • Better communication skills.
  • Get better information about the Internet, and computers.
  • Should not have any kind of criminal record.
  • Height is required 157.5 cm.
  • The chest should be 81 cm.
  • SC ST or OBC category candidates are also given some relaxation in chest and height.
  • Must have knowledge of monitoring equipment like radio and telephone.

Selection Process for Custom Officer

The Customs Department is supervised and operated by the Central Government. The exam is conducted by UPSC for the post of a Customs Officer. One can become an officer in the Customs Department only after passing the Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC. Its exam is mainly conducted in three phases.

1. Civil service aptitude test

The first step to clear the Civil Services Exam is the Civil Services Aptitude Test. There are two papers in this exam. In which questions related to Geography, Reasoning, Maths, History of India, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, etc. are asked.

Only after passing this exam, candidates can take the next stage exam. Whatever questions are there in this exam, all are objective subjects.

In which questions come related to whatever is happening at the national and international levels. Along with this, questions are asked about subjects like English General Awareness, Economic and Social Development, etc.

2. Main exam

Candidates who pass the first stage exam are eligible to appear for the main exam. There are 9 papers in all in this exam. The questions that come in the main exam are of descriptive type.

They assess the knowledge of the candidate and assess intellectual ability. In this, questions come from subjects like General Knowledge, Current Affairs, English, Social Science, History, Geography, Environment, etc.

3. Personal test

After passing the two-stage exam conducted by UPSC, the candidate has to appear for the interview exam. In this exam, many questions are asked of the candidate. Whose answer they have to give in the right way with their understanding.

Through this exam, there is a personality test for each and every candidate. There is an interview about their body language, manner of speaking, etc. The mental ability of the candidate is assessed through the interview. In the interview, the communication skills and general knowledge of each candidate are tested.

4. Physical test

For every government exam, the candidate has to give a physical test. In which their height chest and the medical test are taken. Custom officers, also have to pass the physical test.

It is necessary to have as much as the limit for height and chest. If you qualify for this, there is no physical disease in the medical test. If he is completely physically and mentally healthy, then he gets an appointment as an officer in the Customs Department.

5. Training

After passing all the exams, when the candidate is appointed, then they are sent for training for a few days. Only after that, they are appointed to their respective posts. The appointment of a Customs Officer is mostly done at the airport or from where the import is exported by sea ship.

The candidate is sent to Chennai for training to learn and understand the various functions of the Customs Department. or for Central Excise Service training metropolitan deployed in cities.

How to prepare for Customer Officer

  • In this exam, there should be better knowledge about current affairs, general knowledge, English, Maths, Hindi, Geography, History, etc., whatever the subject is.
  • First of all, keep the information about the syllabus and pattern in this exam and prepare accordingly.
  • To clear any exam, first of all, it is necessary to make a timetable for studies. If you study after fixing the timetable, then better preparation is also done and you can clear the exam easily.
  • It is necessary to read TV news and newspapers every day to keep abreast of general knowledge of current affairs. Due to this, the country gets good information about every kind of incident happening in the world.
  • One can become a customs officer only after passing the civil services exam conducted by UPSC every year. That’s why whenever you are taking the exam, definitely see the question paper of 1 year or 2 years behind it. Get information about each and every question by looking at that question paper. Try to solve it.
  • Along with having knowledge about all kinds of subjects, it is also important to have knowledge about reliable transportation.
  • If you are not preparing for this exam from home, then you can join any institute or coaching center and prepare through experienced teachers.
  • You can also prepare through the internet computer. You can take the help of platforms like Google or YouTube. Preparation for every exam is also done through videos on YouTube.
  • The book is also published for the UPSC exam. One can get better information about each subject syllabus and each question in the exam. That’s why to keep the information of each and every question, buy the book and read it.

Quality of customs officer

  • A customs officer has to work even odd hours. That’s why it should also be known.
  • Better information should be obtained about each and every vehicle.
  • Should have better communication skills to interact with the community or anyone.
  • It is necessary to have all kinds of information about Internet computers.
  • Must have the ability to do console monitoring. So as to activate or handle devices such as radios or telephones when needed.

Custom officer salary

By the way, there are many officer-level posts in the customs department. Those who have different salaries. The salary of each officer from the lowest post to the highest post has been fixed separately.

The salary of a customs officer is better. Along with this, the customs officer also gets many types of facilities.

Work of customs officer

Whatever similar item is imported or exported in the country or outside the country? It is supervised by the Customs Department only. That’s why many officers are appointed in the Customs Department. Who see all kinds of imports and exports that happen. If it is worth banning, then ban it too. Along with this, he has many tasks.

  • To look after the import and export of all kinds of goods in the country.
  • Checking if the same is being imported or exported.
  • If the goods are prohibited and illegal, check them and stop them.
  • If any illegal smuggling is taking place in which any goods or persons are suspected, then arrest them.
  • Checking whatever goods or documents are there.
  • The duty of the customs officer is at the airport or ports.
  • Whatever goods are imported and exported by sea route at the airport or port? He has to be searched.
  • No goods are allowed to be taken out of the country or brought inside the country without the customs department.
  • The Customs Department is responsible for examining the import-export of all types of goods in the country and preparing its report.
  • If someone is found to have a message in criminal matters, catch them ask them all kinds of questions, and investigate that person.

Custom Department Officer Posts

  • custom inspector
  • tax assistant
  • assistant commissioner
  • preventive officer
  • commercial executive officer
  • custom clearance officer
  • imported executive


What is a custom department?

The Customs Department works similarly to the Income Tax Department. 

Where is the duty of a customs officer

Most of the duty of a customs officer is at the airport or at the seaport. Where all kinds of goods are exported and imported from outside the country. They are appointed to check and keep an eye on those goods.

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How To Become a Customs Officer. Only a customs officer levies tax on the import and export of all kinds of goods in the country. Along with this, if any kind of goods is illegal, then its import and export should not be done by these officers.

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