How to Become a LIC Agent in India: A Complete Guide

How to Become a LIC Agent in India? Life Insurance Corporation of India is a national life insurance company. Which is also known as LIC. The representative is recruited to work independently in LIC. Any person from India who wants to work independently can become an agent. You can read this article completely to learn about how to become a LIC agent.

Anyone can work as a LIC representative. Be it female or male. Housewives, students, businessmen, retired people, and those people who want to work as part-time agents along with jobs, can also become LIC agents.

So, if you want to know all the details about how to become a LIC agent. What is the educational qualification, what is the age limit, and what are the skills to become agents? How much you can earn from an LIC representative? To know everything about agents please read the full articles below. Make Money Online.

Process To Become a LIC Agent

You can meet the development officer in any branch and complete the whole process of becoming a LIC agent in India.

If you want to apply for a representative online, then you can click on the link given below for that. After that, whatever information has been given to you to fill up, you can fill and submit it.

There are two ways to become a LIC representative. One way is offline by visiting the branch of LIC and completing the whole process. You can apply for an agent by sitting at home and filling up the online form through the website.

How to become LIC agent

1. Contact the Development Office

You can go to any branch of LIC and meet the development officer. After which whatever process is there, you can complete it.

Whatever process is there will be told by the Development Officer. After that, an online IRDA exam has to be given. For which training is also given. Its duration is 25 hours. After completing the training, one has to qualify for the exam by appearing in the exam organized by IRDA.

50 questions are asked in the exam. To pass this one has to get at least 35% marks.

After qualifying for the IRDA exam, an appointment letter is issued by IRDA. After that, you can start working in LIC.

The representative has to work under the development officer. After qualifying for the IRDA exam, the appointment letter is received, then the development officer has to report.

Training is given by the development officer about the policy plan. By visiting LIC’s website, you can also get information about the plan. There is also an app for life insurance, which you can download and install on your mobile from the Play Store, and can also get information about all LIC’s plans.

2. Expenses And Fee

To apply Apart from this, you can read study material by downloading it from the internet. The total cost is around ₹ 1000.

Qualities of LIC Agent in India 

To do life insurance, it is most important that a representative should have some of the best qualities. So that you can attract people toward you and your policy. So an agent must possess certain important qualities.

1. Better Communication Skills

Selling insurance is also a very difficult task because people have to understand and take money from them. Taking money from any person is not an easy task, so it is very important for an agent to have good communication skills to convince people. Only then can you attract people toward you.

2. Self-Motivated

Advisors talk to people about policy, and there can be both positive and negative responses in the market. Therefore, without getting discouraged, the representative should be motivated and move forward with positive thinking. Only then can he be successful in this field.

3. Target Oriented

LIC advisor also has to target himself which he has to work on it by being disciplined. until a goal You can’t move forward until you decide. Therefore it is necessary for the life insurance advisor to set a goal and move forward on it continuously.

4. Courteous Behavior

An insurance consultant should be very courteous towards people. He should also work with people as an ally. If at any time any policyholder needs any kind of assistance, then a representative should assist him at that time. 

Documents Required For LIC Agent in India

Generally, not many documents are required for this. Nevertheless, the details of the important and necessary documents are given below.

  • 10th Pass Certificate or Marksheet
  • 8 Passport Size Photograph
  • PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, or any Government Certified Identity Proof and Address Proof.


No time limit

The biggest advantage of this is that you can work according to your time. There is no time restriction from the LIC side. Therefore, whenever there is time, you can work in the office.

Extra Income 

You can work as a representative even with a regular job. Therefore, apart from the regular income, you also get a commission for whatever you insure. Therefore, the more you insure, the better extra income you will get.

You can also do it by staying at home. There is such a job as an agent that there is no need to go anywhere to do it. If you want to insure by staying at your home, then you can do it. You can also ensure by talking to all the people in your village. People who are in neighboring villages of the village can get life insurance. Therefore, in this work, you do not have to leave the house and relocate anywhere.

Extra Bonus

Extra bonus is also given by the policy corporation from time to time for the agent. Whenever a festival comes, that time many better plans are taken out by life insurance for the representative. If you complete the work according to the given plan and target, then an extra bonus is given in return.


Any person in India who is above 18 years of age can become an Agent. Must have passed at least 10th standard in the field of education. A 10th-pass person can become an LIC representative from any board in India that is recognized by the Government of India.

Salary of a LIC Agent?

There is no fixed salary for agents by the Life Insurance Corporation of India. The commission that is made on the insurance that the representative insures within a month is the same as the salary of the agent. Along with this, retirement is also given by LIC by deducting some amount out of the commission which is in the LIC agent when working as an agent for a long time in India. 

If you do a life policy regularly, then the loan facility is also given by LIC. Along with this, you are also given a promotion for having better insurance. For which there is also the facility of office allowance etc.

Rules And Responsibilities of LIC Agent

An advisor is an agent of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, so he is responsible for the people he encourages to insure Give them complete information about life insurance. To give good information about whatever insurance plan is to be made.

The main job of a representative is to sell policy. Due to this, the business growth of LIC will increase. The more you insure, the better it will be for both the agent and the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

It is the responsibility of the agent that whenever any person has any assistance related to policy, they complete it on time. Due to this mutual harmony, a better relationship between life insurance and the customer is being created.

Why LIC Hires An Agent

In all the branches of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, LIC recruits a representative on the commission. There are advisors all over India and insure by meeting people. So Life insurance corporation has to hire a policy consultant. 

Life insurance does not provide a fixed salary to the life insurance advisor only a commission is paid on whatever is insured. Life Insurance Corporation of India is completely dependent on the agent. 

Because if the advisor stops insuring then the Life Insurance Corporation of India has no other source of policy. By the way, at present, life insurance is being done online as well. But in India, there are not even 5% of people buy insurance online from any insurance company, so the role of an agent is very big.


Ideas to Become a Lic Agent easily in India.

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