How to Become SDM, Eligibility, and Salary?

How To Became SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate is also known as assistant commissioner. The word SDM is derived from the word Tehsil. Tehsil means subdivision. A sub-division consists of an SDM. The Head of the tehsil is Sub Divisional Magistrate SDM.

There can be many blocks in a tehsil. But a district can have many tehsils. The district is known as the district. Subdivision is also known as Tehsil in Hindi. The Tehsil is headed by SDM.

In India and Pakistan, most of the SDMs are known by the name of the assistant commissioner. Those who look after all types of works related to land and revenue department in their tehsil. The SDM is also the chief land revenue officer of the subdivision. Make Money Online.

Process To Become an SDM 

To become one has to study with a lot of passion and hard work. Because this exam is a hard-level exam. In many nationals, the National Civil Services Examination is conducted by UPSC to become an SDM.

UPSC is also a very important exam to become an SDM. It is organized at the national level. UPSC is called the Union Public Service Commission. UPSC is also known as the Union Public Services Examination. If you get a good rank in the UPSC exam, then you are posted on the post of SDM.

This exam is conducted in 3 stages. There is a preliminary exam in the first stage, a main exam in the second stage, and an interview in the third stage. After passing all three stages, one can get the post of SDM.

To clear this exam, the candidate should have complete knowledge of General Knowledge, Grammar, Geography, History, and Current Affairs.

SDM is an officer rank post. Therefore, to become an SDM in India, some important steps mentioned below have to be followed.

1. Pass Graduation

To become an SDM, first of all, after passing 12th, it is necessary to pass graduation from any recognized college or university. Because to pass any civil services exam, the educational qualification is graduation.

2. Knowledge of Current Affairs

To become an SDM, one should have a good knowledge of current affairs. You can keep up with current events through newspapers, TV News, or Mobile Applications.

It is necessary to be aware of the popular news related to every field such as geography, history, citizen, physics, chemistry, economics, research, or country and abroad.

3. Pass UPSC Exam

The civil Services exam is conducted every year by UPSC. Apply it. This exam is conducted in three phases. After passing one becomes an IAS officer. Who is posted on the post of SDM in any sub-division of the national?

4. SDM full form

The full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. SDM or Sub Divisional Judge is also called

5. Eligibility to become an SDM

If someone wants to become an SDM after passing 12th, then he has to graduate first.

  • After graduation from any stream, you can take an exam to become an SDM.
  • Graduation should be passed from any recognized college or university.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Candidate age should be between 21 years to 42 years.
  • Relaxation in age limit is given for reserved categories such as ST, SC, and OBC people.

6. The selection process to become an SDM 

To become an SDM, one has to take the exam in three stages. If all three stages are passed, then only one can attain this position. It takes a lot of hard work to pass this exam.  One has to have a good knowledge of every subject syllabus pattern. Only then you can easily pass this exam.

Screening Test

Multiple choice questions of 150 marks are asked in this exam. The time duration of this exam is 2 hours. In which questions related to general knowledge are asked.  If you pass this exam, then you are qualified to appear in the next stage exam.

Main Exam

Preliminary exams are called to appear in the Main Exam. The main exam is of a more difficult level than the first stage exam. So to clear this exam, the right guidance and hard work are needed.

Four papers are taken in this exam. It is mandatory to give all four papers. If you pass this exam, then you can give the interview exam.


The screening Test and Main Exam are called for the Interview Exam. In this exam, the officials ask questions to all the candidates one by one. In this, if the correct answer is given correctly, the candidate passes.

When they pass this exam, they are posted to the post of SDM in the sub-division.

Preparatation For SDM 

To crack any civil services exam one has to study at a high level. Because in this exam all types of questions are asked from Geography, History, Civics, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs in every field.

If the candidate has accurate knowledge of all the happenings, latest developments, and international events that have happened in the present, then only he is able to pass this exam.

Therefore, to become an SDM, preparation should also be done in the best way.

1. Make a timetable

To pass the exam, it is most important that you study by making a timetable every day. If you study by setting a timetable, then you can easily achieve your goal. You will be able to revise every subject well.

2. Current Affairs and General Knowledge 

The most important thing to crack the Civil Services Examination is Current Affairs and General Knowledge. Because more questions are asked related to this area.

For this, if you read books on history, general knowledge, geography, etc., then you will be able to get all kinds of information.

It is important to keep abreast of the daily events happening in daily newspapers TV news etc.

3. Read the Old Question Paper

whenever you are taking the exam, then definitely check the question paper of the year before that.

Because by looking at the previous year’s question paper, you will be able to know about each and every question. Only then will you be able to revise that question.

4. Join the Coaching Class

If you are able to join a coaching class or institute then you can prepare better by coaching class. Many institutes or coaching centers are open in every city to prepare for the Civil Services Examination, especially for SDM.

Preparation is done in a very good way through experienced teachers. In coaching classes, every type of subject related to each and every syllabus pattern is taught well. Due to this the chances of getting success in the exam increase.

5. Make Notes 

Make notes of whatever studies you do at home or in coaching classes.

6. Read NCERT Books

Most of the questions that come in any civil services exam come from the NCERT book itself. Therefore, by reading the NCERT book, one gets to know about each question,

7. Syllabus

whoever is giving the exam, first of all, it is important to understand what is the syllabus, and what is the pattern.

When you understand the syllabus well, you will be able to prepare well for every subject related to it.

So that you can get good marks in every subject in the exam. This will also increase your confidence.

8. Build confidence and patience

There are many people who once they are not able to pass the exam, their confidence decreases. If they do not understand well about any subject, do not understand the question, then they start losing their patience.

But to pass the exam, both confidence and patience should be maintained. Only then can you prepare well for the exam. You will be able to prepare well.

9. Prepare through the internet 

In the present time, the internet is the best medium to prepare for any exam. You can prepare well by doing online coaching through the internet.

YouTube is a very good platform for online preparation. Where online preparation is done by more than one experienced teacher.

To prepare online, you have to understand everything by yourself. You have to prepare by yourself.

10. Understand all the subjects

it is important to understand all the subjects in this exam like general knowledge, current affairs, grammar, etc. in a good way. It is necessary to keep information about the events happening in the country and abroad through newspapers, and TV news every day.

11. Knowledge of grammar

If you want to pass the exam to become an SDM, then it is also necessary to have knowledge of grammar. In grammar, the practice of synonyms, idioms, antonyms, proverbs, etc. is necessary.

Work of SDM 

An SDM has to fulfill many types of responsibilities of the subdivision.

  • Maintain all records and account information relating to revenue.
  • To see the legal process related to the land of all the villages that come under a subdivision.
  • To look into the loss related to the crop of the farmers and restrict their compensation.
  • Residence certificate, caste certificate, income certificate, etc. Important documents are valid only after the signature of the SDM.
  • To look after the work related to land acquisition and to know about the disputes related to it and to resolve the same.
  • To keep all kinds of information by visiting your area from time to time.
  • If there is a loss due to a natural calamity, then it is the job of the SDM to start a relief operation for it.
  • If there is a dispute over the land or someone has occupied it, then it is the work of the SDM to get that property vacated and divided.
  • The function of the SDM is to take care of income-related work in the nation.
  • It is the job of the SDM to supervise his regional officers. So that every officer can do his job well.
  • It is the work of the SDM to conduct the elections of the members of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly in the district.
  • Marriage registration.
  • If there is a criminal case with a minor, then he can do judicial work.
  • It is the job of the SDM to issue and renew all types of registrations and licenses.

Salary of SDM

An IAS officer is appointed as SDM in any sub-division by passing the IAS exam. The basic salary of SDM is around 30 thousand to 50 thousand.

As experience increases, so does the salary increment. A sub-divisional magistrate also gets various facilities from the government, such as

  • dearness allowance
  • house rent allowance
  • travel allowance
  • free electricity
  • free telephone connection
  • pension
  • domestic servants and security personnel
  • on behalf of the government

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Made by SDM only. That is why the divisional Magistrate is known as a powerful officer in the subdivision. It is the job of the SDM to take care of the administrative work.

Complete information about how to become an SDM is given in this article. How to prepare to become an SDM, what should be the qualification, etc?

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