Become an SDO Officer: Step-by-step Process

The Sub-Divisional Officer is known as SDO. There is also a craze for government jobs among the students of the present young generation. That’s why there are many students who want to become sub-divisional officers. So, want to get information about what is the procedure to become an SDO officer.

By the way, for the students who want to become a Sub Divisional Officer, whatever important information is there in this article, has been explained in full detail below.

As many subdivisions are there within each district, sub-divisional officers are appointed in each different department in the subdivision. For example, different sub-divisional officers are appointed by the government for the electricity department, agriculture department, civil, and more, etc.

The Sub Divisional Officers are solely responsible for their respective departments. For example, the work of the sub-divisional officer appointed in charge of the Electricity Department is only to look after the works of the Electricity Department. Make Money Online

Process To Become SDO

Any citizen of India who is between 21 years to 30 years old and has passed graduation is eligible to become an SDO officer. But for this one has to qualify for the government exam. 

Only then the post of SDO officer is appointed by the government. Let us now know below what the important things are to be kept in mind for the SDO officer, Let us know in more detail below.

How to become SDO

The exam that is conducted to become an SDO is conducted under the state government. For SDO, the state-level exam Public Service Commission i.e. the PSC exam has to be passed.

The Public Service Commission is called Lok Seva Aayog in Hindi. The PSC exam is organized every year by the state government. 

By which SDO is selected. To clear the PSC exam, the candidate must have a graduation in the relevant stream. If someone wants to become an SDO in the Agriculture Department, then he should have passed graduation from Agriculture.

If someone wants to become SDO in Electricity Department then he should have a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Eligibility for SDO

Whenever you want to get a government job, you have to take an exam organized at a state level or national level. To take that exam, some essential qualification is mandatory for the candidate. Similarly, to become an SDO, it is necessary to have some qualifications.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • It is necessary to pass graduation from any recognized college or university related to the department in which you want to become an SDO.
  • Candidate age must be from 21 years to 30 years.
  • For the OBC category, the last age should be 33 years.
  • The last age for the SC ST category has been fixed at 35 years.

Full form of SDO

If SDO is made in any department, then they work under the state government. The appointment of an SDO officer is done through the exam organized by the state government. The full form of SDO is Sub Divisional Officer.

Who is the SDO

In order to run the government system smoothly in the country, it is divided into many parts. There are many districts within the state. There are subdivisions in every district.

An SDO is appointed in each subdivision. The SDO is an officer of the subdivision. Whose appointment is made by the state government?

It is the responsibility of an SDO officer to run all the government works smoothly in the district division. It is the responsibility of the SDO to get the work done better than all the employees working under the SDO.

Selection Process for SDO Officer 

The selection process for sub-divisional officers is in two ways. If you are already working in a government department, then on the basis of your work and experience, the sub-divisional officer is made by promotion.

The second way is also the direct recruitment of SDO. The examination is organized by the state government for direct recruitment. 

This exam is known as PSC i.e. Public Service Commission. This exam is conducted every year. Many students take the exam by filling out the form. This exam is very difficult.

To clear the PSC exam, it is necessary to study well from the beginning. The Public Service Commission exam is conducted in three phases.

1. Preliminary Exam

The preliminary Exam is the first stage exam to become an SDO. There are 2 papers in this exam. Each paper carries 200 marks. In the preliminary exam, questions are asked about subjects like General Knowledge, Mathematics, English, Reasoning, Current Affairs, etc.

All the questions in this exam are multiple-choice. If you pass this exam, then only you qualify for the second phase. Negative markings also come in this exam. If any one question is wrong, then one number is deducted from the marks.

2. Main Examination

When candidates pass the preliminary examination, they can take the second stage main examination. There are 8 papers in this exam. In this, 4 papers are for general studies, and 1 is personal. All the papers together carry 1500 marks. 

In this exam, questions are asked from subjects like Essay, General Hindi, Indian Culture, Geography, Political System, History, etc.

The second stage exam is more difficult than the first stage exam. That’s why more hard work has to be done to clear the main exam than the preliminary exam.

3. Interview

When a candidate clears both the preliminary exam and the main exam, the third stage of PSC is called for the interview exam. This exam is for 100 marks. Through the interview exam, the candidate is screened face-to-face.

Many types of questions are asked of the candidate and marks are given on the basis of that question only. The meaning of this exam is to test each and every knowledge of the candidate.

His personal academic knowledge and his alertness are tested. The reasoning ability, sound judgment, intellectual ability, mental alertness, etc. of the candidate are tested.

The person who has passed the exam for the post of civil service, their responsibility, capacity, and ability to do justice is seen. After passing the interview exam are appointed as SDOs.

Preparation To Become a Sub-divisional Officer

To become a sub-divisional officer one has to crack the PSC exam. This exam is very difficult. To pass it, one has to completely revise the subjects like General Knowledge, Maths, Hindi, Current Affairs, Reasoning, etc.

If you prepare well for this exam, then you will definitely be able to succeed. To pass this exam, some important tips should be given.

1. Knowledge of General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Most of the questions come from General Knowledge of Current Affairs in the PSC Exam. If you have good knowledge of this subject then only you can clear the exam.

Must watch TV news every day for general knowledge and current affairs information. Must read newspaper daily. Whatever new news is there in the country and the world, try to know it in a better way.

2. Make a timetable

To pass any exam, it is most important that a timetable should be set for studies. If you study after setting a time, you will definitely be successful.

With this, you will be able to set equal time for all the subjects. You will get more time to improve the subject in which you are weak.

3. Make short notes

If you prepare for any subject, keep short notes of it. So whenever you study and revise that subject, you will be able to do it easily by looking at those notes.

4. See the previous year’s question paper 

Must see the previous year’s question paper from the year you want to take this exam. You can guess what kind of questions can come from this. Accordingly, you will be able to do your preparation well.

5. Practice answer writing  

Practice at home by writing each of your answers within the time allotted for the exam. With this, you will be able to take the exam easily within the stipulated time in the exam.

6. Understand the syllabus and pattern

Whatever syllabus exam pattern is there in the PSC exam, one must understand it in a good way. If you study according to the same syllabus and pattern, then you will get better information about each and every question.

7. Join a coaching institute

If you are not able to prepare well for the exam on your own at home, then you can prepare well by joining a coaching institute. There the preparation is done by many experienced teachers.

8. Prepare through the internet

You can prepare online through the internet while sitting at home. YouTube is the best platform for online preparation. Videos will be found on YouTube for exam preparation in every way. You can get a chance to prepare online from many experienced teachers.

Work of Sub-divisional officer

SDO is the biggest officer of any subdivision. The post of SDO is a very responsible post. He has to fulfill many responsibilities within his subdivision. SDOs are accountable for the work of every small officer or employee.

  • It is the duty of the sub-divisional officer to oversee the work of all the small officers working in that subdivision.
  • Keep an eye on every development work happening in your area.
  • If there is a complaint by the public against any small officer or employee, then it is the duty of the SDO to investigate it.
  • If any kind of development work is done inside the subdivision, then it cannot be investigated without a sub-divisional officer.
  • The SDO also functions as an Assistant Collector as per the Land Revenue Act.
  • Just like a DM has a role in a district, similarly, a sub-divisional officer has a role in a subdivision.

Responsibilities of the SDO 

Are the responsibilities performed by the SDO in a subdivision? It is the duty of the SDO to take care of the way in which the employees or small officers who are under the SDO are doing their work.

It is the responsibility of the sub-divisional officer to listen to the complaints of the public and redress those complaints.

If any kind of development work is being done inside the subdivision, then it is the responsibility of the SDO to look after it and get that work done properly by the junior officers.

SDO officers can assist various officers in all kinds of work in the subdivision. If any kind of improvement is needed in the area, then they also fulfill it responsibly.

Salary of SDO 

To become a sub-divisional officer, one has to take the PSC exam. After passing this exam, they get the post of direct SDO. But many people also become SDOs through promotion.

The salary of an SDO is around 50,000 to 55,000 per month. As you gain experience while working as an SDO officer, your salary also increases. By the way, SDO also has many types of government facilities.

  • Free telephone facility
  • Housing
  • Government vehicle
  • Free electricity bill
  • Medical security

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Many youths dream of becoming an SDO. Those who fulfill their dream by passing the Public Service Commission exam. But there are many youths who fail the exam due to a lack of proper knowledge, every type of information has been given in this article to become SDO.

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