Following Your Heart: How To Become a Singer in India

How To Become a Singer In India? Listen to your heart to become a singer. When the voice of the soul inside you is saying that there is the magic of voice inside you. Due to this, the world can become shocked.

There are many courses to become a singer. But these courses and methods can be effective only when there is magic in your voice. You prefer to perform from your heart and not from your mind.

Always try to sing a song from your heart, In the initial days, when we will feel from our hearts that we have the ability. We have such a voice inside us. If we take the right path, then we can make a better identity in this world as a singer. Then you can definitely illuminate your name in the country, world, and Bollywood by becoming a singer. Make Money Online.

Process To Become a Singer In India

There have been many famous singers in India before and are still there today. Those who have made a different identity in their country as well as abroad. Singing is a part of every person’s life. Some perform for fun.

Some people perform songs to make their career in singing. Can make an important career in singing. But there are some important ways to become a professional singer as well as music courses. There are many famous music colleges in India. Where each and every Sur Laya Taal of the song is taught in a better way.

How To Become Singer In India

By the way, at present, many people work hard to make a career in singing. There is more than one singer in Bollywood. Whose songs do people like to listen to in India as well as in many countries? It is said that singing is such a therapy, listening to which a person forgets all kinds of sorrows and pains.

1. Try Every Day To sing

If you like to perform, then listen to songs in every language and practice every day by listening to those songs. It is said that the second form of success is practice.

By practicing, the work that has to be done keeps on getting revised, due to which it can become even better. Recognizing each and every melody and rhythm of the song, when people sing the song, people will surely be impressed. Going forward, the name can become popular in India as a professional singer.

2. Join the Music Academy

Music Academy is run in every city in India. Many experienced singers also teach each and every sur taal of the song. How to sing a song by joining a music academy. It has so many notes. How can you perform holding all those notes? You can get all this information.

If a small child likes to perform a song. Since childhood, he has sung all kinds of songs. So by getting him admitted to the academy, the quality of his singing can be made even stronger through experienced music teachers.

3. Listen to All Kinds of Songs

Different languages ​​are used in each state in India. Similarly, films are made in many languages ​​as well. 

In which there is more than one singer in every language. Bollywood is the famous film industry in India. Everyone wants to become a singer in Bollywood. That’s why listen to any song every day and try to sing this song by yourself.

4. Understand the Tone of the Song

Singers are trained and considered professional artists. we listen to songs in the voice of the actor or actress. But in reality, that song is sung by one or the other singer.

This is necessary to understand the notes of the song. Unless you understand your tune. Till then you will not be able to sing that song in a better way in India.

5. Try To Face Singing Contest

If any student studies in a school, college, or university. If he wants to make a career in the singing field, he must participate in a singing competition in school or college. Singing competitions are organized in that college and school.

In which students participate and display their talent in front of people. This can also provide an opportunity to refine your skills or give a new identity to your talent.

6. Use Social Media

In today’s time, the easiest and best way to give a new identity to all your skills and talents is through social media platforms. Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Many also showcase their songs and talent through reels on Facebook and Instagram.

If you also want to make a career in singing, then make a better video of your song and upload your talent through videos on Facebook or Instagram. Many people connected to that platform will see that video.

Will like Followers will increase after that, maybe someone can offer you by watching your video. After increasing followers on Facebook and Instagram, it also starts earning. With which you can get a new identity.

7. Create a Video on YouTube

At present, YouTube is the number one medium to enhance your talent and skills. Every person in the world is connected to YouTube. If you want to put your talent in front of the world, give it a new identity, then first create a channel on YouTube.

There is no charge for creating a channel on this. After making a channel on YouTube, make the best video of your song and upload it. When the followers and watch time on that video is completed, then there is a chance to earn money through Google Adsense. Also, if your video goes viral, you might get an offer to sing from Bollywood.

8. Participate in Reality Show

The media channel is the best medium and scope to become a famous singer in India. Competition is organized through singing reality shows on many channels. People from every region of India make their talent a new identity in front of the world.

Participate in it to showcase your talent. If you also sing well and want to make a career in singing, then you can audition in reality shows. After giving an audition, if the judge likes your song then you can definitely qualify.

Many big singers or music directors also appear in reality shows to promote their film album songs. Many times if he likes the song of a contestant, he also directly offers to perform in his Bollywood film.

9. Take a Music Course

There are many such colleges in India, where music courses are also conducted like Diploma courses, undergraduate courses, and postgraduate courses. If you want to understand all kinds of skills in singing, then you can do a course in any college after 12th or after graduation.

10. Sing in Front of the Mirror

To awaken any kind of talent inside you, you can present acting by standing in front of the mirror.

While singing a song in India, it is necessary to give that kind of expression as per the type of song. A song is incomplete without expression. So that whatever shortcomings are there to becoming a professional singer, you can improve yourself.

Types of Singers

There are many different languages singers ​​in India. But there is also a different style of singing a song. The style and style of their songs vary. Due to this, their separate identity is made. It is necessary for every singer to take training in a better style and way of singing from the beginning. There are many types of singers in India who have different styles.

  • Ghazal
  • Hymn
  • Bhangra
  • Punjabi
  • Indian pop music
  • Sufi Devotional Music
  • folk literature
  • classical music
  • Thumri

Music Course

Course NameDurationCourse Types
Certificate in Music6 Months to 1 YearCertificate Course
Certificate in instrument6 Months to 1 YearCertificate Course
Diploma in Music3 Months to 3 YearsDiploma Course
B.A. In Music3 YearsBachelor Degree
Bachelor of Music3 YearsBachelor Degree
BA Hons Music3 YearsBachelor Degree
MA in Music2 yearsMaster Course
M Phil in Music1 to 2 yearsPost Graduation Course
Ph.D. in Music3 to 5 yearsDoctorate Degree

Music College in India

  • Hindu College University of Delhi
  • IPS Academy Indore
  • Devi Ahilya University Indore
  • Indian Music College Gwalior
  • University of Lucknow
  • Kolkata School of Music
  • University of Mumbai
  • Allahabad University Music and Arts
  • Madras Music Academy Chennai
  • Swasthya Bhoomi Academy of Music Chennai
  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy Bangalore

Music Course Eligibility

There are many music colleges in India, where music courses are conducted. Certificate Course, Diploma Course, Graduation Course, Post Graduation Course.

  • To do a certificate course first one has to pass 10th. There should be better than better marks in 10th, only then one can get admission to a certificate course.
  • Diploma courses can be done after passing the 12th. The admission process is completed on the basis of eligibility in any diploma course after the 12th. In this, it is necessary to pass 12th from a recognized college with a good number.
  • There are also many bachelor’s courses in singing, which are done after passing the 12th. For this, it is necessary to have at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • If you want to do a singing course in India after graduation, then there are many master’s degrees for that. For which it is necessary to pass graduation from a recognized college or university. It is necessary to have at least 50 to 60 percent marks in graduation.
  • There are many famous singers in India whose style is also famous. It is also important to have knowledge about all those styles.

How To Do a Music Course

There are two ways to do a music course. One can take direct admission and the other can take admission by passing the entrance exam. Before taking admission to any institute, get better information about the admission process there.

In many colleges, direct admission is also done on the basis of marks. But in many colleges, it is necessary to pass the entrance exam before doing a music course. If you get good marks in the entrance exam, then you can get admission.


How to become a singer?

To sing a song in any language in India, one should have the best skill. Which many steps have been mentioned above?

How to become a singer in Bollywood?

To become a singer in Bollywood, you can audition for other films by knowing which singers are auditioned for. If you pass that audition, then you are offered to sing in any film.

Another way is that reality shows are presented on many channels. In which more than one artist comes to promote his film. If you participate in it, then they are impressed by listening to your song, and then they can directly offer you for any of their films or albums.

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Making a career in singing in India is also very beneficial. India has more than one male and female singer.

Who has made a different identity for himself on the basis of his singing?

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