11+ Tips How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th

How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th? If you want to know about the complete process to become a sub-inspector including what are the procedures to become a sub-inspector. By which one can become a sub-inspector after the 12th.

Sub Inspector cannot make it directly after the 12th because graduation is mandatory for Sub Inspector.

Students who have completed graduation. He can apply for Sub Inspector. But to qualify for his exam, some special preparation has to be done. After which, several rounds of procedures have to be completed.

How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th

First of all, graduation has to be completed. Students who have completed graduation. All of them are eligible for Sub Inspector. But only this is not going to work. Some special preparations also have to be done to clear the various rounds of examinations. Let us know some of those special things.

How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th


Students who are from 20 years to 28 years. Have graduated. Physically fit, Indian Citizen, that student is eligible for Sub Inspector. To become a sub-inspector in India, students from the neighboring country Nepal are also accepted, for those students.

who come under the category of reservation, some special relaxation is also given in this. The aging time limit period is also different for different reservation categories. Like SC ST the relaxation of the time limit of 5 years is given. There is an age relaxation of 3 years for OBC. There are also some special discounts for women.

  • For a general student, at least 50% of marks in graduation are mandatory. There is some relaxation in marks for other category students like students coming from the reservation category or for women.
  • This information is only for applying forms. That’s not the only way to become a sub-inspector. 
  • After you apply for the form, you have to give the written exam in two categories. The students who qualify for the first exam are called for the second exam. When both qualify for the written exam which is computer-based. 
  • After that, the race has to be qualified. Physical efficiency also has to be passed, along with the race, and the size of the chest of the candidate is measured. For similar students, the chest size should be at least 84 cm.
  • There is some relaxation in the chest for the candidates coming from the reservation category.
  • For running in Sub Inspector, a male has to complete a run of 4.8 km in 28 minutes. For women, a distance of 2.4 km has to be completed in 16 minutes.


The information given about race, chest, and exam is general as there are different rules and eligibility for each state. It also keeps on changing from time to time. So when you apply for Sub Inspector get complete information about it at the same time.

Medical Examination

Sub-inspector, when you pass the written exam, and physical, after that you have to appear for a medical checkup. In which all the parts of the body are examined. Eyes, ears, hands, feet, height, weight, and all parts of the body are examined. 

Whatever the guideline, according to that guideline, your physical appearance should be. If any problem is found in the eyes, ears, feet, etc., or any part of the body, then such a student is rejected.

How to become a Sub Inspector

1. Graduation

After passing 12th a bachelor’s degree is completed from any recognized college or university in any discipline. Because to become a sub-inspector it is mandatory to pass graduation.

2. Prepare for the race

8 to 10 kilometers should be run regularly. Because along with the written exam one has to qualify for the race as well. So whenever there is an exam, keep practicing running regularly from 1 year before.

3. Written Examination Preparation

There is also a need to study continuously to get better marks in the Online Computer Based Examination you can prepare for the Sub Inspector Exam from home, then make a regular routine for it. Studying daily for 6 to 8 hours at home with the rules is very important.

If you feel the need for coaching, then go to any better institute nearby and prepare for Math’s, Reasoning, English, Social Science, General Knowledge, and Computer.

S.I. Syllabus

  • Math’s
  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Hindi
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Computer
  • Reasoning

Document Verification

For Sub Inspector when the complete process like qualifying for the written exam, medical, physical efficiency test, etc.

After that, all the documents from matriculation to graduation are verified. Along with this, all the necessary documents are checked along with the residential check citizenship also. 

Your character is also tested to become a sub-inspector. For which the character certificate has to be submitted. It is also checked that you have never had any connection with any crime or any non-disputed organization. After checking all these things, you are selected for Sub Inspector.

Online preparation for Sub Inspector

Can prepare for the written exam through the digital platform at present. There are many better channels on YouTube that you can subscribe to. 

One can prepare for Sub Inspector by watching videos regularly. If you don’t like watching videos, then you can read better tutorials on google for the written exam.

To prepare for General Knowledge, one should read English and Hindi papers regularly. One should also listen to the news broadcast on TV regularly so that complete preparation of General Knowledge can be done.

Special Tips

(How to Become Sub Inspector after 12th) Those students who have studied regularly since childhood, who have better knowledge in Math’s, Science Social, Science, English, and Hindi subjects. It is easy for them to become sub-inspector. 

Those students who do not have better knowledge in these subjects should work hard for 2 years regularly.

If they work hard with determination continuously for 2 years, then they too can become sub-inspectors. All the tips are given to become a sub-inspector. 

Apply it in your life. To achieve any goal in life, it is most important to resolve yourself. Those who do this can accomplish any goal.

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