How to change margin in MS word. Amazing 2 Tips to change

How to change margin in MS word. What is page margin in MS word how do change margins in word, how do set margins in a word? In this post, I am going to discuss how to change margins in MS word documents.

Page margin is very important to print good documents.

When we create a document then leave some space for the upper side of the document and the lower side of the document to the left side of the document and to the right side of the document.

What is the page margin in MS word?

In MS word a page margin is the place were set the size by own needs. By default, the MS word page margin is always set. If we want to set different sizes of the page margin, then we can set the page margin in word.

How to change margin in MS word

How to change margins in word

To set peace marching in MS word follows this process given below.

Open Microsoft word

Go to the page layout tab.

how to change margins in word1

Click on the page margin.

Here you find the default 20 margins of the page now you click on the margin area and set the margin by yourself.

Second thing if you want to set a custom margin then click on the custom margin.

In the margin area, It can be set the size of the margin like a top, bottom left right, etc.

how to change margins in word2

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In his post we’ll learn about how to set page margins in MS word or how to change page margins in word, and how to set margins in word. for Any queries or suggestions, please comment in the comment below section. 

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