How to Create a Hyperlink in Word?

Hyperlink in word. How to create a hyperlink in word. A link is a link that is used to go to another page. The hyperlink is a clickable word where you click then go to the other page document etc. Terms and Condition

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A hyper-link is made up of two words. Both the words hyper and link mean to link to another page on a word which is called a hyperlink.

In Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or any other web page, when a link to another page is placed above any word of the first page to go from one page to another, it is called a hyperlink.

When the image of any other page or the gender of any other page is put on top of a word, then by clicking on that link, the given address of another place can be reached. Well, hyperlinks are mostly used inside web pages. Because hyperlink is used to put a link to another page on any web page.

As far as MS Word is concerned, any other MS Word page can be linked on top of any word image text in MS Word. Hyperlinks are one of the best features of Microsoft Word. By which the video can be accessed over the image on another page.

Let’s understand with an example 

As soon as any page is opened on the Internet. Then a link to different pages is given inside that page. Now if we want to go to any other page from the current page, then for that we can easily go to any other page by clicking on the hyper-link given on the page.

Inside a web page can be linked to many other pages Image photos video audio files Internal linking is done through hyperlinks to go from one page to another inside any website on the Internet.

A link that can be used to create a web page. It means that if anyone clicks on a word then he goes to another page document etc.

  • Open Microsoft word
  • Write some text
  • Select the particular text where you want to place a links
  • Go to the Insert tab
  • Go to the links block
  • Click on option
  • Now the dialogue boxes open
  • If you want to paste links then go to the address bar and paste the link
  • Click on ok
  • If you want to link a file folder email address then choose the file or folder on your computer to create links.

How to remove

  • Select a word to remove the link
  • Then go to the insert tab
  • Go to the links block
  • Click on hyper -link
  • Click on remove links

remove Hyperlink in wordHyperlink in word

  • Click on ok


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