How To Earn 500 Rs Per Day Online?

How to earn 500 Rs per day online. At the present time if we want to earn 500 rupees per day online. Then what can be the process and how to earn 500 per day?

In this technological world, it’s very easy to earn 500 rupees per day online. Because there are many more methods to earn money online.

But in this post, we will discuss a very popular method to earn 500 per day online.

Earn 500 Rs per day online

On the basis of technology computer internet. Now online earning is very easy. Because with the help of computer technology internet, earning 500 Rs per day online is very easy.

Now let’s come to the point and know about the process and method about earn 500 Rs per day online.

How to earn 500 rs per day online

1. Content writing

Without any investment, If you want to earn 500 Rs per day online then you can write content on any topic. After that, you can easily sell your content with a blogger website owner.

For content posts, we can demand 500 to 1000 for one article. This is the first process and very easy process to earn 500 Rs per day online without any expenses.

Content writing is a very good process to earn money online. We can write a post on any type of topic in different languages like Hindi English Sanskrit etc. If we write a blog in the English language, then we can earn more money in comparison with Hindi and other languages. Because English is an international language.

How to sell your content

To earn money by content writing you have to visit different types of blogs and mail to the blogger and website owner for content sale.

To find a good buyer for your content we can search website lists in Hindi and English in Google search results. After searching on Google, you can find so many websites in Hindi language or English language. You have to choose the best website on behalf of their content, and you can mail for selling your content.

2. News reporting

At this time there is a huge demand for news reporting online. So, if you have an idea about online reporting then you can contact news portal, or website news agency. And you can contract with a news portal. After that, you can send everyday news to a particular news portal and earn daily 500 Rs per day online.

3. Digital Marketing

To earn money online, digital marketing is a very good method to earn money online. So, if we want to earn 500 Rs per day online. We have to learn digital marketing.

With the help of digital marketing, we have to do different types of work like

  • ad creation,
  • promotion
  • online advertisement,
  • search engine optimization,
  • affiliate marketing,
  • blogging,
  • on-page SEO,
  • off-page SEO,
  • keyword research and many more.

If we know about digital marketing, we can do so many works online through digital marketing. If we do not know about digital marketing, then we can learn digital marketing online also and earn 500rs per day online with digital marketing.

To earn money online in the present time a word is very popular that is learning about technology online and earning by technology online. In the field of online earning, there is a good method that is learning first online and earning first online.


(How to earn 500 Rs per day online) If we want to earn 500rs per day online first you have to know about digital marketing content writing etc. In this post, we have discussed in detail content writing and digital marketing.

So, if anyone has any query related to earning 500 Rs per day online. Please comment in the comment below section and also share this post with friends’ family members on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

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