How To Earn Money in Village, Top 11 Ideas

How to earn money in the village. if you live in a village, how to start a business in your native place? Earning money is very important for everyone. So I will discuss 11 of the most popular earning methods that can provide you best opportunity to get income from your home.

India is a country of villages because here 80% of people live in villages. So this is important to know every idea that can change your life very easily. Let’s come to the points and discuss them below in detail.

Process To Earn Money in Town Village

Mini Bank YouTube channel blogging agriculture flour mill dairy for a tour and travel shopping center sweet shopping medicine store or very popular ideas to make money online & offline every time. These all are the trending hot business for rural areas.

How to earn money in the village

CSC Centre

The prime minister of India aims to make our country digital. A common service center scheme helps people do their daily tasks in her hometown. Anybody needs to make a birth certificate, death certificate, income proof, hometown certificate, character certificate, etc. These all services are provided in the CSC center.

Energy bills, online forms, and agriculture scheme services are provided by seen common service center. So this is a very good idea to begin this business. Because it is very easy. You have only learned fundamental knowledge about computers. After that apply for approval online on behalf of the government CSC portal site. The average monthly income is about 50000 minimum.


Farmer is the key to the country’s success. Because all human needs rice, pulse, vegetables, fruits, weight, gram, etc. All these items are prepared inland villages. So agriculture is a good idea to start and earn cash very quickly.

Starting paddy, weight, gram, brinjal, tomatoes, and flowers producing business. You have to learn tips and tricks about farming. That can help to earn money & grow agricultural plants in the village.

Flour Mill

Everyone needs to prepare their wheat converted into flour. That’s why if you open a flour mill. After that, you get a good income every day. It is very easy to open in rural areas. Where you can do different types of work like wheat converted into flour grams converted into pules etc.

There is no need to invest more capital in this business because if you invest a little bit of capital after that you can begin flour mill services.

Dairy Firm

This is the business of milk. Milk is very important for children and elder people. Everywhere all people need milk. Because milk is the complete food. So if you start dairy after that you get good income from these services.

To start a dairy firm, first, you have to purchase cows buffaloes, etc. We will have almost 5 to 10 cows that give per day 40 litere milk. Because you have to give per day high numbers of liter milk in the dairy firm.

One thing you have to remember for starting this. First, you have to apply for a license for a dairy firm. After that, you will give milk every day and earn money in the village.

Tour & Travels

If you invest and purchase a car, tractor, mini truck. After that, you will begin a tour and travel business in a rural area. Everyone needs a tractor for agriculture farming. For moving agricultural materials from one place to another place. Many people use tractors & pick up etc. So starting tour and travel business in ruler areas will be coming very performing.

Clothes Shopping

Cloth is a very essential part of our daily life. Every day we change and purchase new dresses for our requirements. So if you are starting to buy and sell clothes in your village. It becomes very beneficial for every person. Almost the minimum amount of investment first time in this cloth business.

Sweet Shop

Everybody likes Delicious sweet mate, samosa, chat, coffee tea. So if you have an idea to make amazing dishes like chart, sweet made, etc. After that, it is a good idea to begin a sweet business. There is very little bit investment in this. There is a huge demand everywhere. You get good profit in this.

Mini Bank

It is very important to provide banking services in rural areas. Our country’s prime minister’s vision is very clear to all Indian people. The prime minister’s ambition is to provide free account opening services for everyone.

That’s why mini Bank services are a good idea to earn money & start in the village. If you were to start a mini-bank. You can provide deposit, and withdrawal account opening services to customers in rural areas. For this, you have to buy a printer, laptop, solar panel, etc. If you want to begin a mini-bank. You have to contact your nearest bank branch. Meet with the Bank branch manager and request to open a mini-bank in your hometown.

Medical Services

Medical facilities are an essential part of the life. So if you idea about medicine basics treatment. You can start and open a medical shop. Where you sell medicine and provide some primary treatment for any illness. But first, you have to get a certificate from any recognized college or university. Pharmacy courses are very important for this business.

Create a YouTube channel

Digital platform provides different types of online working mechanism. YouTube is the most popular platform in the world. This is the second largest most successful platform in this universe. So if you do like to make videos on any topic. This is a good idea to create a YouTube channel and regularly publish quality videos on YouTube.

When you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in 1 year. After that, you get approval from Google AdSense. You are making capital online by buying AdSense in a village.

For a starting YouTube channel first you have to create a channel. After that, you have to buy a laptop, a smartphone, a stand, a microphone, lights, etc. You get more and more earth from YouTube.


A person who likes to write different types of content blog articles. Then they have to earn money in the village. if you live in a village, how to start a business in your native place? Earning money is very important for everyone. Blogging is a hot digital business all over the world. Google is the number one search engine. And they can provide to monetize your blog website through Google AdSense. So if you create a blog on a blogger or WordPress platform. After that, you have to post almost 30 unique blog posts on your. Then you apply for AdSense approval.

Try to learn search engine optimization for getting organic traffic from Google searches.

Just you read a blog post. This is an example of blogging. We make capital from our blog websites. We write articles in different languages like English and Hindi.

So you can create a blog like this and earn money in the village. Play games safely online and earn money fast.


This is a very simple method like learning and on is a very easy process to making money anywhere. In the post, we have discussed 11 top ideas in detail about earning money in the village.

We hope this post helps you to How to earn money in the village. if you live in a village, how to start a business in your native place? Earning money is very important for everyone. And make money with all the different techniques.

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