Amazing Ways to Make Free Website and Earn Money

How to make a website and earn money? At present time there is a lot of people making website and earning money with a website. Before how to make a website and earn money from it, there should be an idea about the business. So that the goal of creating a website is certain.

First of all, you should set your goal for what kind of business-related work you want to pursue on the website. Creating a website is not a big deal but making a website successful is a very big thing because a website can be created easily but planning has to be done to earn money from it.

Because if a website is made without planning, then it will not be of many benefits because unless the website does not proceed with full preparation related to better business. Till then earning from the website will be difficult. If you want to earn money by creating a website, then you are at the right place because this article has given complete information about it in detail.

How to make a website and earn money

Creating a website is not a difficult task but after creating a website earning is a difficult task for everyone because only preparing a website is not a complete thing to earn money.

So it is important to prepare some good plans to implement the website for earning purposes. So now know some important things about creating a website and earning through a website. Let’s know below.

How to make a website and earn money

First Choose a Business Plan

Before earning money by creating a website, decide the plan related to your business, and what kind of work you have to do on that site. So that when you create a website, then earning from that website should also start.

That is why it is most important that first of all, whatever the purpose of that website, decide it. Build a website based on that and start earning money from it too.

Today many types of websites are being created in the world, through which people are earning money from the website by doing different types of work according to their own.

For example Blog Websites, Service Websites, Professional Websites, Video websites, Business websites, Technology Websites, Software websites, etc.  When the goal is decided about what to do on the website, then we create a website, then we can easily earn money from it.

Targeting huge market

Traffic is the main source of earnings on the website, when more and more traffic comes to the website, it will earn from that. That is why the market has to be selected in which most of the audience is present. By selecting the market, most of the audience will come to the website, and earnings from it will also increase.

To earn money from the website, you can either use Google Adsense or you can do affiliate marketing. Apart from this, you can also do service marketing from the website.

For all these things, the role of the visitor coming to the website is very important. Because whatever visitors come, information is gained by clicking on the website, in return for which they earn.

Buy a domain and hosting

When the planning is completed about the website, then it is most important to choose the best domain name for the website. According to your business, you have to choose a domain name that matches the business perfectly.

Due to this, the business will move forward very soon, so choose a domain name that is completely matchable with your business. Due to this, the growth of the website increases as much as possible. In this way, select your domain hosting and set it up.

Build your website

After buying domain hosting, the most important thing is to set up the website. For which a better design template should be used. 

So that the professional look of the website is visible. In this way, your website should be completely designed and developed which is completely user-friendly. Business People can easily get information about the business. 

Two platforms are most important in today’s time to build up the website. You can easily set up your website on WordPress. Or you can get a website developed for your business through any website developer. By the way, WordPress is also very popular in the present time, in which most people are making websites for their businesses as well.


Make the website clean and fresh

After setting up the website, whatever content you want to publish, publish it only after making it completely clean and fresh. 

So that the visitors coming to the website get completely new and fresh articles. Due to this, the popularity of the website will increase a lot. 

Therefore, whatever articles you publish on the website, prepare them in the form of high-quality content, which should be very friendly for the user.

When the website is completely ready and every day new types of content are published on it, after that you can think about earning the website. There are many such platforms through which you can earn online from your website.

Get a Google Adsense approval

When the website is completely ready, after that you can take the approval of Google Adsense to earn from your website. By which the advertisement will be shown on the website and the visitors who come on the advertisement will watch it, that your earnings will also start through Adsense. 

In this way, you can earn money by creating a website, it is very easy to earn money from Google Adsense, the more visitors will come to your website, the more you will earn from Google Adsense.

To earn money from google AdSense, the website has to be monetized through google Adsense. Which is when you set up the website completely and publish at least 20 to 25 posts on it. 

Google adsense

After that, go to the website of Adsense and create your account. After which add your website there. In addition, that website will be fully tested by the Adsense team. 

After which if the website is working completely following all the rules and regulations, then the website is approved by Google Adsense. 

After which you show ads on your website and earn money from it, in this way by taking Google Adsense approval, you can monetize your website and earn money from it.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a very good and popular way by which money can be earned through the website. To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to share complete information about any kind of better product on your website.

After which the visitors who come from there will buy any kind of goods through the link of the given website. So from that, you will get an affiliate commission. With this, you will earn a lot from affiliate marketing through the website.

E-book selling

website, whatever kind of content you put, in the same way, if you want to prepare and sell an e-book, you can do it through the website. 

Due to this, there will be a lot of income. Because today people are liking e-books more on digital platforms and also want to buy them online. So if you make a better e-book, then you can sell it through your website and earn money from it.


How to make a website and earn money. In this post, we have learned so many things about making money through website monetization so if you have any questions related to this post please comment in the comment section below.

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