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How To Make Money From App? How To Earn Money From App? Mobile apps are available for every type of online work at present time. Android app is available for all types of tasks like shopping, online teaching, online payment, online games, etc. However, there are many smartphone apps for earning money from home. On which you can work as per your time.

At present, many people are earning crores by creating mobile apps. There are many different ways to earn from mobile apps. Get knowledge of those methods. To earn money from mobile apps, first of all, you need an Android smartphone and internet connectivity.

Then you will be able to earn money from your app through advertising or other methods discussed below. you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to make money. Through which you can get information about how to earn money from the app through other methods mentioned below. Money Earning Apps, Real Best Earning App in India.

How To Make Money From App

There are so many best ways to earn money from apps. By getting better knowledge of which you will be able to earn money from the app. However, to earn from the app, internet connectivity should be strong. The smartphone should be of Android quality.  you can easily download any app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. After this, you will earn easily from the app. Earning from the app requires patience and hard work.

How To Make Money From App

However, earning money from apps is both beneficial and harmful. The disadvantage is that many apps are fraudulent. Due to this people can sometimes become victims of fraud. But not all apps are like this. Ways to earn money from all the apps have been explained in this article. That true and safe app is best for earning. There are too many benefits to making money from apps.

You can work as per your time. By doing this part-time along with the job, you can earn money from more and more by apps. So how do make money from the app we will know. Cheapest Online Shopping App, Cheap Apps For Buy Anything

Refer And Earn Money From App 

There are many such apps through which one can earn money through referral programs. There are many apps on the internet. On which the referral program is run. There are many people earning from this program. You can download the app from the Google Play Store. Then a referral link is received on it.

You refer that referral link to any of your relatives or friends. If someone downloads the app through the referral link referred by you. Then you receive the bonus through that referral code. Money from any app is earned at a fixed price through a referral program. Then he can easily transfer the earned money to his Paytm wallet. Because Paytm is linked through such apps. Due to this the money earned through the app is easily transferred to Paytm wallet. 20 Best Apps for Smartphones in India.

  • Taskbucks
  • PhonePe
  • mCent
  • Upstox
  • Amazon Pay
  • Phone Pay
  • Google pay
  • Zomato

Make Money By Creating an App

You can create or develop a mobile application. Because today the app is very important for everyone. That’s why creating an app is good for making money by app.

For example, in today’s time, a very popular ad-running company is Admob. Which has been started by Google. Therefore people have more trust in this company. AdMob is also safe and secure. So connect with Admob or any other ad-running company. Then run the ad on your app. After that, more users will visit your app. The more you click on the ad, the more you will earn.

Make Money From Cashback Offer

We use the app to make any kind of online payment. The app is used for online shopping or doing any recharge. By the way, cashback is also available on the online payment or recharge through the mobile app. Currently, the most used is the phone pay wallet.

You can easily transfer funds, bill payments, and recharge your mobile or DTH by phone pay. We can earn more and more cashback, offers, rewards, bonuses, etc. are available from PhonePe. Apart from PhonePe, there are many trusted apps for making online payments. Through this, you get cashback for working online.

  • PhonePe
  • Data buddy
  • Amazon Pay
  • Paytm
  • Free charge

Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money from online apps by doing affiliate marketing. Online Shopping platforms provide a facility for earning money online. The affiliate marketing program is run on them. Now you can earn money from online apps by doing affiliate marketing. Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are popular online shopping apps.

Join the affiliate program by visiting their website. Upon registering for the affiliate program, you receive an affiliate link. Promote the product of the e-commerce website through that link. If any person buys the product through an affiliate link. You will get a better commission on that. However, this commission depends on the product you share. In affiliate marketing, the commission can be up to 5%, 7%, or 9% on any product. Well, to earn money from the app by doing affiliate marketing, some things are required. Such as a blog website, YouTube channel, or social media app.

If you have a blog website, you can share affiliate links on it. If there is a YouTube channel, then you can make a review video on it. You can review any product in that video. Then you can share your affiliate link in the description. You have to buy a product by clicking on the link given on that YouTube channel. You will get a commission on that. Along with this, it is necessary to have maximum users on social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Only then will you earn money from the app by doing affiliate marketing.


There are many companies online which give people the opportunity to earn money by taking surveys. There are many such smartphone apps. On which you can earn money by doing surveys. Download the survey mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then create your account on it and participate in the survey.

After that, you can earn money every day or once a week by participating in surveys. For this, you will survey some things through that app. By the way, we will visit the app and do a survey after watching the video. After that, you will earn money from the app through surveys. There are many popular apps to earn money from the app by doing surveys.

  • Task Bucks
  • DooCash
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Amazon MTurk
  • Swagbucks
  • Vindale Research
  • Survey Junkie

Playing Game

In Present people are earning maximum money from apps by playing games. There are many such popular games available. The people are playing online games and win money by game. You can earn money from the app by referring and earning, participating in tournaments, and playing battle games. There are many famous mobile games. Like Dream11, MPL, free fire, loco, etc. You can earn money from the app in online games by these popular games.

Who has better knowledge of online games? He is an expert in playing games. Therefore, if you want to earn money from games, then first you have to get a better knowledge of the game. Tournaments are played from time to time in online games. If you are an expert, then participate in that tournament. After that get rewards, and bonuses from there. There are some games available that are paid money by bitcoin.

You can transfer Bitcoin money to your Paytm wallet. Because Paytm is linked to that mobile game app. That’s why, the money earned is transferred to the Paytm wallet.

  • Winzo
  • MPL
  • Dream 11
  • Zupee
  • Paytm First Game
  • Rozdhan
  • Game supreme
  • Pocket Money

Watching Video

There are many entertainment mobile apps available. You can earn money by watching videos, ads, and news, and receiving updates. You can complete the survey by watching videos on them. After you complete the survey, the rewards, bonus, or digital money is sent to your Paytm wallet through that app.

  • Rozdhan
  • Taskbucks


Reselling is also the best way to earn money online from home using apps. There are many popular e-commerce platforms available for reselling. You can download that app from the Google Play Store. Where you can create your reseller account. After creating an account, the product of that reselling platform has to be resold. After that, the more products you resell, the more commission you will receive. Well, in India Meesho app is the most popular for reselling. Many people are earning money by reselling from the Meesho app. Apart from this, there are many popular reselling mobile apps listed to earn money.

  • Meesho
  • Shopsy
  • Shop 101
  • eBay
  • GlowRoad
  • Quikr
  • ResellMe

Making a Video

Making money online by making videos from the app is a good idea at present. Because Town and village people are watching online videos by mobile apps. Where people make videos according to their knowledge. Then upload that video on that platform. From where you can earn money from the app by making videos. YouTube app is the best to earn money by making videos. You can download the YouTube app from the Google Play Store. Then you can create your channel on it.

After that whatever you know better. Share the same information through video. When you complete 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on YouTube in one year. After that, you can apply for Google Adsense approval. You can earn money by showing ads after getting approval from Google Adsense. You can also upload videos on another platform for making money online.

  • Data buddy
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Making Money From Freelancing App

There is also a freelancing app to earn money from home online. If you have knowledge of online work, you can earn money from freelancing. Such as content writing, website development, software development, data entry, etc. You can get any work as per your skill through a freelancing platform. ‌To get work from freelancing, first download the freelancing app from the Google Play Store.

Create your account there. Share information about your skills, and your knowledge. After that, you will get whatever work is done according to your knowledge. You can complete that work sitting at home as per your time. You will get money from freelancing according to your work. Many freelancing platforms also have mobile apps. You can download it on your smartphone and work from anywhere.

  • Freelancer 
  • Teacher
  • Upwork 
  • Febr
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Upstack
  • Toptal
  • PeoplePerHour

Online Teaching

You will also earn by doing online teaching through the mobile app. Education is most important for anyone. Therefore, all educational services were stopped during the Corona period. Then the craze of online teaching is growing fast. In the Present There are many students are increasing their knowledge by studying online. Zoom app or YouTube app is the best platform for online teaching.

You can create your own channel on YouTube and teach through videos. you can make a course or tutorial video on any subject and upload it on YouTube. The more people watch your tutorial video. You will earn more and more by online teaching. 11 Super Tips How to Become a Cricketer in India

  • People
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Canvas
  • Youtube
  • Udemy

Make Money Online From Sponsorship By App

You can earn real money online by doing sponsorship from the app. There are many online platforms on which one can earn money through sponsorship. Such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you want to earn money through sponsorship from Facebook, then you should have more followers on the Facebook app. Then You will get more offers from the company.

If You earn money from Instagram. Then You will have to create an Instagram business account. After that, You will have to get more followers on Instagram to get sponsorship. Similarly, you can also earn through sponsorship from the YouTube app. In today’s time, most people are earning money through sponsorship from YouTube apps.

But there should be a lot of subscribers on YouTube. You must be famous as a successful famous YouTuber. After that, some companies will provide an offer to sponsor its service and product. The company gives more money for this.

You can also increase followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora for getting sponsorship. If you get more traffic on LinkedIn, you will definitely be contacted by some companies for sponsorship. How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment


We have shared many methods of how to earn money from online apps in this article. There are many such mobile apps on online platforms. You can play games and complete the survey. You can complete these tasks and then earn money from the app. This is necessary to have good knowledge and internet knowledge to earn money by sitting at home.

After that, you can make money from the app. However, it is important to be careful to earn money from online apps. Because there are many such apps that commit fraud. Know how to extort money from people by making false claims. Therefore, use such apps that can give money online. That app should be trusted and safe. Where you get a chance to earn 100% money from the app by working online. 5 Tips How To Make a Website and Earn Money.

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