5+ Best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

Google Chrome extension. Hello friends, in this post know about Five(5) Google Chrome extensions for bloggers. 5 important Google Chrome extensions for bloggers.

The amazing five Google Chrome extensions are very important for bloggers because these 5 extensions play a very great role in improving your blog, finding information, and suggestions to improve blogging skills.

Chrome extension is just like a complete solution for any type of work. Because with the help of the Chrome extension, you can do easy work related to blogging and others.

5 Best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

  • Google Translate
  • Keyword surfer
  • Mozbar
  • Easy block commenting
  • Bookmark manager

Now we will get good knowledge about the above five5 very essential Google Chrome extensions below.

Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

1. Google Translate

This chrome extension is very useful for translating the any text. With the help of this tool, you can easily change the text to your knowing language.

2. keyword surfer extension

Keywords surfer is an extension that is used to know any keyword search volume in the Chrome browser. Keyword Suffer provides the exact keyword search volume in Google. If you are a blogger then you have to use always keyword suffer to know about any keyword search volume.

  • Easily download and install this extension in your Google Chrome browser.
  • To download and install keyword surfer
  • Open google.com
  • In Google search the keyword surfer
  • Then click to download keyboard surfer
  • After that follow the process of installation.
  • After that go to the Google Chrome extension section then click on the keyword suffer for always use in Google.

3. Mozbar

Mozbar extension provided by Moz. To know about any website Domain authority and page authority. you should have downloaded the Moz bar extension to check any website’s DA and PA scores.

  • If you want to download and install mos bar visit google.com search bar extension
  • Then open the first website after that click on it to download and install the Moz bar.
  • To use the Moz bar go to Chrome extension and then on the modes war to check any website’s DA and PA score.

4. Easy blog commenting

Easy blog commenting Chrome extension is used for commenting on multiple websites. This extension is very helpful. Because after submitting all details in this extension, there is no need to fill it in again and again.

5. Bookmark manager

The bookmark manager extension is just like a book. If we are working on multiple websites. And we want to save every website name. then we can easily save all website names in the bookmark manager extension. Therefore if A blogger visited so many websites. Then with the help of the bookmark manager extension, he can easily save all website names in bookmark manager.


Learned about important Google 5 Chrome extensions for bloggers. Such as Alexa traffic rank, bookmark manager, easy block commenting, keywords surfer, Mose bar, etc. If anybody has any questions or suggestions. please comment in the comment box. If do you like this post? Please share this post on social platforms like Facebook LinkedIn Twitter etc thanks for visiting. 

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