JBT Full Form? Syllabus And Fee?

What is JBT Full Form? JBT is a junior-level diploma course. After doing this you can get a teaching job in any primary school. There are lots of vacancies in primary school, middle school & high school in each state.

If you want to further your career by becoming a primary school teacher, then you can do a JBT Diploma course. After completing this course, you become eligible to make a career in any primary school or in the teaching field.

This is a junior basic training. Training is given about teaching children in primary school or in any institute, private school, etc. It is considered very good training to go into the teaching line. Because after doing this course, by becoming a teacher in a private or government institution, you can give better education to children.

By the way, every state or every college has a different subject or different admission process. In this article, every kind of information related to JBT eligibility or JBT has been given. Cheapest Private Medical College In India

JBT Full Form

This is a training diploma course to become a teacher. The full form of JBT is Junior Basic Training Hota Hai. This course is completed in 2 years. To do this course, any person has to pass 12th first. Only after that, they can complete the teacher training diploma course. It is a course that can be pursued either in regular mode or distance mode.

If one does not have time to attend regular classes, then one can complete this course in distance mode. If you want to complete it by taking regular classes, then this option is also available.

JBT Full Form

JBT course can be completed in 2 years. There are 4 semesters. Each semester is completed in 6 months. In this course, how children are taught at the general level, and how children can be taught, are taught. In this, training is given to make different plans in different ways to teach children.

So that if one becomes a teacher in any educational field, then by giving better education to the children, they can make their future better.

What is JBT

JBT is a basic training course to get a teacher job in the field of education. In which better training is given to teaching children. GBT can be done from any government or private college. In which the admission process is done in different ways.

you can get a job as a teacher in any school for a JBT course. By doing this course, one gets information about teaching skills, subject-wise knowledge, different methods of teaching children, different plans, etc. to teach children. After doing this course, better training is received to teach children from 1 to 5 classes.

Eligibility for JBT

  • To do the JBT course, first of all, it is necessary to pass 12th from any recognized college.
  • It is necessary to have at least 50% to 60% marks in 12th.
  • After the 12th, you can take admitted to any private or government college.
  • By the way, the admission process is different in each college, about which first get better information.
  • If you do this course after graduation, then it is necessary to have 50% to 60% marks in graduation.
  • By the way, for admission in every college, the marks of the student in 12th may be more or less.
  • To take admitted to this, the age of the candidate should be from 16 to 28 years.

Admission Process in JBT Course

There are various ways to take admission to the JBT Diploma course. You can do this course at any private or government college. Admission in this can be done on the basis of a merit list, direct admission, and also on passing the entrance exam.

By the way, if you want to take admitted to any college of any state, then first of all get better information about the rule regulation, fees, admission process, etc. of that college. Only after that whatever process of admission can be completed.

Direct Admission

In many colleges, admission to the JBT Diploma course also becomes direct. In this, candidates can take admitted by going to the direct college and submitting the necessary documents by filling out the admission form.

On the basis of merit

In many colleges, admission to JBT is obtained on the basis of a merit list. In this, whatever candidates want to get admission, they apply online form. Then the names of those candidates are issued by the college through the list. Only those candidates whose name is there on that list can get admission.

On the basis of the entrance exam

There are many such colleges too, in which the entrance exam has to be given first to do the JBT course. If they pass the entrance exam, then only they can get admission. By the way, in order to take admitted to most government colleges, the entrance exam has to be given first.

Jbt course syllabus

To do this course, there can be different subjects in every college or every state. But in most colleges, almost only one subject is taught. In this course, information is given on how to teach children, how to prepare a better plan for teaching them, etc. That’s why every subject related to this has been prepared for this course.

  • Education in Emerging Indian
  • education technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • teaching of English
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Management Elementary Level
  • Education for peace value environment and human rights
  • The teaching of social studies
  • Teaching of Hindi
  • The teaching of environmental science
  • Art education and work experience
  • Health and physical education yoga
  • Teaching of mathematics

JBT Course Fee

JBT Course There may be different fees for each state or each college. By the way, government colleges charge very less fees as compared to private colleges. It may cost 50000 to 150000 fees to do the JBT course. By the way, the fees have been told on the basis of an estimate.

If you have to take admitted to any college, then, first of all, you can get better information about the admission fees there. Different admission fees may be more or less in each college.

JBT Course College in India

  • Gandhi Shanti Niketan Mahavidyalaya Allahabad
  • Mahatma Gandhi College of Education Firozabad
  • District Institute of Education and Training Kannur
  • City College of BTC Lucknow
  • Academy of future teacher and Education New Delhi
  • Brilliant education Jamnagar Gujarat
  • Delhi Institute of Technology and Research Delhi
  • Abhilashi post-graduate college of Education Mandi Himachal Pradesh
  • District Institute of Education and Training Kolhapur Maharashtra

What to do after the JBT course

By the way, after doing this course, you can make a career in the teaching line. You can get a job in private school & government school. After doing the JBT course, the candidate can get many scopes for a better career.

  • You can get a teaching job in a government school or Kendriya Vidyalaya in any state. But for that after doing the JBT course one has to clear CTET or TET exam.
  • Can do teacher job in private school.
  • One can get a job in any institute or coaching center.
  • If you want to open your own school, then every method of teaching children is given information in the JBT course. After which even after opening your own school, you can give better education to children from one to five.
  • You can also open your own coaching center.
  • If you do the JBT course after the 12th, then after that you can continue your studies and do graduation.

Along with this, many types of job options are also available after doing the JBT course.

  • teacher
  • trainer
  • Teaching Assistant
  • child care 
  • social worker 
  • librarian 
  • education administrator
  • consultant 
  • public relation specialist

Career field after JBT course

After doing this course, you can get a better job in many fields. By the way, in this diploma course, information is given about the better way of teaching children, better way of handling children. But apart from this, if you want to make your future in other fields also, then you can make it.

  • Government College
  • private college
  • government office
  • child care center
  • library
  • coaching center
  • home tutoring

Salary after the JBT course

By the way, after doing this course, work can be done in many fields. Well, mostly in this course, better training is given to get a job in a government school. In primary school, children get information about each and every plan and method of providing better education.

If you join a government school, then you find a good salary. Along with this, after doing this course, if you do a job in any field, then the salary depends on the basis of that post. Different salaries can be available for different posts in each different field. Along with this, as the experience increases in the field in which one works, the salary also increases.


What is GBT?

JBT is a junior-level Basic Teacher Training Diploma course.

Full form of JBT?

junior basic training

Time Duration of JBT Course?

This course is completed in 2 years.

How many semesters are there in the JBT course?

There are 4 semesters in the JBT course. Each semester’s duration is six months.

How to do the JBT course?

This course can be done in both regular or distance mode.


If you want to make a career in the teaching line, then the JBT Junior Basic Training course is very good for you. This is a diploma course, in which information is received about each and every method of teaching children.

In this, how to teach children, how they can be given better education by planning, training is given to the candidates. Better information about the JBT course is given in this article.

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