Money Earning Apps, Real Best Earning App in India

Here we will discuss real money-earning apps in India. In online platforms, there are so many real earning apps available. Those apps are very helpful for money earning. If you are looking for those apps that give you real money then you are in the right place to know everything about those apps.

Using apps there are many people really earning in India. All over the world, populations try to learn and earn by real money-earning apps. Here you can learn about the best morning-earning app, which app is real money in India, online money-earning app without investment, no investment earning app Paytm cash, etc.

Best Online Money-Earning App in India

There are lots of money-earning apps in India. That’s all very useful for a student housewife and any person. We will elaborate one by one in detail below.

Meesho app, Google Opinion rewards, EarnKaro App, pocket money, and Rozdhan app are the best real money-earning apps online in India. What is a Smartphone

Best Online Money-Earning App in India

What is Money Earning App?

On the platform of the internet, there are different types of mobile apps available for different works. But all apps are not given the facility to earn money in the village. But there are some best money-earning apps available on the internet. An app that gives a chance to earn money by completing different types of work on mobile apps is called a money-earning app.

Types of Online money Earning Apps in India

Lots of apps are available in the mobile Play Store. Different apps work differently. So it is very important to know about all types of earning apps.

Refer and earn apps – when we download some apps on our mobile phones and then refer to our friends’ relatives we get referring money by apps.

Investment apps – on our mobile phones are available. First, we have to invest money for earning. Like trading stock share market apps etc.

Survey apps – we can do online survey work on mobile apps. There are some apps available that provide survey forms. When we complete the survey we make money through apps.

Cashback apps – when we recharge our mobile phone TV energy bill gas bill we get cashback through apps. These apps provide cashback by using different services on earning apps.

How to Earn Money Through the Best Online Earning Apps

Why do apps give money to us? When we use any apps for different works. Then the app on money by us. Earning is not a single process. Earning is the process of taking and giving. That’s why the app provides money through rewards scheme affiliate programs cashback referral rewards etc.

Money Earning AppsWorking TypeAverage Downloads
MeeshoResell100+ Million
Google Opinion RewardsSurvey5+ Crore
EarnKaroAffiliate1+ M
SwagbucksTask5+ M
Pocket MoneyTask1+ Crore
TaskBucksTask1+ Crore
RozDhanTask/News1+ Crore
The Pannel StationSurvey10+ L
CointiplyTask1+ M
StreetbeesLifestyle Survey10+ L
Current RewardsGame1+ Crore
EarnEasyRewards5+ L
Cash BaronTask1+ L
TaurusTask5+ M
Poll PaySurvey1+ Crore
RupiyoTask10+ L
Atta PollSurvey10+ M
Features PointsSurvey1+ Crore
TopcentSurvey5+ L
Free CashGame10+ L
LocoGame10+ M
CashbuddyTask10+ M
DoshTask1+ M
FrizzaTask5+ M
UserfeelTask1+ L
HealthyWageTask1+ L
SheroesTask1+ M
U Speak We PayTask5+ L
mCentTask10+ M
Make Money – Cash EarningSurvey10+ M
Inbox DollarsTask50+ L
Money Tree RecordsTask5+ Lac
TolokaSurvey10+ M
PaidWorkMulti Work5+ M
WinzoGame10+ C
First GameGame
Junglee RummyGame10+ Million

Which App is Real Money in India

1. Meesho

Meesho is an online E-Commerce platform. That provides online shopping facilities in India. Students, women, and working people working online on me. Miso provides facilities to resale the product and on money by reselling through mobile apps.

For our money from me, you can create an account after that you can promote the fashion cloth-related product on social media platforms. When a person buys any product by your link then you earn money through the Meesho app.

Anybody can set the maximum retail price for selling a professional product on the Internet. When a product is sold then you are margin money by your settled price.

2. Google Opinion rewards

This is the official app developed by Google. Google Opinion Rewards app provides an option to complete the survey program for making money online by buying apps. You can easily download this app from the Play Store to earn money. Here you can fill out a survey form. When you complete the survey you can put one dollar in your Google Play Store account.


Here We guide about the best apps for making money online by mobile application. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this post. Please comment in the comment below section.