MS Word Full Form, Amazing, Features & Menu Bars 2023

MS Word Full Form? Generally, Microsoft Word is called MS Word, its full form is Microsoft Word. One of the important programs of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Word, which is called MS Word short.

It is known as one of the earliest very prominent software of the computer. Because it is a very good software program found in every computer. In which all the fundamental work related to computers is done.

What is the full form of MS word?

MS word’s full form is Microsoft word. In the world, Microsoft Word is called MS Word in short name. It is a basic software in which a documentation application, ‘levels Envelops’ is used to generate Identity cards, bills, I card, etc.

Some of the major programs of Microsoft Office are.

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Microsoft Access 
  • Microsoft Outlook 
MS Word Full Form

Owner of Microsoft Word

MS Word is developed by Microsoft company. Whose owner is Bill Gates? That’s why the owner of MS Word is also Bill Gates. He is known in the world for doing better work in the field of technology. Bill Gates is also counted among the richest people in the world.

So far, many versions of Microsoft Office have been launched in a new form. The most preferred version of Microsoft Office was 2003. After that many versions were launched like Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, and 2019.

What is MS Word

It is documentation software. Also called an application program. Well, this is a very good program. By which many fundamental tasks of the computer are done. There are many great menu Tabs for working in MS Word. Inside which there are many different types of blocks. Some of its main features have been given.

Menu Tabs and blocks have been provided to work easily in MS Word, in which many options have been given to make the table, image, background image, color, font size, font family, etc.

MS Word’s Menu Tab

Home tab 

It has many great options to decorate different types of text like cut, copy, paste, format painter, bold, italic, underline, font size, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, change Case, Text Highlight Color, Font Color, Clear Formatting, Shrink Fonts, Grow Fonts, Bullets, Numbering, Multilevel List, Justify, Align Text, Center, etc.

Insert tab

Inside this tab, such options are given by which something can be inserted on the page of Microsoft Word. Such as table, picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, chart, hyperlink, header, and footer, page number, text box, quick parts, word art, signature line, date and time, object, equation symbol, cover page, blank page and so on.

Page Layout Menu Tab

It has many great options to manage the page layout of MS Word like page orientation, size, columns, line number, page watermark, page border, etc. to set margins around the page. All these options are given to set.

Reference menu Tab

There is an option given in this to create a table of contents in MS Word. And also, many great options are given inside it like adding text update table, insert and note, next footnote, etc.

Mailings menu Tab

The mailings menu is the most prominent mail merge option inside this menu Tab. Through which applications can be prepared and sent to many people simultaneously.

Mail Merge is one of the amazing features of Microsoft Word. Due to this, the work can be completed in less time.

Review menu Tab

Many major options are given inside this tab, such as the option of spelling grammar has been given to check the words written on a page of Microsoft Word. There are many more options like Research, Translate, Word Count, New Comment, Track Changes, Protect Document, Compare, etc.

View menu Tab

How much can you enlarge a Microsoft Word page and how much you can at least make it smaller? How can you create two pages by dividing a single page inside a word? How to do page split. How can I arrange multiple pages at once? About all these, many great options have been given in it.

Now you have to read the page of MS Word in full screen. If you want to set an outline, draft, web layout, print layout, etc., then options are also given for that.

Macros – This is a great option inside the View menu Tab, through which if you want to do the same type of work repeatedly on any document, then you can do it through the macro’s features. Once set up, by running macros on your own, you can accomplish that task very quickly in less time.

What is Wordart in MS word


MS Word Full Form.

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