PTA Full Form, Function, Importance and Objective?

PTA Full Form? PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. This association is made for making a good relationship between a student teacher and parents. These three are very important in school.

Because of a student teachers and parents, these three-place very important roles in one another. This is a nonprofit organization made for the development of the student education school etc.

This is association work for the betterment of a student.PTA is fully responsible for the participation of parents in the school because the conversation between the teacher and parents with a student in a school is very important for the child.

PTA Full Form

PTA is an organization in the education sector. That connects to the school, parents & students. The Parent’s role is very important for the child’s development. Because children start their education at their home.

In the school, the coordination of the teachers, parents, and students together is necessary. For which the Parent-Teacher Association works.

PTA Full Form

Introduction of PTA

PTA is a nonprofit association made only for the development of the student a school education. PTA strives to create a better environment in the school. Because it is also necessary to establish better coordination between the student and the teacher in the school.

In order to maintain a better understanding between the teachers and the students. The organization arranges meetings from time to time. The meeting organized by the PTA consists of the student teacher and his/her parents.

In that meeting, the student is also given an opportunity to present whatever problems or suggestions, or changes he has to make. In which area the children are lacking, their parents also tell the teacher.

In that meeting, parents are also informed about the children by the teacher. PTA provides a platform. The platform on which all three students, teachers, and parents interact with each other about whatever is the best step to further education.

Through which efforts are made to improve whatever shortcomings are there. All the students who go to school. How is their behavior? How is he doing in his studies? How do they behave with their fellow students? All these things are discussed between the parent and the teacher on that platform.

To make a school even better, a meeting is also necessary to maintain better behavior and education with the student. That is why a seminar is organized by the PTA by fixing a date in the school. In which the parents of all the children or whatever their guardians are, participate in discussions.

Function of PTA

The work of PTA lies in the development of the children. Their main objective and work are to improve the education of children. PTA has also created a goal in mind. 

  • Their main task is to improve children’s health, education, sports, and development in every field. Establishing better coordination between parents and school management, and creating a good environment among school staff and students, is also their main task.
  • The teacher’s union also does the work of scheduling meetings with teachers and parents.
  • The teacher’s union also works to arrange the marks sheets of the children and whatever is necessary related to them.
  • It also directs the school or the school management to take whatever steps are necessary to maintain better education among all the children.
  • In school, he tries to edit all kinds of tasks according to the time. They also work on whatever appropriate advice is given by the guardian or parents.

Importance of PTA

  • Serves as a platform to interact with teachers, parents, and students.
  • Takes care of all types of children. Whether the child is better or less in studies, we try to take forward all types of children together on one platform.
  • For better coordination and supervision of the nature, health, and lifestyle of the students, they act as a link between the teacher and the parent in the school.

Advantages of PTA

Parent Teacher Association has many benefits. Because whenever there is any kind of problem between the school and parents, then it works for very better coordination between them.

The Parents Teachers Association encourage them to take whatever steps are necessary for the development of the children in the school. They also provide an opportunity for the children to bring positive thoughts and make observations to further their learning.

Apart from education in children, they also work to move forward in the field of sports and arts. He takes whatever steps are necessary for the students. By which their mental development takes place. Along with studies, they try to do better to increase their interest in other fields even more.

Objective of PTA

Because today PTA acts as a guide for schools and management. Through this, the PTA also directs to do whatever is necessary for the school.

The organization works for children’s education.

Role of Teachers and parents in PTA

What is the role of the teacher and parent in PTA? As mentioned above it has three main components. Teacher student and parent. In which the role of teacher and parent is very important. Because only on the basis of these two, a better future for a student can be built.

That’s why the role of these two is most important. Continuous interaction between teacher and parent and its implementation becomes possible only through PTA. Because of this, PTA gives an opportunity to understand each other through meetings from time to time and to convey their views.

So that if children have problems related to studies of any kind, then those problems can be solved. If the school If there is a problem related to the student in time, then the teacher tells the guardian. To fix which teachers and parents try together.

In this way, parents and teachers play their role in the development of children through PTA meetings.


In simple words, it is an organization formed by the teacher and guardian for the development of the children between the parent and the teacher. Whose only job is to improve children’s education and school performance.


What is the full form of PTA in this post we have learned about the full form of PTA and all the important information we find in this post. In this post, information related to PTA has been given.

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