Anna Mani was a well-known physicist and meteorologist from India. She was also the Deputy Director of the Meteorological Department of India.

Anna Mani's full story

He contributed in making meteorological instruments in the field of Meteorological Department.

He was born in Peerumedu, Travancore, Kerala, on 23 August 1918 in a Syrian Christian family.

His hobby in childhood was to become a dancer. But with the passage of time, he advanced his career towards physics.

Apart from India, he had given many excellent services in the field of meteorology abroad.

His 140th birth anniversary was just celebrated. On this occasion, Google's birth anniversary was also celebrated by making a special doodle.

Anna Mani did BSE from London. After completing his studies, he came to India and started serving in meteorology.

He was honored in the year 1987 by the Government of India for his outstanding work.

A meteorologist who did a better job in the field of meteorology died in the year 2001.

Like wrote a book about the resource of wind energy in India. Wrote a book about solar radiation in India.