Elvis Presley was a famous American singer and actor. After a short time, he became a famous artist of the world.

Elvis Presley's full story

Elvis Presley was born on 8 January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA.

He was born in a poor family. In the initial days, he had gone through a lot of struggle in his life.

He died suddenly on 16 August 1977. He died in the bathroom of Graceland Estate.

He died in a mysterious way. Well it is said that he died of a heart attack.

In the beginning of his career, he sang many great songs. After that he also acted in many super hit films.

Elvis Presley 45th birthday was celebrated with great fanfare on 16 August.

For the entertainment of the army, he also worked in the army for a few days.

He was one of America's most famous rock and roll icons of the twentieth century. He has entertained people a lot with many great songs.

Elvis Presley was a very entertaing man.

Elvis Presley was great man of USA and world in singing and acting.