Harriet Hageman's full name is Harriet Maxine Hageman.

Harriet Hageman full story

He was born on 18 October 1962. He is an American lawyer by profession and a Republican political candidate.

Who has won election to the United States House of Representatives in Wyoming in 2022.

He defeated Linz Cheney. He is also a staunch critic of former US President Donald Trump.

Hageman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in addition to a law degree.

Hageman has also served as a clerk under a United States Court judge.

In 1997, Hageman also led Wyoming in Nebraska vs Wyoming.

In September 2021, Heijman announced that he would contest the 2022 election against Linz Cheney, the current Republican.

Harriet Maxine Hageman father’s name is james Hageman.

Harriet Maxine Hageman is a slick woman who is actively working.

Hageman was born and raised on a farm in Fort Laramie, Wyoming.