Discover the Benefits of Quora – A Guide to Question & Answer Platforms

What are the benefits of Quora? The person who uses the Internet searches for answers to many types of questions on a laptop computer or mobile, on the website. It is used to get the answer to their question on this. 

But people often keep searching on the internet about what are the advantages of, read this article completely to know who made this website, and where is its headquarters.

Whenever the answer to a question or a solution to a problem is not found on Google, people often search on Quora and get information. This is a site on which you can get the answer to any type of question. That is why the second name of Quora is called Question and Answer, that’s why this website is also known by the name Question and Answer. Make Money Online.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question-answer site. You can get the answer to any kind of question or you can answer the question asked by anyone. It is considered a platform where any problem can be solved. There are many benefits of using the Quora site.

  • Any question is answered immediately.
  • Knowledge increases by using this site.
  • If you are in a dilemma about a question and cannot find the answer, then many types of suggestions are easily found by many people on Quora.
  • This website can be used by people of all age groups like poets, writers, politicians, doctors, astrologers, children, old people, engineers, etc.
  • The experience of many people on this site is revealed, and they get information about their views. That is why it is also called the sour-sweet haunt of experience.
  • If you have a passion for writing and want to share your information with others, then you can do it on the Quora site.
  • If you have a passion for reading, then you can read about all kinds of subjects of your choice on this site.
  • If a person keeps thinking negative things in his free time, then Quora is a very good site to utilize his time. All kinds of people are found on this, due to which the business also increases and many types of information are available.
  • There is also an opportunity to get to know the views of many people.
  • There is also a chance to earn money through Quora’s partner program.
What are the benefits of Quora

History of Quora was created by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Who was also a former employee of the Facebook website? Quora is an American question-answering website. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. This is a site that is available in many languages ​​like English, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, etc.

This website was started in 2011. In 2012 a mobile app was made available to use this site on mobile. The blogging facility was also started on the Quora website in 2013. If you do any kind of post on this site, then how many people have seen that post, how many people have followed it, and how many people are sharing it?


There are many people on question-answer who create their accounts and find answers to their questions. Answer questions made by other people or give your own suggestions. There are many features of this website so people like it more.

  • Firstly, the biggest feature is that you can ask any kind of question related to any field and the answer will be found at the same time. 
  • If you know the answer to the question asked by someone, then you can give it.
  • If a post has been posted by someone, the article has been written, if you like it, then you can like it, if you do not like it, you can also dislike it.
  • Just like there are many social networking sites and chat with other people on them. Similarly, you can also chat with many people by going to Quora’s inbox.
  • If any question has been asked by others on the question-answer site, then you can answer it according to your choice, there is no bond of any kind for it.
  • A title writer program was started on the Quora website in 2012, through which people who edit their articles in poetry or any kind in 1 year and are liked more than they are honored by choosing 150 main authors. Are being given.

Earn Money From Quora

A partner program is run on the question-answer website, on which money can be earned by answering other people’s questions.

If you have a site and want to bring traffic to the site, then you can bring traffic by sharing the link to your website. You can earn money from it.

If you are fond of writing books, then you can earn money by selling e-books on Quora.

If there is an affiliate link to an e-commerce website, then you can earn money through affiliate marketing on question-answer.


This website can be used on a computer laptop or mobile also. Quora’s site and apps are both available. By creating your account on this site, you can get the solution to any of your problems. 

You can ask any type of question or answer others’ questions through the app on mobile. Once you have installed the app, you do not have to visit the website again and again but can use it through the app itself.


Although there is more benefit to the question-answer website, people increase their knowledge and science. But there are many people who get addicted to this site. He starts giving unnecessary answers to people’s questions on the question-answer site even without work. 

You should see the answer to the question you need on the Quora site. So that you can get suggestions for any problem that can be beneficial.


What are the benefits of Quora?

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