What is a Smartphone? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Smartphone? Meaning and definition of the mobile device. Make Money Online.

What is a Smartphone

The smartphone is an electronic device with more capacity than other mobiles, just like a mini-computer, if anyone wants to run an app then it can run easily.  Many types of digital tasks can be easily done by using a smartphone.

In the past, there were many such tasks that were being done only on the computer, they can also be done easily through the handheld device.

The connectivity capacity in the mobile is very high, that’s why you can do all kinds of tasks like video calling, audio calling, calculator, messaging, chatting, etc.

You can play any kind of video game, the mobile that used to come earlier did not have enough connectivity capability to watch any kind of video it, but now you can download and listen to all kinds of audio videos on the mobile. 

What is a Smartphone

History of smartphone

First 1994 – The first world was introduced to the smartphone in 1992, which was created by IBN Simone.

Simple cell phones connected to the Internet In 2001 – ordinary mobile were connected to the Internet in the year 2001, and the facility of 2G and 3G networks in an ordinary cell phone, got connected to the Internet.

Smartphones and the Internet in the world – In the year 2020, there was a new revolution of the Internet, after which the phone can be said that the world is in the grasp because, after the advent of 4G Internet, the Internet has been used mostly and many types of working easily from home even from the Internet.


Earlier there used to be a small mobile with a button, in which one could talk to anyone only by voice calling or sending a message to anyone, but through the mobile, along with voice calling, you can talk face to face by doing video calling. the first smartphone was introduced by Frank Canova in 1992 and the name of that phone was Angler.

Later, with a slight change in the handheld device, a new type of phone was created in which anyone could fax, he was named Simon’s personal communicator. This pocket-sized tablet is made by Bellsouth. Then gradually by making many improvements, with new technology and new devices, many mobile smartphones were invented in the 1990s which can easily work through the operating system.

Smartphone uses 

In today’s digital world, everyone has a mobile, sitting at home with a smartphone, they can do many types of online work.

1. Video Calling

No matter how far away someone is, through the Internet, you can talk face to face by doing video calling from a mobile.

2. Voice Calling

You can talk to each other by making voice calls from your handheld device.

3. E-mail facility

If someone wants to send any kind of documents, files, etc., then there is no need for a computer for that. You can send an email from your mobile device.

4. Message

If you want to give any kind of message from the smartphone to another person, then you can give it, as well as there are many such messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

5. Recharge

Earlier, if a mobile had to be recharged, DTH had to be recharged, then one had to go to the shop for that, but with a smartphone, at present, you can recharge very soon while sitting at home.

6. Bill Payment

If you want to pay the electricity bill, you can do it.

7. Ticket Booking

The smartphone is such a portable device that you can book tickets for airplanes trains bus etc. sitting at home. If you want to go somewhere, you can book a room in the hotel from home itself.

8. Photos and Videos

One can take more than one quality photo from a mobile device, make videos, and get any kind of information from the phone through the Internet just like a computer.

9. shopping online

One’s pocket-sized tablets are also used for online shopping. In today’s time, there are many e-commerce websites on which you can buy any kind of goods online while sitting at home and those goods are delivered directly to your home online. By shopping, the same is also available at very cheap prices.

10. Hospital registration

If we have to treat a patient in the hospital and register to see a doctor in that hospital, then there is no need to go to the hospital and line up, we can register with our phone.

11. Online money transaction

Earlier, one had to go to the bank to transfer money, but in today’s time, with the convenience of the internet while sitting at home, you can transfer money online from your mobile device, and you can see the status of your bank account.

12. Online study

With the advent of the smartphone, there have been many changes in education as well, to get any kind of information sitting at home, you can study online with a mobile device, and you can read through videos from YouTube.

13. Find jobs online

You will not even have to go to the company to find a job. At present, there are many such websites and mobile apps so that you can find jobs with the convenience of a smartphone.


A handheld device is such an electronic device that you can carry it anywhere by keeping it in your pocket, like a computer, in a phone, many types of software applications, operating systems, and web browsing can run. pocket-sized tablets can be used by consumers and businesses to do all kinds of related tasks.

With the use of a phone, many social media platforms like Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, etc. can contact their friend and family through mobile apps.


Smartphone has become an integral part of everyone’s life in today’s time, handheld device is most useful for doing any kind of online work. There are many types of features of the phone so that any kind of work can be done very easily and quickly.

Internet connection

If there is an internet connection on the mobile device, then you can do all kinds of online work with the facility of an internet connection, you can do online shopping from a smartphone, transfer money online, can see the status of the bank account online among many more.

Various tasks can be done very easily and in some time like Train Ticket Booking, Bus Ticket Booking, Airplane Ticket Booking, Mobile DTH Recharge, Online Electricity Bill Payment, Gas Booking, Gas Connection, Hotel Room Booking, Chatting Messaging, Video Calling, Voice Calling, etc.

Digital camera

Earlier, to take any kind of photo, we used to take a photo with the camera to keep a memorable moment forever, but now with the Phone digital camera, it is very easy to anywhere at any time to click beautiful photos.

Fingerprint sensor

A feature of the smartphone is that it is used by fingerprint, earlier there was a mobile with a keypad, in which the work was done in any mobile by pressing a button, but in today’s time, the touchscreen is coming into the pocket-sized tablets, which can be done by touching any finger with the finger. can do any kind of work.

Face lock

Although there are many ways to lock in a mobile phone such as Pattern Lock Pin Lock Alphabet Number Lock the mobile is buying more people today’s time feature Face Lock is coming to that handheld device if someone is on their mobile.

If you want to keep all types of documents private, then you can put a lock on your face it so that the mobile cannot be unlocked from the face of another person or by any kind of number.

Remote controlled

In the present time, such smartphones have come in which the facility of remote control is also being provided, if we want to control our TV with our mobile, then we can do it through remote control on the phone.

Type of smartphone

The iPhone is a great mobile made by Apple company. A very attractive phone has been made by Apple or IBM company which is very easy to use.

Android – In general, all the handheld devices available in the market are mostly Android smartphones, Android handheld devices are also great phones.

Windows Phone –  By the way, the mobile device is developed according to the Windows operating system, the phone also comes in the category of a great smartphone, which is mostly used by Nokia or some other company made available to the people.

Operating system with smartphone

Just like the operating system is essential to run a computer, the operating system is also important to run a phone because, without an operating system, the handheld device cannot be run. Four of the best operating systems for handheld devices are as follows: Android iOS Apple Blackberry etc.

Storage in smartphone

Just like there is storage in the computer, there is also storage in the phone in which photos, videos, audio, text files, etc. are stored.

Although the storage in ordinary pocket-sized tablets is not usually special, a handheld device has the capacity to store, can easily store text images photos, etc. in the handheld device.

Difference between cell phones and smartphone

Well, in general, there is a lot of difference between these two because the cellphone is a simple mobile device from which only messages or calls can be made whereas the smartphone is just like a computer, with facilities that can also be known as a mini-computer. Which can easily do the work connected to the Internet.

Microprocessor vs storage

The work of both is completely different. The microprocessor in a phone is its main processor, which depends on the quality of the pocket-sized tablets, the process of working, etc., while this storage is used to store data files images, and photos in a similar way.

Due to this only, the storage capacity of the computer is determined, but the process of the entire phone is decided by the processor.

Display size and type

There are different types of display sizes of smartphones, such as the screen size of most smartphones is 4 inches 5 inches 6 inches, in general, the screen size of one’s mobile device is different while the type of one’s phone is different. such as touch screen normal screen etc.


In a phone, according to its processor and RAM storage, many great apps are also used. There are many better apps available which are mostly used on pocket-sized tablets like for booking railway tickets, and the IRCTC app for hotel booking Many apps are available for booking airplane tickets There are many apps available for social media Facebook Instagram Twitter, And so on.

Network Connection

In general, earlier 3G 2G was mostly used to access the internet but now most of the 4G handsets are available in smartphones in which 4G internet connection is used, now presently 5G internet connection is also going to be available. Due to this, the Internet can be used at a faster speed.

Disadvantages of smartphone

1. Costly price

The cost of a mobile device is higher than that of an ordinary cell phone, so one of the first disadvantages of a handheld device. But there are so many features in a smartphone. 

2. Disorientation

By the way, if this phone is used properly, it has many advantages, but due to its wrong use, students or other people can move towards disorientation because many such things are also seen in it, which can lead to disorientation in life.

3. Addiction

There are many people who have become addicted to pocket-sized tablets in the present time, if they are not given the facility of phones and the internet, then it will feel as if they are suffering from hunger, the smartphone has become the cause of a wrong addiction for such people.

4. Wastage of time

When you do not use this phone for the right things, then it is a waste of time. In today’s time, people waste their time on social media without working on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Total loss is a waste of time.

5. Uncensored content

On the mobile device internet, people also promote many types of obscene wrong things, for which there is no one to stop, which is harmful to a very large society and students.

6. Confidential insecurity

In the digital technological world, people share their personal data on social media from phones throughout the day, such as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people create accounts by sharing their personal data, which remains a threat to confidentiality.

7. Health problem

Continuous use of pocket-sized tablets is also causing bad damage to people’s health, due to which people can suffer from many types of diseases along with trouble in the eyes, restlessness, and stress.


Apps For Smartphone. In general, most of the benefits of a phone are very high when it is used in the right way, if it is used for anything, then it has a lot of benefits, it depends on how people use it. Do or abuse it depends on it.

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