What is Computer Know in Details in 2024

A computer is an electronic machine. Who does any work very quickly? The computer is in the form of a hardware machine. In which a computer machine is made active by installing an operating system. Hardware is a primary part. Whereas software is a secondary part of the system.

Hardware and software are important in computers. On the basis of this, the computer starts working. Because without these two there is no existence of a system. Hardware can be viewed. Can be touched. But software can only be felt.

Computers and the internet are two such things. Due to this contact can be established online in any region of the world. Today, it takes very little time to convey information from one place to another. Because there are many such online platforms on the Internet, through which messages are transferred immediately. Make Money Online.

Computer Meaning

The computer is a very fast working machine. Which can be operated very easily. At present systems are a necessity in home offices everywhere. Because any type of calculation can be done from it.

The computer gives better, safer, faster, and more accurate results. There can be a mistake in human input into the laptop. But the output given by the system is absolutely correct.

what is computer

Father of computer

Charles Babbage is the father of computers. He invented the system. Charles Babbage was a great Mathematician, Philosopher, and inventor. His contribution to the field of computers is very important. He also invented many more mechanical computing machines. Whose name is Analytical Engine?

The Analytical Engine created by Charles Babbage was a modern invention of the computer. It was designed as an advanced mechanical system.

The Analytical Engine system was invented by Charles Babbage in the year 1833.

What can we do for the computer?

The computer can do calculation documents email messaging data processing. Every small work from presentation Excel spreadsheet program programming software designing can be done by computer. Children can also study the system at home. Today computers are available in every home. Where children get an education. Today education is being done both online and offline. In which the role of the system is very important.

Type of computer

Personal computer

A computer used at home is a personal system. It is used for personal purposes. A home computer is used only for work related to your home.

This type of laptop is used for internet browsing document editing multimedia gaming personal research work.

Official computer

The computer used in any office is an official system. Where different employers of the office work. The system used in an office is a high-performance one. Which works with multitasking.

Computer type by size – Tablet

Every person uses a tablet today. Because the size of the tablet is small. In this internet browsing calling data editing spreadsheet program editing is easily done. Tablets are also used for reading news magazines. It can be easily carried with you. It is normally bigger than a smartphone. On this, normal tasks done on a computer can be done.


The weight and size of laptops are small. It is such a lightweight machine. On which all the work done on the laptop can be done. Large data processing can be done easily. Video editing and gaming can also be done.

Laptop-What is computer

Carrying a laptop is very easy. Because it weighs less. People who travel a lot. The laptop is best for them. But its cost is high. If any parts are damaged in the laptop, then it takes a little more money to replace them. But today the demand for laptops is the highest.


A desktop is such a computer. In which many different parts are connected. In this, 1 desktop computer is made by mixing monitor, CPU, mouse, keyboard, and UPS. Its cost is less as compared to a laptop.

Desktop-What is computer

But the work is done by setting the desktop in one place. If there is a defect in any type of part in it. So it can be easily changed. Whose cost is less than that of a laptop.

This type of system can be shifted from one place to another. But replacing it again and again is a difficult task. That is why this type of computer is used for such work nowadays. Where once it is set and after that continuous work is done on it.

Desktop all in one

In this type of computer, all the parts are combined. In which there is no need to connect any parts separately.

Monitor integration – In an all-in-one desktop system CPU motherboard storage and parts are all connected to the monitor. In which there is no need to install a separate CPU.

Space-saving design – The most important advantage of this computer is that it saves space. It can be set in very little space.

Easy setup – Setting up this computer is also very easy. Because there is no need to connect any kind of separate device to it.

Reduced cable – There is no need to connect separate cables. Because everything is attached to a monitor. There are very few cables in it. Which can be easily applied by hiding it.

All-in-one functionality – All the facilities in a traditional desktop computer. All those facilities are also all in one desktop. There is also a speaker web camera.

Multimedia Capabilities – This type of system has a high-quality display! Which conserves very little power! Its display is very good. Due to these high-quality video games photo editing video editing can be done. The webcam is of very high quality even for recording videos.

Flexibility – It is also flexible. It can be easily moved. Rotate it from one side to the other easily. Because it is completely flexible.

How does a computer work

A computer works on the basis of given instructions and manipulating data. Below is the information about the working process of the system.

Input – The computer is first given input through the keyboard or through voice commands. After that, the system converts the given input data into binary code. Which he represents in the format of 0 and 1.

Processing – The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the laptop. By which the data is processed. Performs important operations by phasing data from the laptop’s memory.

Now the kind of operation required. Like arithmetic calculation, the logical operation completes the processing by data manipulation.

Memory – The system has many types of storage to store processed data. such as random access memory. In which temporary data is stored. To store data permanently, data is stored for a long time in SSD drives or HDD disks.

Output The data processed by the computer is displayed through the output. Which can be seen on the monitor. The result displayed on the monitor can also be printed on paper.

Storage – The result of processing the data is seen. To keep that data for a long time, it can be saved in the storage drive. After which that data can be accessed anytime.

The process by which a computer works. It can be of different types. Because many types of work are done on the system. For which software is also used. Different application software is installed on the laptop for different tasks. The work of different software may be different. But the way the system works is according to the steps mentioned above.


The name of the device which thinks faster than human is a computer. Humans can make mistakes in calculations. But a Computer is a machine that produces accurate results. One can get tired of working. But even after working continuously, the computer does not get tired.

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