A Guide to London: 2 Millennia of History

What is London? London is the capital of the United Kingdom. There are many big and developed cities in the world. The British capital is the oldest city in the world. Its history is almost two millennia old.

There are many ancient centers and financial centers here. Which tells the history of this city. The town of London was established by the Romans. The history of Roman cast in the world is very old.

London is developed in the fields of education business entertainment media research fashion health care tourism and transportation. There are many universities for education. Where people come to get an education from different countries in the world. This town is ahead of other cities in the field of business. People here lead a happy prosperous life by doing different types of business. Make Money Online.

What is London

The British capital is situated on the banks of the river Thames. The Thames River flows to the southeast of the island of Great Britain. This town is very old. More than 1.3 crore population of London.

The city was established by the Romans. The town of London was established at that time as a main point for crops and minerals. But gradually town started thriving in the field of industry and agriculture.

What is London

In today’s time, London is a very developed and prosperous city. Where there are many old cultures and natural heritage. To see which people go from different countries. London Bridge is located in the UK itself. Which was established around the 18th century.

London is a populous town in the United Kingdom. Where more than 13 million people reside. Many types of people live in the UK.

Which have different types of cultures. More than 3,000 languages ​​are prevalent in the Greater British capital the UK. London is the biggest municipality in Europe.

History of London

The City of London was founded about 2 millennia ago. The town was founded by the Roman race. They established this city to carry out works related to agriculture and minerals. When the British capital was founded, the Romans named it Londinium.

But later the name of this town was changed to London. UK town of England is the most popular for education in the whole world. Because there are many old and big universities here. The world’s population comes to get an education in the UK. There are about 43 universities in the UK.

All those universities are considered to be institutions of higher education. There is the largest population in Paris Europe. But the UK is also a city in the European Union itself, where most people live.

World Heritage Sites

There are many historical settlements here, many famous places. british capital town has four World Heritage Sites. Which is famous all over the world. People from other different countries come to see these world heritage sites.

London’s Tower of UK Westminster Palace Kew Gardens Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church, and Greenwich Observatory are the World Heritage Sites of the UK.

Along with this, there are many other different ancient sites here. Such as the British capital Eye Tower Bridge Buckingham Palace Trafalgar Square St Paul’s Cathedral Piccadilly Circus, etc. There are many great old museums in the UK. Such as the National Gallery the British Museum the Natural History Museum the Modern British Library and the West End Theater Museum.

british capital also has the world’s oldest underground railway network. Which is called the London Underground. There are many libraries, cultural institutions, and places for sports events. So far the modern Summer Olympic Games have been held in the UK three times. London became the first town to host the Olympic games three times.

Characteristic of London

Because there has been a lot of expansion in the fields of fashion education entertainment commerce arts health care media communication and tourism. The UK has the largest economy in the town of Europe. It is believed that the British capital is the city of the most economical in the world.

The big five-star hotel in the UK. WhoThat It is the city with the largest and most number of five-star hotels in the world. It is believed that the UK is the largest art center & architecture in Europe. There are very beautiful buildings here, both old and new.

Due to this, The town is considered an example of creativity. A fair is held in London itself, which is called Freeze. Where different types of new things related to money and art are seen.

The local administration here has worked to promote business. There are many startup companies here. The development and progress of this city are increasing day by day. The British capital is a town of fashion. There is more than one fashion designer here. Therefore London is a fashionable city in the world. From small-label fashion to big-brand fashion, fashion is famous here.

The town is so prosperous in every field that people from other cities or other countries settle here. Here there are so many jobs in the field of business that people from outside also get employment. There are about 33 percent of such people in London, who have settled here after coming from outside. british capital is one of the most visited international cities. Where more than other countries Tours are done here. It is also known as the World Cultural Capital.


It is a city where people of many languages ​​live. Many languages ​​are spoken here. People of different castes of different religions live in the town of London. But everyone lives in harmony with each other. It is considered a world cultural capital.

here from around the world crore 60 lakh, Even more people come to visit every year. The means of transport in the towns of the UK are also highly developed. About 100 years ago there used to be horse carts here. It is such a prosperous city, where most billionaires reside. About 27 billionaires live in London.


London is a developed city in the world. There have been many developments in the field of education business entertainment fashion etc. But at the same time, this town also has better facilities in the field of law. Many laws have been made for the general public to live happily. There are also many Indian restaurants here.

Where the people of India go and eat food. It is believed that more than Mumbai and Delhi Burdensheor The restaurant is located in London. There is so much development in this city in every field that it is seen as a mega city.

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